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San Diego – Friday

The problem with this con is that it get progressively harder to remember what you actually did over the course of the day as the show progresses. I’ll try my best, here.

First “event” of the day was a signing at the Bantam Booth at 11 am. Gave away over 100 copies of Patriot Acts in under an hour. Ran out of books before we ran out of line, so I suppose that’s a good thing, in a way. Ended up giving away the display copies, too. Lots of folks in the line who had copies of the other books, which is always gratifying; quite a few people who didn’t know me from Adam, but liked the looks of a free hardcover. Can’t say as I blamed them.

Headed over to Oni, met up with Andrew and Christie for a brief spell, along with Jen and Anissa Dorsey, who I haven’t seen in ages, and who was, as always, a delight. Went from there to an interview with Comic Foundry on Stumptown. Very pleasant interview; less hyping the book than talking about its inspiration, and what Matthew Southworth and I are hoping to accomplish with the title.

Back to Oni for a signing, flanked by Lieber on the left and Southworth on the right. Kind of a rare treat, that, to be surrounded by that much talent, frankly. Steve’s old hat at this, of course, but it was really cool to watch Southworth relaxing into this. Gave out several copies of the 8-pager, and a few of the posters. Sold books. Signed books. Talked about books. Much discussion about Whiteout, which now has an official release date of April 24th, 2009. There’s even an official poster (which I cannot find anywhere online, and which I did not take a picture of, as it’s hanging high above the WB pavilion).

Went from Oni to DC for another signing, sat for an hour, and then got out of there before the “surprise” appearance of some of the Watchmen cast turned the booth into a madhouse. Ducked out of the hall with editor (and pal) Michael Siglain, to discuss plans for an upcoming title that is yet to be announced (no, not that one, another one).

Followed the meeting up with the day’s panel, where I was stopped at the door when I tried to enter the room because, apparently, I did not have a “panelist” tag on my badge, and the two volunteers vainly striving for crowd-control did not believe I was actually supposed to be on the panel.

(Is it just me, or is there a problem when the people manning the door at a DC panel at a comics convention don’t know — or can’t be bothered to know — who’s supposed to be speaking and who isn’t? Did a quick check of my fellow professionals’ badges later, and discovered that none of them had a “panelist” tag, either. So really not sure what that was about.)

After a brief, and heated, exchange, I was allowed into the room. Panel was on Final Crisis. DiDio, Geoff Johns, JG Jones, Philip Tan, myself, Brad Meltzer, Grant Morrison, Peter Tomasi, Alex Sinclair, and editor Eddie Berganza. Full house for the panel, and a very good, very energetic crowd. Everyone was in rare form; Grant was particularly on. The exhange between him and the attendee in the excellent Orion costume was one for the books.

Panel ended at 7pm, and I left the hall for dinner. Had to skip the traditional meal with the folks from the Comic Bloc, so I could take Matthew Southworth and his fair lady, Michele, out for a meal to talk some shop. Finally got to see my wife again, along with Andrew and Christie.

You’d think that would do it, but you’d be wrong.

Finished dinner, went back to the room long enough to change shirts, then went to the DC/WB party. First time I’d ever attended. Jen and I stayed for about an hour. Saw some people up close that I’d only ever seen on the big screen (and Jen informs me that I almost kicked Samuel Jackson in the head, but more about that another time). Left the DC party for the Oni Press/UTA/EA party, which we’d also promised to attend. Saw no famous folks, but plenty of friends, including Antony Johnston and his fabulous bride Marcia, which, frankly, was much more my speed. Left around midnight, walked back to the hotel.

Wrote this. Will collapse shortly.

Schedule for Saturday


10:30 to 11:30 — ONI PRESS (with Matthew Southworth, and, I believe, Steve Lieber); will be giving out copies of the Stumptown promotional “yellow pages” poster, as well as copies of the 8-pager.

11:30 to 12:30 — DC COMICS


12:45 — DC UNIVERSE — Room 6A.

5:00 — ONI PRESS — Room 3.

5:45 — GAYS IN COMICS — Room 6A.

7 Responses to San Diego – Friday

  1. rashyn76

    Day 2

    Good luck with day 2!
    Brad D.
    “Tao of Snarky” scribe

  2. jeditigger

    Envy, envy, envy.

    And there’s something really wrong about a guy manning the door at a DC panel who doesn’t know who’s speaking, let alone when it’s one of their best writers.

    Enjoy your Saturday. I’ll look forward to enjoying it as well, vicariously.

  3. mercuryeric

    There’s even an official poster (which I cannot find anywhere online, and which I did not take a picture of, as it’s hanging high above the WB pavilion).

    I believe this is the new poster.

  4. dewline




  5. darthsleuth has a picture of a Whiteout banner/poster at SDCC.

  6. ajr

    That’s a really good banner/poster.

  7. jaydici

    Okay possibly off Topic some what but I just caught this and didn’t know if you had heard about it or not: in the Mass Effect “Bring down the Sky” download content (I just downloaded it yesterday) in one of the stations there is a log from an R. Montoya. (Of course then there is a discrepancy when you find the body.)

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