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Request time

In comments, please, I ask for the following:

The names and, where possible, the name of the business, of any and all fictional detectives you can think of.

For instance:

Jim Rockford – The Rockford Agency.

It’s for a thing I’m doing. :D

51 Responses to Request time

  1. mightygodking

    Sherlock Holmes (none)
    Nero Wolfe (none)
    Hercule Poirot (The Poirot Agency)
    Angel (Angel Investigations)
    Dirk Gently (Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency)
    Veronica and Keith Mars (Mars Investigations)
    Sam Spade (I dunno)

  2. hanabishirecca

    Ralph Dibny *whistles innocently*
    Dick Tracy
    Thomas Sullivan Magnum
    Sabrina Duncan (Charlie’s Angels)
    Jill Munroe (Charlie’s Angels)
    Kelly Garrett (Charlie’s Angels)

    You know… I really don’t know my detectives.

  3. robotman

    Inspector Gadget – Metro City Police Dept.

  4. oilyrags

    So, private dicks, not professional bacon, right?

  5. dculver

    J J “Jake” Gittes (Chinatown)

    Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, Hart Industries (Hart to Hart, they’re amateurs, does that count?)

    Derek Strange, Strange Investigations (Pellecanos)

    Jack Herriman (Scene of the Crime)

    Thomas Magnum (Magnum PI)

    Philip Marlowe (The Big Sleep)

    Adrian Monk (MONK)

    Also BATMAN

  6. morchades

    Slam Bradley (don’t remember the name of the company, he’s in Catwoman)

    Harry Dresden (of The Dresden Files, his ad stuff is just Harry Dresden, Wizard)

    Rachel Morgan (Inderland Runenr Services — form Kim Harrison novels)

  7. andykhouri

    Slam Bradley – Private

  8. brannonb

    Some amateurs on the list, but here you go:

    A.J. and Rick Simon – Simon & Simon
    Frank and Joe Hardy
    Nancy Drew
    Mike Hammer
    Philip Marlowe
    Nick and Nora Charles
    David Addison and Maddie Hayes — Blue Moon Detective Agency
    Remmington Steele and Laura Holt — (Steele Investigations?)

  9. admin

    Good start!

  10. admin

    Did Ralph have an agency?

    Dick Tracy was a cop, if I recollect correctly, and thus does not qualify.

    As for Charlie’s Angels…man, that’s wayback machine for me, but again, I’m not sure they were PIs as much as Charlie’s spec ops crime fighters.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. admin

    Must be private investigators (or consulting detectives, ie, Holmes and Wolfe).

  12. admin

    Gittes is a good call. Anyone remember his agency?
    The Harts do not qualify, as they are actually industrialists, and moonlight as detectives. Professionals only.
    Strange! Excellent! I’d forgotten him!
    Herriman…need an agency.
    Marlowe, hell yeah…for the life of me, I cannot remember if the name of his business was ever mentioned in the books.
    Monk works — consulting detective, but qualifies — again, trying to remember if there’s ever been an actual agency mentioned.

    Batman does not qualify.

    Keep it up!

  13. admin

    Mr. Dresden…interesting choice. Don’t know Rachel Morgan. Details?

  14. admin

    Nix on Frank, Joe, and Nancy, unfortunately.

    Hammer! Good one! Again, agency? Same for Nick and Nora. Good call with Blue Moon and Steele!

  15. morchades

    I wish I could give you better details, but I just got a collection as a present when I told someone I liked the Harry Dresden concept. She’s another supernatural detective. A witch who is a bounty hunter.

  16. oilyrags

    Right then. Wanted to be sure Punk and Freamon weren’t going to be DQed on a technicality, being that they’re a couple of my faves.

    Don’t know what Joe Mannix called his company as an individual, before he was at Intertect (according to wigglypedia, anyway.)

    I see Jake Gittes has been mentioned already.

    The Continental Op was with Continental, natch, but no name for that dude.

    If memory serves. Robert McCall’s advertising of his services as “The Equalizer” was as close to legit paper as he ever got.

    Seems like there’s more on the tip of my tongue, but the genre isn’t one I know as well as I ought.

