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Round Two – ARGH!

So, yes, as Evan pointed out in the comments to the last entry, Mister8 has moved its “spy-down” to Round Two. This time its Tara versus The Avengers The Avengers The Avengers.

This one actually gave me pause in a way that Chace v. Bond utterly failed to. Don’t get me wrong; I loves me my Bond – he was the gateway drug, he was my first time with a spy, and I can remember being 12 and watching Thunderball and my eyes popping out of my head. I can remember going to see Octopussy in the theatre and thinking that “All Time High” was a good song. I remember it all.

Which is ultimately the problem I have with Bond. There is no one tone, no consistency. Loving Bond is loving the idea of James Bond (Mister8 pulls the Chandler quote, quite rightly, about Bond being who every man wants to be, and who every woman wants between the sheets. I won’t argue the point; you get the gist), not the character of Bond. It’s why we ask “who’s your favorite?” It’s why we rate Connery higher than Moore, and we set the novels in their own category. For the record? I loved Casino Royale. I had enormous problems with Quantum of Solace. I love Bond as an Idea; I love Chace as a Person.

So, the struggle. Q&C versus The Avengers, which, I suppose, is no more fair than pitting her against Bond in Round One. A comic book/novel character with a – let’s be honest – limited but devoted following versus arguably the single-greatest cult spy show ever, if not of the ’60s? We’re talking Emma Peel Avengers, btw, from whom Tara can claim lineage, if not a direct line. I mean, Queen & Country versus The Avengers? That one’s…that one’s hard, at least for me.

In the end, though, I had to throw my vote to Chace again. I’ve got an open bias, clearly, I mean, I’d be a lying jackass if I claimed otherwise, but on a more rational, thoughtful level, for all my love of Steed and Peel, I prefer my my espionage with a more “realistic” (and yes, yes, YES, I use the word advisedly) tone. This was what drew me to The Sandbaggers back in the day, the marriage of Bond-style action to Le CarrĂ© fashioned methodology and consideration. Then along came Ian MacIntosh and he threw in politics for good measure, and all of the sudden spy stories became, for me, about so much more. It was that element, that final piece, that gave the genre its enduring breath of life. It’s why I’m making notes on new Q&C stories right now, why I’m drafting the outline of the follow-up to The Last Run. It’s why I keep coming back to it.

So go to Mister8, check out the site (it’s truly a wonderful site!), cast your vote. And believe me, I won’t hold it against you if you go with Steed and Peel.

Just don’t tell Tara if you do.

12 Responses to Round Two – ARGH!

  1. Jeff

    Steed and Peel? C’mon, Tara Chace is a multi-media icon. Okay, one could argue that graphic novels are indeed of the same genre as literary novels, but, for sake of said argument, let’s not. Tara Chace succeeds on every level. Steed and Peel had their run, and a great run indeed, but it is over. It is time for them to head out to Magna Tandoori, order up some curry and whiskey, and reminisce about good times…the new queen of espionage is Tara Chace.

  2. Brian

    Part of me is puzzled and part of me is glad that Neil Burnside isn’t part of this Mister 8 feature. I mean, Chace vs. Burnside? I simply couldn’t make the choice!

  3. Evan

    I know that many love Steel and Peel, but I have to say that I tried them and I found the campy visit to the swinging 60s unwatchable in the place I am now. Chace may find ancestry there, but she is by far the more evolved, complex, dark, troubling and marvelous character.

    Thanks for sharing her and her world. The vote was a no brainer this round.

  4. Phil Sandifer

    I love Chase, but I just can’t vote for her here. Emma Peel is, simply put, the single sexiest television character ever. Tara Chase is an amazing, well-rounded character, but… she doesn’t define an entire era in one perfect catsuit.

  5. Greg

    Well, Phil, as stated, not going to hold it against you.

    But at least spell her name right ;)

  6. mark coale

    Maybe if we could see Tara Chase in an Emma Peel catsuit or the Hellfire Club costume, it could sway votes. ;>

  7. Greg

    C’mon, you’ve seen Chace naked. What more do you want?

  8. Ken Liner

    Aside from eagerly awaiting The Last Run, I’m totally stoked that Grge is planning its follow-up.

    Go Tara!!!

    BTW, on the opposite end of the spectrum, who has a shorter life, Star Trek Red Shirts or Minder 3?

  9. Dwight Williams

    We’ve seen both of these ladies at their best. And I am going to take the coward’s way out without apology by not participating in this particular debate.

    As for Red Shirts vs. Minder 3′s…at least Starfleet would’ve caught the aneurysm before it became a problem.

  10. Evan

    Round Three everyone! Tara is tied with the IMF. No disrespect to Mission Impossible fans, but we need to take the IMF down.

  11. mark coale

    I will vote for tara in the final, but I’m sad to see her beat the IMF.

    (no offense greg but IMF is my favorite TV show of all time.)

  12. Evan

    The final showdown and Tara is facing one heck of an early deficit! I don’t know how much longer this old post will drum up the votes, but if you don’t want to see the face of modern action espionage get driven into the cold by an old, fun, but dated and campy show from the 1960s we better get voting folks!

    Greg, please do your magic or this is going to be Uzbekistan all over!

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