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SDCC Aftermath 1

Words will follow. Images to start.

This and this,, and, uh…this.

5 Responses to SDCC Aftermath 1

  1. davesbu

    that Beckinsale poster looks fantastic. You’ve gotta be as giddy as a school kid about this becoming a movie. Question though: are they re-releasing the trade? Because I can’t find it anywhere.

  2. shanejayell

    DAMN that movie poster looks cool. ^__^

  3. admin

    Oni has recently released a new edition, what they’re calling the “Definitive Whiteout.” It’s in a smaller format, on better paper, with a new afterword by Steve. Additionally, Steve went through the original art and cleaned up a few of the pages to make them appear as he’d originally intended, rather than as they were originally reproduced.

    I honestly can’t tell the difference, because his stuff always looks great to me, anyways.

    You can get it through the Oni online store, if you’re looking. I’m sure it’ll be in bookstores soon, as well. There’s a definitive edition of “Melt” coming, as well.

  4. davesbu

    oh very nice. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  5. mercuryeric


    All of them, but especially the teaser poster.


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