  17. oilyrags

    Punk? BUNK!

  18. oilyrags

    Ugh, and I kind of wish I didn’t feel obliged to mention this, but Thomas Magnum of Magnum Private Investigations.

  19. beatzo

    Sexton Blake
    Tommy and Tuppence Beresford – The International Detective Agency ( Agatha Christie)
    Precious Ramotswe – The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency ( Alexander mcCall Smith)
    Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews ( The Three Investigators) ( they qualify because they were actually professional PIs, rather than being of the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mould)
    Bulldog Drummond
    Thomson and Thompson from the Tintin comics.
    From my part of the world ( India )

    Prodosh Mitter, Feluda, a literary character by director Satyajit Ray ( Ray’s also made a bunch of films and television series on him)
    Byomkesh Bakshi

  20. oilyrags

    Jeff Markham (later Jeff Bailey, but that was when he was a grease monkey). I don’t think the name of his partnership with Jack Fisher is ever given a name, but I’d have to double-check, and frankly right now I’m too lazy.

  21. hanabishirecca

    Well, there are rumors on the web that Ralph and Sue are their own Ghost Detective Agency but you’d know more about that than I would. I only a relatively newcomer to DC so I don’t know if Ralph was ever in an agency. There was that group that came up in 52, the Croatoan Society. I’m not sure they constitute an agency, probably not in the way you seem to be looking.

    Dick Tracy, I know nothing about him to be honest. He was the only pulp detective that came to my mind that hadn’t already been mentioned in the first comment. I’ve read a couple of pulp novels with a lead character that only shows up in on novel and without digging up the novels in question, I could tell you who they were or the name of the agency.

    Charlie’s Angels were Private Investigators. That IMDB and Wiki seem to agree with me on.

  22. foster21

    Nathan Heller, A-1 Detective Agency
    Burke (sort of, at least early on)
    Harry Stoner
    Amos Walker
    John Francis Cuddy
    Tres Navarre
    Cliff Hardy
    Jack Irish
    Kinsey Milhone

  23. brannonb

    I don’t think Mike Hammer had an agency. He was a licenced private investigator, working under his own name. In the yellow pages he’s probably just “Mike Hammer, Private Investigator” ?

  24. fluidbeauty

    I believe Harry (Heironymous) Bosch in the Michael Connelly novels was a consultant in Blood Work. I don’t think he was licensed PI though.

  25. fluidbeauty

    Boston Blackie from a short story, old time radio show and series of films. Also a recent Blackstone comic. He didn’t have an official agency.

  26. lancescott

    Antonio Mercer, sole employee of Discrete Investigations, sure to make the world stand up and take notice when Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones unleash him on the reading public in their November 2007 Oni Press graphic novel You Have Killed Me.


  27. admin

    Heh. Fair cop.

    Anything else you’d like to pimp, while you’re here?

  28. admin

    Heller – yes.
    Spenser – yes.
    Burke – not a chance in hell; his whole deal is that he’s “off the radar.”
    Good bunch of the rest, but I’m also looking for their businesses, how they advertise. That’s the trick, here — most of these fictional detectives barely (and rarely) run an actual business.

  29. admin

    These are all excellent. Had never heard of Prodosh Mitter; given me something new to check out. Thank you!

  30. dculver

    No clue on Herriman’s agency, I don think he had one and i am pretty sure Marlowe does not.

    Hart to Hart is a really great premise and is obviously what would have happened to Bruce Wayne (and Selina!) if his parents had lived. Maybe on Earth-TV?

    Also from V. Mars: Vinnie Van Lowe

    COMICS(not a lot of agencies, sorry)
    Jessica Jones, Alias Private Investigations
    From Batman: JOE POTATO!
    Jason Bard
    Jim Gordon was a detective in Gotham Noir
    Timothy Trench from Wonder WOman
    Jennifer Mays and Gabriel Webb of The MAze Agency
    The Odd Man was a detective in his civilian identity(Clayton Stoner)
    Angel and The Ape, O’Day and Simeon Detective Agency
    Johnny Double
    Nathanial Dusk
    Jonni Thunder
    Ms Tree
    Milo Garret from 100 Bullets The Counterfifth Detective

  31. admiralpye

    Ms. Michael Tree – Tree Investigations
    Nancy Drew – don’t know exact name
    Hardy Boys- Hardy Detective Agency

  32. wonsaponatime

    Frank Burly, Burly Investigations. (He runs his business badly.)

