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Still clawing my way back to respiratory stability.

Will be posting Chapter Three of Walking Dead before the end of the day.

6 Responses to Recovery

  1. lithera

    Take care of yourself.

    It is really cold up here in Seattle. Making me miss the matzoh ball soup a roommate of mine would make in college.

  2. aylara

    I think everyone should eat homemade soup when sick!

    I make chicken soup all the time. It is so easy and totally yum. I wish I had more local people to cook for.

  3. lithera

    I am not of the cooking persuasion but I know and appreciate those who are. There are few things better than a friend who not only knows how to but enjoys cooking.

  4. aylara

    My cooking was from necessity and upbringing (raised by Italians).

    OK, so you had Wonder Woman listed in your interests, so I totally had to friend you.

    You seem cool.

  5. lithera

    I noticed that we had similar interested and friended you back. Though I must warn you that I was not a fan of Seinfeld, so we may be in for rough waters.

    Though I must say that the AmEx ad with the ‘wicked googly’ bit in it always makes me laugh.

  6. sixteenbynine

    Rest up and take shallow breaths!

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