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Remarkable Courage


6 Responses to Remarkable Courage

  1. futuredirt

    Simply amazing

    With a past like that what future could possibly be intimidating, save one filled with large robots bent on the destruction of mankind. Oh, wait…

  2. technoir

    Pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing. I think some of the most outstanding and impressive people are ones almost never hear about.

  3. erink


    Coincidentally, I just impulse-bought Why Women Should Rule the World by Dee Dee Myers. I normally steer away from “celebrity” books and politics and even hardcovers, but I heard her on a radio show and it seemed like she had something interesting to say about the nature of women and the nature of human society and the nature of power. We’ll see if it’s any good (plenty of people have talked out their backsides about topics like this and I really don’t have reliable indications that she won’t). Anyway it seems like a good thing to get under my belt the month before I go to Wiscon.

    Now, the fact that I though of Myers’ book means that I somehow relate Rep. Speier’s backstory to a type of strength particular to women. (And the Terminator reference in the first comment tells me I might not be alone.) But why? Am I being sexist? Selling men short? I mean, if a man politician was shot five times in Guyana and didn’t die, wouldn’t he be courageous if he ran for office afterward? Would we think that about him? On the other hand, I’m not sure a man would even tell that story about bringing his kid to the hospital. If Speier was a man, would the NPR story have the same bent? Do strong women require an “excuse” for their behavior?

    (Are you all thinking who’s this crazy stranger posting on Greg Rucka’s blog?)

    At any rate, it’s a hell of a story. And she sounds like a pretty effective legislator. Let’s get more like her – but preferably without the death and destruction part beforehand.

  4. dgeorge

    That was such an amazing story of strength and survival. Thank you for bringing it to the forefront.

  5. dewline

    Now that is a Woman.

  6. geordiesteve

    That reads like fiction it’s so horrific and yet somehow, she has done something positive out of all that misery. I’d like to believe I’d be able to be that strong, but most days I think if it were me, I would just climb in the bottle and not come out – Leaving Las Vegas Part 2.

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