    Also, wasn’t Kellerman a P.I. by the end of Homicide? I don’t remember if he actually had a business name but he seemed to be doing okay at getting jobs, albeit shitty ones.

    And reaching back to my childhood, Encyclopedia Brown ran his detective business out of his garage for 25 cents, right? ;)

  33. jacoblb

    Off the top of our heads and, at other times, quickly referencing some books on the shelf or old time radio cds. pardon the spelling errors. Some or many won’t count and we do not know the agency’s name off the top of our heads.

    remington stelle (steele inves)
    jake and fatman (same as nero wolfe)
    the equalizer
    magnum pi
    scooby doo
    nick and nora
    sam spade
    mike hammer
    richard diamond
    boston blackie
    hellboy BRPD
    hercule poriot
    tommy tuppents (she said it, i have no freaking idea what this is!)
    mr and mrs north
    the falcon (?)
    the saint (vinent price)
    midnight eye goku (anime/managa)
    clamp’s detective agency
    detetive conan (“case closed” anime/manga)
    phillip marlowe
    jeff regan
    michael shane detective
    pat novak, for hire
    philo vance
    sherlock holmes
    johnny dollar
    jessica jones
    keith or versonica mars (mars invest)
    elery queem
    deena pilgrim/ christian walker (Powers)
    The Question (?)
    the Spirit
    hawiaan dick
    dodge bullets

  34. alasdair

    Eddie “Fitz” Fitzgerald – no agency, hired by police as consultant.

    Li Kao – not sure the agency is ever named, since it’s basically his shack in a Peking back-street, but I remember his logo being a half-closed eye “Some things I see, but others I don’t” is the meaning that Number Ten Ox gives it.

    And to stretch things a bit: Cadfael, The Benedictine Order of Monks. (I include him because people do specifically seek out his services…)

  35. lancescott

    Well, I did see the proofs for the new Whiteout trade at the Oni office when I stopped by the other day. It looked pretty damn sweet. The new cover is awesome.

    So, people should buy that.

    Other than that, I have another novel this summer. Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? is in the new previews. People can check for details.

    Thanks! You’re on my friends list for this account, so I am reading regularly.

    – Jamie S. Rich

  36. iainpj

    Vickie Nelson, Nelson Investigations (Tanya Huff’s books)
    Jennifer Mays And Gabriel Webb, The Maze Agency (comic series, IDW)
    Charlie’s Angels worked for Townsend Investigations; Charlie was the agency, and they were the labor.
    Faye Quick, “A Detective Agency” — because that’ll make it first in the list in the phone book (Too Darn Hot and This Dame for Hire by Sandra Scoppettone.)
    Kinsey Millhone (Sue Grafton) and Cordelia Grey (PD James), but I have no idea what either agency is called
    In the book of The Maltese Falcon, Sam Spade’s agency was “Spade and Archer”
    Vincent Rubio, “Watson and Rubio, Private Investigations” (Eric Garcia, the (something) Rex books)

  37. oilyrags

    Thompson and Thomson were with Interpol, at least in the American translations.

  38. anw

    If they have to be professional PIs, do Nick and Nora count? Technically, Nick was retired and Nora was never in the business.

    Ones I don’t think anyone else has mentioned:

    Arsène Lupin
    C Auguste Dupin
    Jeff Randall and Marty Hopkirk
    Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse
    VI Warshawski
    Hip Flask
    John Blacksad

    Since I know you don’t do Marvel:

    Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, Knightwing Restorations.
    Dakota North, Dakota North Investigations.
    Jessica Jones, Alias Private Investigations.

    Why Marvel is so enamoured of female PIs, I can’t say.

