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Rucka Debrief now up at Word Balloon

Art by Tim Sale

John Siuntres has posted the latest in his regular series of talks with Greg for his podcast, Word Balloon. The interview comes in two parts and John describes each thusly:

Part One

On this episode of Word Balloon, we begin a 2 part conversation with Greg Rucka. Today his new Queen And Country novel THE LAST RUN from Bantam Books is out, and next week, Greg will begin a multi city tour promoting the book….

We talk about the book and where the Q&C series goes after the novel as Greg calls this story “The end of Q&C volume 1.”

Greg also discusses his departure earlier this year from DC Comics, explaining why he left, and what projects are in the near and distant future. You’ll hear his thoughts on the future of Characters he’s created like Batwoman, and Renee Montoya.

Part Two

On This episode of Word Balloon, it’s part 2 of The Rucka Debrief. Writer Greg Rucka talks more about his upcoming novel series for Mullholland Books, Alpha. You’ll hear about the digital plans for Greg’s Oni books, we also hear about Greg’s “passion project” American Soldier with artist Rick Burchett, and we look back at Greg’s art collaborators on the Queen and Country Comic Series, and answer more of your questions.

One word of caution. Being the political news junkies Greg and yours truly are, the conversation turned to the coming mid-term elections, not in specifics but the general idea that we live in a highly partisan environment. The discussion came up inspired by a listener asking about where Rucka gets his news.

5 Responses to Rucka Debrief now up at Word Balloon

  1. Erica

    Mr. Rucka:

    I’ve been reading your Queen & Country Scriptbook vol 1 and thoroughly enjoying it. Was the intention to only to do a vol. 1 and what’s the potential that we see more of your scripts in this format? It’s really wonderful and – I especially love the asides – very insightful.


  2. Sharon

    I listened to Part 1 of the Word Balloon interview and I quite agree that while Batwoman is probably in safe hands, I’m very worried about Renee Montoya as well.

    When I think of Renee, it’s is as she is written by you. There are so many talented writers at DC, I just hope there’s one out there who can capture the nuances of this remarkable character.

    I’m a librarian and we have quite a large number of patrons who are graphic novel readers– I can’t tell you how many times I have recommended “Gotham Central” and I have yet to have anybody not come back and thank me for it. (Oddly enough, we didn’t have “Half a Life,” so I strong-armed collection development– okay, I whined until they got tired of hearing me– into ordering the first volume of the hardcover.) So thanks for helping make the readers’ advisory part of my job very simple sometimes.

  3. Link


    Totally jealous. I can’t find any copies of the first hardcover for anywhere that’s not 60+ dollars for the book. I don’t mind paying 60 for it, but… any secrets on where/how the library acquired it?

  4. Sharon


    It was when the 1st HC was released, so we just ordered it from B&T. I didn’t know that it was hard to find retail. Then again, I didn’t know that “Batgirl:Year One” was hard to find until recently because it’s been sitting on the shelf at my LCS for over a year. It’s funny, though, I was in Wednesday picking up my books and one of the staff asked me if I was going to buy volume 4 because he wanted to make sure that the store got enough copies so that he and I didn’t have to arm wrestle over it. At any rate, I think the store still has all three of the previous volumes. Maybe your LCS can order it? I’ll check mine on Wednesday and if they have it, I

  5. Link

    @Sharon, I managed to track one down on the Internet believe it or not. If anybody stumbles upon this article, I’d suggest checking out:


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