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Walking Dead revision is now completed.

Will be posting the first two chapters sometime in the next couple of weeks, for those interested in such things.

Carry on….

26 Responses to Revision…complete!

  1. mikeperkins

    Greg -

    Still very much interested in contributing a book plate – let me know.



  2. louiscipher


    I for one, have nothing to contribute, but am looking forward to it!

  3. jeditigger

    …for those interested in such things…?

    Greg, I think if we’ve added you as a friend we’re pretty much universally interested. ;)

  4. jared465

    Very interested in such things. Congrats on wrapping it up!

  5. sd6

    Progress is awesome. Congrats.

  6. tsob


  7. captain_slinky

    In the history of anticipation, nothing has been more anticipated by me than this work!!!

  8. hdefined

    High fives!

  9. cwweir

    Congratulations! You should do something to celebrate. Any ideas? :D

  10. the_fallen_

    I am definitely intrigued.

  11. kozemp

    My ignorance is of course shameful, but “Walking Dead” is…?

    The new Kodiak book, I’m guessing, but one is never 100% certain.

  12. nealbailey


  13. synabetic

    Huzzahs and huzzams!

  14. aylara

    Congratulations. I, for one, look forward to the tossing of a few choice tidbits to the snarling dogpack of your fans. :P

  15. zachary_cole

    Oh, to have not read any of the Atticus books. “Patriot Acts” looked damn good, but I’m far too anal to jump into the middle of a series. Eventually I’ll just cave and buy the entire series cheap from Amazon…

  16. stealthbunny

    I said the same thing a year or so ago. Got mine through, but I’m STILL waiting for Patriot Acts. Oh, and plan to spend a lot of nights up waaaay too late reading and not getting enough sleep because of them, and I STILL BLAME YOU FOR IT, GREG! Meant in all fondness, of course. BUT I STILL BLAME YOU!

  17. chiefseamonkey

    I just read Patriot Acts for the second time last week and now I have this to look forward to. Can’t wait!

  18. admin

    You read it twice?

    You’re, like, my new favorite person. Seriously.

  19. admin

    Ok, yeah…that’s a point.

    Love the Izzard, btw.

  20. admin

    Absolutely will, man! Thanks!

    Now we just have to get moving on that other thing….

  21. jmorse


    Very excited to see this is nearly ready. I’ve read Patriot Acts probably 8 times already. I just can’t seem to get enough.

    I request, no… I Demand that you drop all your other projects and write Kodiac books only from here on out. 1 every other week or so should suffice.


  22. admin

    Okay, you’re my new favorite person!

  23. jmorse

    I so didn’t plan that. Honest!

  24. chiefseamonkey

    Yeah, I ordered it a month or so ago (after hunting for it in every bookstore in the city without success) and read it in one sitting. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read all the other Atticus novels. I have to get another copy of No Man’s Land because you signed my copy and I’m trying to keep it in good condition.

    Like I said, can’t wait for the new book.


  25. jared465

    yeah, I’d be game for that! The art Mike has going for The Stand is STRONG!

  26. supergodginrai

    My wife just asked me “what I was Wooooing about”.

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