  39. dubble

    Sam Dog and Max Rabbit: Sam and Max Freelance Detectives
    Mickey Mouse was a detective in the original newspaper comic strips.
    Mysteries, Inc./Scooby Doo Detective Agency – Scooby Doo
    Peter Columbo – Columbo
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
    Miss Marple
    Hercule Poirot
    Jessica Fletcher – Murder She Wrote
    Sam Spade – Murder She Wrote
    Nero Wolfe
    Adrain Monk – Monk
    Nancy Drew
    Joe & Frank Hardy – The Hardy Boys
    Snooper and Blabber – Hanna Barbera
    Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole
    Inch High, Private Eye
    Inspector Gadget, Penny & Brain
    Tracer Bullet – Calvin and Hobbes
    Carmen Sandiego (Before she became a villianess in the old detective games)
    Eddie Valiant/Rick Flint – Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Movies and Disney Comic books respectively)
    Renee Montoya
    Vic Sage – The Question
    Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers (running out of options here XD)
    Woofer and Wimper – Also Hanna Barbera

    And that’s all I can think of at the moment. :)

    Do the Spirit and Batman count?

  40. dubble

    Just a note – I was typing that off the fly and Sam Spade was NOT from Murder She Wrote…lol (someone like you would know that though. Darn copy paste errors XD).

    Also – for Roger Rabbit: Eddie Valiant’s detective agency was Valiant & Valiant. Rick Flint’s detective agency was the Flint Detective Agency in the comic series.

    Lastly – a couple more courtesy of a friend of mine.

    Rigby Reardon (Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid)
    Perry Van Shrike a.k.a. Gay Perry – Syntron, Inc, I think? (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)

    You might get some use out this.

    And there’s this one, but you might’ve already thought of her…

    Hope that helps!

  41. dubble

    Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster – Psych (name of agency and show)

  42. admin

    Excellent on the Charlie’s Angels agency — thanks! I’d have lost hours trying to find that one.

  43. admin

    Don’t suppose anyone remembers Brother Cadfael’s full name?

  44. dewline

    One would think that Ralph and Sue ran their own non-profit shop, but “non-profit” rules them out of this one if I understand Greg right.

    Trying to recall one I saw on CTV some years ago….

  45. dewline

    Lane Investigations

    Run by one Terry Lane of Niagara Falls, Ontario. From the TV series Taking the Falls in 1996 on CTV. Terry was played by Street Legal‘s Cynthia Dale.

  46. dewline

    You know about the TV show now airing based on Tanya Huff’s books?

  47. alasdair

    Wikipedia gives it as “Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd”.

  48. lurkerwithout

    I see someone else already posted Spenser, so Sunny Randall, Parker’s female detective. I don’t recall him naming her agency…

    Elaine Cunningham’s Gwen “GiGi” Gellman, I can’t recall the name of her agency. Maybe Changeling Investigations…

    Steve Hamilton’s Alex McKnight was briefly a licsensed P.I. “Something” & McKnight was the agency. I forget his partner’s last name…

    I forget if they are in previous comments, but I’ll assume people have already mentioned Phillip Marlowe and Hercule Poirot…

  49. amyreading

    Harriet Vane and Lord Peter Wimsey (Dorothy Sayers) – I don’t think he has an agency, although he works with Scotland Yard and eventually the British Foreign Office. She’s more amateur, so she doesn’t quite fit, but they sleuth together.

    Molly Murphy (Rhys Bowen) – P. Riley and Associates. This series is set in turn-of-the-century (the 20th, that is) New York, and Molly takes over the private investigation business of a friend after he’s murdered.

    Angel (Joss Whedon) – Angel Investigations. Sure, he’s a vampire, but he does support his “family” with his sleuthing.

  50. mercuryeric

    Encyclopedia Brown?



  51. archeon

    didn’t see anyone list this one, but Lew Archer from the books by Ross Macdonald, don’t know if he had an official agency name, I’ve only read the first five or so thus far and can’t recall if it’s mentioned.

    Harry Crum, Crum investigations, from “Who’s Harry Crum?”

    Ford Fairlane, Rock n Roll Detective

    Nayland Smith, British Government (Fu manchu novels)

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