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Rain and Other Questions

I’ve been doing a fairly involved interview via IM with Eric Newsom, the webmaster and general Question guru behind the Who Is The Question…? website. He’s a very smart guy, and he asks very good questions, and so far we’ve completed, I think, three or four of five interviews thus far. The first of them was posted today, where we mostly talked about the O’Neil/Cowan run. We’re trying to schedule the next interview for sometime this coming week, where we’ll discuss The Crime Bible: The Five Books of Blood. There’s a forum at the site where Eric’s been soliciting questions, so if you’ve got one you’d like to see him ask, you should head on over and post it. Can’t guarantee a response, but you’ve got better odds of getting it answered than if you don’t post it at all.

Returned from Anchorage last night via SeaTac, where, for some unknown reason, my flight to Portland was delayed, then delayed, and then it got delayed, and then it was delayed again…you get the idea. This is par for the course with air travel, I realize that, but what burned me something vicious was the fact that Horizon Air had four other flights flying to Portland, none of which I could transfer onto, and none of which were delayed. Made me cranky.

Which is probably how my laptop got whacked about, and why it’s back in for repairs, again. They’re promising 48 hours. We’ll see how that goes.

Did a small signing at Bosco’s while I was in Anchorage, and it was a very nice event, and the people were terrific, and it drove home to me once more the enormous gulf between mystery novel fans and comic book fans. It was a small Bouchercon this year. I think most people who normally would attend were scared off by the thought of traveling to Alaska, honestly. Next year is in Charm City, and one can already tell the attendence will be through the roof. Proximity to NYC is probably the major factor — editors won’t have a ready excuse for not attending.

Much as I was overwhelmed by Alaska, I’m very glad to be back in Portland. I like it here. I’m hoping I get to stay put for a couple of weeks this time.

8 Responses to Rain and Other Questions

  1. norris123

    I just wanted to thank you again for making the trek up the Alaska. It was great to meet you and hear what you had to say. I just wish more creators had balls as big as yours and would come visit the big state. They must be afraid of the moose.
    John Norris

  2. nealbailey

    I didn’t know Nunzio was your best friend…it doesn’t surprise me, though, given how much Three Strikes blew me away. Great minds and all that. Strange coincidence. I suppose I should have clued in, given that he was sitting next to you in San Diego, but that’s me an obvious in two different rooms. :)

    Awesome interview, though.

  3. kali921

    Question from the floor, sir.

    Returned from Anchorage last night via SeaTac

    I first parsed that as “Returned from Anchorage last night via Teal’c….” You know, I’m not even that deeply immersed in Stargate fandom, so that is just gratuitous fandom interference via osmosis.

    Hi. It’s 6:00 AM, and I’ve already been up for an hour, getting ready for a conference call with Germany. How are you?

    I have a question, sir. As someone who reads both comics and mysteries, what are the differences betwixt the two? From whence does this “enormous gulf” come?

    Also, did you bring back a grizzly?*

    * The Alaskan version of a pony.

  4. admin

    I had a great time, and I really am hoping that I’ll get to make the trip, and this time be able to give you a little more notice. Everyone at the store was really tremendously kind and professional, and the fans that showed up were universally a delight.

    I’m just disappointed I never got charged by a moose.

  5. admin

    Andrew and I go waaaay back at this point, coming up on 20 years. Which I suppose is yet another sign of my rapid aging.

  6. oilyrags

    I would’ve thought for sure you watched “The Wire”!

    Charm City is nice, but it’s got nothin’ on Bodymore, Murdaland (at least as a host city for a mystery convention.)

  7. nealbailey

    He’s recommended a few of his works with Christina to me, and I’m gonna hunt ‘em down likely at the next con or order them from my comic guy when I get a second or some extra cash. The immediate vibe I got from the work is, “Holy crap. He gets it.” I get that so little in comics of late, maybe that’s because I’m getting older and thus more curmudgeonly about my tastes, but I think, particularly with Three Strikes, he masterfully wove antagonism and protagonism into a blur, which, like in my novel, is something I really identify with. Also per Kodiak, with his confliction about having to kill, etcetera. It’s one of my big latch-points to a character in a post-modern period where heroism is being largely either re-defined or at very least examined because of what I percieve to be a potential enlightenment, that people can finally (if not financially successfully) talk about frickin’ ANYTHING.

    Anyway, long story short, Nunzio rocked my face. But should I call him Andrew? Is that his real name?

  8. matchesmalone

    So, what you’re saying is…

    Your flight was delayed….

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