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Setec Astronomy

You remember that Batwoman design sheet I posted glimpses of way back when?

Well, the whole thing is up over at The Source.

And it’s a nice, big graphic, too, so you can pour over every detail.

Oh! And there’s the psychedelic cover to Detective Comics 855 up there, too!


22 Responses to Setec Astronomy

  1. sd6

    Okay, that cover was just elected Mayor of Awesometown.

  2. beam77

    That is a great cover. I can not wait for your run in Detective staring Batwoman, Greg. Is Bette Kane going to be in it as well? Is She still Katty’s niece? Will Bette have a new look too? I’ll understand if you can’t answer these questions. Great Job!

  3. dewline

    Which Kathy, though?

    Remember the 52 nickname, “Katherine the Younger”? There may be more than one reason for that.

  4. beam77

    The Kathy in Greg’s run on Detective. The question ” Which Kathy? ” has little to do with Bette possibly being in the Detective run.

  5. dewline

    That last point, while true, doesn’t cover the question of which Kathy Bette calls her aunt.

    I’m looking forward to finding out.

  6. tranceptor

    It seems like all the characters you’re working on are getting redesigns.

    I love how her cape attatches at the shoulders instead of around the neck. I was always bothered by capes that attatched at the neck, it always seemed so obvious that they could be easily strangled.

    Over all the design is rather practical and sensible. Very good choice. Thanks for sharing!

  7. dewline

    As for the uniform design?

    All the changes make sense.

    I’m assuming that like Bruce, she’ll be developing a suite of uniforms for specific ops, and those designs should be fun to look at, too…

  8. oregonlion

    Looking forward to reading your stuff. Always a great read.

    btw: ‘Sneakers’ is one of my all time favorite movies.

  9. herozero

    That Source blog is so cool.

  10. admin

    Bette is Kate’s cousin — the relative ages made it impossible (well, not impossible, but really, really uncomfortable) to make her Kate’s niece.

    As for the rest of the Bette questions, that’s definitely wait-and-see.

  11. admin


  12. darkknightjrk

    She goes through all that work to protect herself more, and yet she still keeps a open spot on the back of her head so her hair can roam free. :|

    But hey, it’s comics, right? Bats always had an open spot so he could get shot in the mouth. Let’s not even talk about Robin.

    Seriously, cool stuff, sir. Greatly looking forward to your run on Det. :D

  13. admin

    Yeah, at a certain point, safety collapses in the face of vanity.

    But the flipside is, she looks GREAT!

  14. ruckafan


    Hey I’ll be honest, I prefered the Kate that Joe Bennett illustrated. The guitar playing, goth Kate has not won me yet. I am sure I will come around as I read it but I fell in love with the first one. The Batwoman side of it looks pretty cool though!

  15. oregonlion

    If memory serves me there’s a line in Frank Miller’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ that goes something like: “That’s why I wear a target on my chest, you can’t armor your head.”

  16. nadefilippis

    Very nice looking.

    Still not sold on the detachable wig thing, but that (as evidenced in a different blog post of yours) is my thing, you know?

    The cover’s pretty – never saw that before. You’ve been holding out!

  17. beam77

    Greg, Do you think that Kate is more punk or goth? In my opinion, the only thing goth about Kate is her pale skin. On the design sheet it says that she has a rockabilly style. That should be fun. Rockabilly isn’t goth.

  18. kali921

    Greg, did you see this?

    Greg, have you seen what Amazon did?

    I’m sure you have, but holy hells. I wonder if they’ll purge and pull any book from DC that has Renee or Kate or any other gay character in it.

  19. admin

    Re: Greg, did you see this?

    I’m not getting anything when I hit the link — for some reason the “mass edit” tool comes up.

    What’s the skinny?

  20. kali921

    Re: Greg, did you see this?

    Whoops, sorry! My HTML fail, let me show you it.

    Here is a link that hopefully works.

  21. 619nerd

    I stopped buying single issues after I moved to Japan (impossible to find locally, and costs too much to get shipped over), but recently I did have my old comic shop open up my pull file again for your Detective run. I think The Question was the breaking point for me, I’m quite looking forward to it.

    Also apparently has shipped my copy of Walking Dead already, I can’t wait to check that out either. :)

  22. phoenixstorm

    Loving the redesign! All of the features are beautifully thought out.

    Going back to the large sketch of Kate’s apartment, was that a tiny Telecaster guitar I spotted in there? Does that mean she’s also a bit of a country fan too?
    I love finding out what kind of music a character is into; it says so much about them in so few words. =)

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