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Seriously, I suffer for my art

I’ve been doing research.

A lot of research.

It’s actually much harder than one might think to sort good lingerie from the bad.

(Insert witty comment here, ie, I only surf there for the articles, etc, etc).

Just thought I’d share a piece of my day. Beats the hell out of reading shit like this.

21 Responses to Seriously, I suffer for my art

  1. trav28


    Oh my word :) Sure beats what I have to do ;)

  2. nealbailey

    For a contest, once, a horror contest, I had to justify mannekin fetishist sites (motivation) coupled with Star Wars action figures (the murder weapon) to a startled roommate.

    It does beat Kirkuk, though.

  3. chrisisiddall

    Surely after the rsearch comes…

    the testing.

  4. davesbu

    God Damn right it beats the hell out of reading that. Or this, for that matter:

  5. enewsom

    The Crime Bible

    You know…if you ever had a reason for wanting to do an interview for /, we’d love to have you…

    Looking forward to seeing you and Tom Mandrake working together. Should be awesome. I’m still disappointed that I’ll never see that Burchett-drawn Question back-up story though.

  6. tsob


    And what have you learned? he asked, stifling himself.

  7. aylara



    I repeat, O_O

    *steals for own journal*

  8. admin

    Which is a pain.

    I mean, seriously, NOTHING comes in my sizes. :D

  9. admin

    Re: The Crime Bible

    Mandrake is only drawing the first issue, “The Lesson of Deceit.” It does, however, look quite awesome thus far.

    As for the second, re: Burchett…you and me both.

  10. admin

    Asked and answered, your honor.

  11. supergodginrai

    Hi Greg,
    I’m sorry to hear you had a rough day.

    I had alot more fun repeating “Harry Potter will come out the 21st and we will start selling it a 12:01 am the night of friday to saturday” all day.

    I really hope he dies because I can’t stand it anymore!

  12. enewsom

    Re: The Crime Bible

    Are you allowed yet to name the other artists? Or can you tell us if John Van Fleet is doing covers for all of them?

  13. davesbu

    Re: Whoa.

    pardon me for saying, but I’m kind of internet speak illiterate but I’m guessing those symbols mean: “Mind=blown”? Yeah I woke up to that.

  14. admin

    Re: The Crime Bible

    John Van Fleet is doing all five covers. Matthew Clark is drawing the second issue, “The Lesson of Lust.”

    Others TBA soon.

  15. jjgalahad

    Okay, so I have to ask – what’s the context for expensive lingerie research? I assume somebody in the Crime Bible series has some serious taste for pricey lace?

  16. burge

    Speaking as a British woman what wears undies, your rules of thumb are these:

    Rigby and Peller – Posh, lacy, worn by the queen. The queues for the sample sales are 90% middle-aged ladies.

    La Perla – Posh, not regarded as overly tarty, out of the price range of most mortals.

    Agent Provocateur – Posh, somewhat to very tarty, within the price range of mortals who save up and budget.

    Wolford – See notes for La Perla, although slightly cheaper.

  17. admin

    It’s less an issue of the knickers being British than it is the fact that most American lingerie companies have run with open arms towards trashy.

    I’d never seen the site for Agent Provocateur. That’s, uh…quite a collection they got there. A little less restrained than I was specifically looking for, but, y’know, I’ll make it work.

  18. burge

    Slightly more restrained than Agent Provocateur?

    Hmm. There’s always Myla, but they’re more known for their, um, “peripherals” than for their branded scanties.

    Anyway, shutting up now.

  19. admin

    “2 – The Lesson of Lust”

  20. jjgalahad

    *smacks forehead* D’oh! Naturally.

  21. dewline

    Yes, it does.

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