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Seattle Sprint

Quick post, as I’m about 30 minutes from leaving for the airport. I’m in Seattle today for signings, at The Seattle Mystery Bookshop at 117 Cherry St. from noon to 1pm, and then at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park from 7pm to 8pm. I’ll be doing drop-ins at various Seattle stores, as well, and maybe a couple comic book shops, too.

If you’re out there and in Seattle and want to swing by any of the signings, please do — it’s always great to meet readers in person!

5 Responses to Seattle Sprint

  1. grocible

    Planning on it! My brother and I are heading up to Third Place Books tonight after work only because, no offense, a book signing at noon on a Wednesday in downtown Seattle is a bit difficult to manage.

  2. hero_writer

    I saw on your website that you’ll be in Wisconsin in November. What would it take to get you to swing down to Central Illinois? Bloomington or Normal? Or even Peoria?

    I’d probably commit a felony — class C, maybe — for a chance to talk to you for a few minutes, or as long as you could put up with me. And maybe a MAJOR felony for an autograph on my copy of Patriot Acts. (Which, by the way, BLEW ME AWAY! In a good way!)

  3. lithera


    I am in meetings that whole time, even though I work not three blocks from that store on Cherry!

  4. futuredirt

    Any chance you’ll be hitting the Comics Dungeon this afteroon?

  5. grocible

    I did leave that comment about the not reading my book for work . . .

    Thanks for coming out to Third Place Books tonight – my brother and I had quite a bit of fun and it’s always a pleasure seeing you again.

    Here are the pictures that we took tonight:

    Me looking way too serious . . .

    You and my brother looking like you’re having a lot of fun . . .

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