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Return to Form

School started roughly two weeks ago, though this is the first true “uninterrupted” week, now that the High Holy Days are over. What this means is that myself and my partner in crimes are able to finally return to the serious work of writing for a living. There are many wonderful things about summer, but with two kids in school, and thus two kids out of school for three months, productivity, shall we say, suffers.

Response to Stumptown 4 has been gratifying, which is always nice. In the main, I avoid reviews – in fact, in the main, I avoid looking around the interwebs for anything concerning me, which seems to surprise many people, and befuddle many more. Every now and then I am directed to something about myself or my work; more often than not, the kindly-hearted directing-type person points me to the positive, but there’s always – there is always – a negative. Normally from a poster who enjoys the fact that they don’t have to own the fecal onslaught they’re spilling. Point of order: you want to throw a knife at me, sign your fucking name. I own my words; have the courage to own yours. Otherwise, you’re just another nutless coward who “is working on a comic/movie/novel” but doesn’t have the talent or wherewithal to make it happen. Nut up or shut up.

I mean, seriously, didn’t your parents teach you anything about how to behave in public?

This, too, is a return to form. Comics are a Very Small Pond, folks, and people who take themselves too seriously in these waters are people who need to gain some perspective. Really.

Still getting the details together for The Last Run tour. Right now I’ve confirmed appearances at Murder By The Book (Portland), Seattle Mystery Bookshop, the Los Angeles Mystery Bookstore, The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Miami Book Fair (that’ll be near the end of November). More stores may be added, but the likelihood of my getting out east of the Mississippi (aside from the Miami trip) is looking rather… thin. To those of you on the East Coast specifically who have been waiting patiently for me to come your way, 2011 will – repeat will – be the year for it. Check the appearances page for updates!

Speaking of which… I, unfortunately, will not be attending NYCC, as planned, though JVM will still be doing the show. Scheduling conflicts + Deadlines = No Way In Hell That I Could Make the Trip, though I am hoping to get out to New York in late November/early December, if all goes well.

Back to the matter of The Last Run. I’ll be posting the first chapter on Friday, as a teaser, the second chapter the week following, the third the week after that…at which point I hope appetites will be suitably whetted for the novel’s release on the 26th of October.

And now, a question for y’all. For A Gentleman’s Game and Private Wars, we did bookplates, with art done by Steve Rolston and Brian Hurtt respectively. The deal was, you sent a SASE with a copy of your receipt for the novel, and you received in exchange a signed and numbered bookplate. Is this something folks would be interested in for The Last Run? Let me know in the comments below!


I forgot to say that I won’t be at Jet City this weekend, either. Both Jen and I have had to cancel due to family commitments.

Yes, I know – a lot of cancelations lately. This Real Life thing is a bitch.

24 Responses to Return to Form

  1. patrick foster

    Would love another bookplate to keep the set going- but don’t feel like I won’t buy a copy without one, either. ‘Cause I already have. Looking forward to it- and more, I hope.

  2. Joseph H

    Regarding a bookplate for Last Run- ABSOLUTELY. PleasePleasePlease.

    Who did you have in mind for a new one? Rick?

  3. Brian

    As someone who got into the Q+C novels in paperback: YES, you should totally do the bookplate.

  4. Tim O'Brien

    Sorry to here you can’t make Jet City. I hope to see you in Seattle on the 30th, at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop.

  5. Brian

    Loved the bookplates before & would love to have another. Either way, I know I will enjoy the book.

  6. Kozemp

    In re: the ICV2 link:

    I went trades-only years ago, so I’m a bit out of the loop, but JESUS CHRISTMAS single issues cost 4 bucks now?

    That’s… wow.

  7. Dan

    Yes, I think another bookplate would be great.

  8. Jared

    totally in for the bookplate. Somehow i missed out on the first two, so i gotta get this one! (well, if you do it, that is!)

  9. Ken Liner

    You know I’m definitely in for a bookplate!!! Hope you make it to NY later this year.

    My suggestions for Q&C artists would be Chris Samnee or Mike Hawthorne. Other non-Q&C faves, who I think would do an outstanding job are Cliff Chiang, Nicola Scott, Michael Lark, and Francesco Francavilla (who just kills it on Zorro and will on the upcoming Commissioner Gordon feature plus Black Panther book).

  10. Jared

    I would also throw Mike Perkins into the mix. I know he had an interest at on point, and it would be cool to see since its not incredibly probable that he would be able work an actual arc.

  11. Greg Nock

    I’d love to see another bookplate for this one! In any event, I can’t wait for October 26.

  12. Hal

    Another bookplate would be very welcome, and I would happily throw a few pay-what-you-can dollars in with the SASE.
    Nice finish to the Stumptown arc! Looking forward to more.

  13. Sean

    It would great to have another bookplate. I have the first two and think they make the book a bit more special. I am excited to read the new novel!

  14. Mike Perkins

    Book Plate -YES! If you want me to illustrate it – YES! ( But totally understand if you have someone else in mind).

  15. Jeff

    Yes on the bookplate. And Mike Perkins would be a great choice to illustrate it! Yes, yes, yes.

  16. Elle

    I read my first Rucka book last winter and have been making up for lost time. Would love to own a bookplate as I’ve only seen scans of the previous ones.

  17. Steve

    Sad to hear you won’t make Jet City. I was looking forward to talking with you again. I’m not sure if you remember, but I interviewed you in April for a thesis I wrote on Batwoman and gender in comics.

    Looking forward to perhaps seeing you at Emerald City, or if you ever make it down to Austin, TX.

  18. Sharon

    I’d actually buy a hardcover just for the bookplate. I’m a librarian and would be tempted to donate it to the collection, but would resist the urge. Part of my job is readers’ advisory, so I tend to recommend your books quite a bit. More than once I’ve had a patron come back to me and say, “Thank you.”

  19. Alan H

    I’ve already got my amazon order in and I’d be delighted to send the receipt it to you to get another bookplate. Plus a handful of dollars to cover the shipping to the UK.

    Mike Perkins would be an ideal choice.

  20. Mike

    Looking forward to the next Q&C novel. Didn’t know about the bookplates, but they sound like a cool incentive.

    Re: Ken

    OK, now I really want Cliff Chiang to draw a Queen and Country arc.

  21. Haviva

    Definitely want a Last Run bookplate. Is a printout of an Amazon order good enough to get one? My copy’s been ordered since August.

  22. Steven

    Do you know your schedule for the miami book fair?

  23. Steven

    I just saw your schedule – awesome – finally coming to Florida

  24. Steven

    It was a great pleasure to meet you again and spend sometime chatting with you about Batman, Batwoman and comic books

    Best of luck in the coming years

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