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Question to appear in Detective Comics co-feature by Rucka & Hamner

The cat is out of the bag with the release of solicitations today: Renee Montoya will be appearing regularly in Detective Comics when Greg takes over the book at issue #854. Newsarama had a talk with the artist who’ll be drawing the co-feature, Cully Hamner:

NRAMA: What led you to The Question and made you sign up for the gig when it was offered?

CH: Well, one of the most important things for me on every gig is who I’m working with. I’d never worked with Greg before, but I love reading him. I think he’s one of the best writers working in comics today—especially crime stuff, which I’m a sucker for. Add to that the fact, as I’ve said, I loved The Question during O’Neil and Cowan’s zen-influenced take on the character. And I knew from talking to Greg that he did, too, and I think the two of us quickly found that we were fairly in harmony on the character. Mike Siglain was pushing the idea of us teaming up on this pretty hard, too. And once I read the overview and the first script, I just couldn’t turn it down.

That, and I believe that Greg and Jen Van Meter decided that I shouldn’t work with anyone outside their family.

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