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Self-Promotion? What’s That?

There’s an interview with me up at Newsarama right now about the next thing with my name on it that’ll be coming out from DC, Final Crisis: Revelations. Look for a companion interview with the amazing Philip Tan, as well. If you’ve seen any of his art, then you’ll understand why I’m willing to use the word “amazing” to describe it.

So we have an official announcement, now, of at least one of the things I’m working on, Final Crisis: Revelation, five issues of 30 pages each, Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya sharing pages again, though each of them in a much-altered form. The Spectre and The Question. Has to go down in history as one of the all-time oddest team-ups ever, which is probably one of the reasons why I’m enjoying writing it so much. First issue is out in August, I believe, so yes, it’s a wait, but I think it’ll be well-worth it.

While we’re on the topic, the ancillary material for the The Question: The Five Books of Blood hardcover that’s coming out in June was finalized on Monday; we’ve included some six pages in the back about the Montoya Journal, including images of a couple of the props that didn’t make the final cut for inclusion. I’ve written some commentary about the journal, the process, the ideas behind it, and the like. For those of you who were intrigued by that particular flight of fancy, it’s definitely Value Added Content.

I promised a couple of posts back to explain the quiet that has descended here… and it’s going to be relatively quiet for another month or so as I finish the draft of the tentatively-entitled new Kodiak novel, The Walking Dead. That’s priority right now, and until I get out of the Very Dark Place that is this novel, I’m not going to have a whole lot I want to share, or even will feel like talking about, I suspect.

A week from today, on the 24th, mercuryeric and I will be doing a live chat at the ComicBloc Foum, starting at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific. I expect it’ll last 90 minutes or so, but it may run longer. If you’re not registered at the ‘Bloc, I believe you’ll have to be to participate, but I could be wrong, as I’ve yet to actually do a chat there.

And then there’s The Blue Religion, a new short-story collection edited by the blazingly-talented Michael Connelly, including shorts by the man himself, Laurie R. King, Alafair Burke, and many others. I’m one of the others, and the short is entitled “Contact and Cover.” Fans of A Fistful of Rain might want to check this out, as the story is told by Tracy Hoffman, and gives a little insight into what her life on the job was like before making detective.

Finally, an unsolicited endorsement. Find E. Benjamin Skinner’s book A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face With Modern-Day Slavery.

Buy this book.

Read this book.

Read the parts that make your heart break. Read the parts that make your eyes burn. Read the parts that twist your stomach.

Read this book.

Then find someone else, and make them read this book.

And while they’re reading it, get to work, and any way you can, in any of the ways that Skinner suggests, join this fight.

18 Responses to Self-Promotion? What’s That?

  1. jonlaw

    On my lunch break. Will read interview. Will look for other books.

    Sorry to see you off to the dark place, but will expect great things when you leave it. Remember TR’s words!

  2. michaelbailey

    Your Ringo comment.

    I don’t think you’re Ringo.

    DiDio would be Ringo. He’s the back beat, the one people know but don’t really think about with the final product.

    I don’t think you’re George either. Grant would have to be John and I think you and Geoff are equal parts Paul.

    I think I put a little too much thought into that.

    Looking forward to the book though.

  3. kali921

    Oh, I’m glad you found Skinner’s book! As depressing a read as it is, it really is vital.

    I can’t wait to see Renee and the Spectre together. I have a feeling that’s going to rock, Mr. Rucka.

  4. banzai

    The Spectre’s been hit and miss for me recently, but the interview got me excited in a big way. Arguably no one in the DC Universe has to face hard questions about God more directly and intimately than Cris has, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of that struggle (as well as general, overall kick-ass-ness).

  5. jarmon

    Shit. You’re going darker than Patriot Acts?

    Man, NOW I feel bad for Atticus.

  6. jacoblb

    The Walking Dead, eh? What does Robert Kirkman think about that? :)

  7. insektmute

    Not trying to rain on your parade, but will DC cut it out with the Crisis stuff? I never read much DC as a kid, but trying to get into any of it now is almost impossible.

    Then again, maybe I’ve just become jaded when it comes to mainstream comics.

  8. admin

    Re: Your Ringo comment.

    Geoff’s always been Paul and there’s no question that Grant is John.

    And Giffen is Pete Best.

  9. admin

    The Skinner book is amazing and horrible. It is going to be with me for a very long time, I think.

  10. admin

    No idea, not that I much care, frankly. He’s not the first guy to use the phrase, and I sure as heck ain’t the second ;) .

    It’s the working title right now; if I hit on something more appropriate — even though this book has no zombies in it AFAIK — I’ll probably change it. I tend to revise titles all the way to the point where the publisher screams “STOP IT! IT’S GOING TO PRESS NOW!”

    As a side note — titles, it turns out, cannot be copyrighted. Which means I could conceivably call this novel “A Tale of Two Cities.”

  11. admin

    Hey, yell at management, man. I’m just labor.

  12. kali921

    After I finished that book, which I read right after reading Slavenka Drakulic’s essays on the Bosnian War (for the third time), where atrocities are abundant (you’ve read her, yes?), the only way I could cope was by getting in my car and driving to Pt. Isabel, a thirty acre dog park in the East Bay, and playing with dogs for a few hours.

    No one should be trying to write about Eastern Europe or the Balkans without read her and Milorad Pavic. Dictionary of the Khazars! Now there’s a brilliant book that won’t depress you!

  13. kali921

    We ARE yelling! They’re not listening.


    If J’onn bites it, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll…cry quietly for a while and then have to read some Jeff Parker for a few hours and then have to quietly ignore a whole other huge slab of current DC continuity. My scope of reading keeps getting smaller and smaller.

    It’s hard out here for a fan. :-(

    But on the other hand, I get Rucka & Bru on Daredevil, so…I’m not Sylvia Plathing it yet!

  14. kali921

    Dude, you’re SO Bryan Ferry.

    Ringo? I think you’re more like BRYAN FERRY. Visionary, creative, yet with this dignified reserve and verbal elegance, accompanied by copious amounts of behaving well in public on the blog-o-sphere-o-rama. Civilized. Polite. If you look good in a silver glitter jumpsuit, all the better.

    Whereas I’m Johnny Thunders, except without the heroin and musical talent.

  15. signifier

    Oh man this is gonna be great.

    Perhaps a Stones analogy would be more appropriate. (Which would make Giffen… Ian Stewart?)

  16. dedagda

    I and I had to go grab the Spawn Godslayer off the shelf to check out Tan’s work. There’s certainly an Image style to their inking and coloring that’s distinct from DC’s style.

    I’m really looking forward the depth we saw in Tan’s pencils for Godslayer applied to the Spectre with DC’s filter on top of it. DC needs some more artists of his caliber.

    As for Renee – we need more of her.

  17. jared465

    self promotion that worked……

    I ordered Blue Religion along with the new Harlan Coben book yesterday…..let the summer reading commence!

  18. futuredirt

    So now that DC Universe #0 is out I just have to comment here. I was on the fence about picking up Final Crisis: Revelation. However, after today’s little tease and seeing the art in all its glory I must say this is a definite add to The Box. Philip Tan has done an amazing job. His art plus your writing = WIN!

    Wow! Just wow…

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