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Question Everything

Another cat escapes the bag, this in the form of Cully Hamner announcing that he’s exclusive to DC.

So now I can talk about the fact that Cully and I are doing the co-feature that will begin running in Detective Comics #854, the Batwoman debut issue, this June. Starting with four eight-page chapters, then expanding to ten-pages an issue, and he’s been drawing, and it look incredible, and no, I can’t share the pages with you.

But I can share his design work, which certainly gives a nice taste of what’s to come.

67 Responses to Question Everything

  1. uzumerid

    Oh dear Lord, I am *entirely* too excited for this. The fact that I’ll get this alongside Batwoman for $4 a pop is just mindblowing.

    I have to ask, though – since the characters are pretty closely related and move in and out of each others’ lives all the time, will the Question back-up at all relate to/cross over with the main story in the Batwoman feature, or will it just be two totally separate stories? I’m just curious, since I can see either way working really really well, and I can’t wait for the book no matter what.

  2. jeditigger

    Cully is such awesomeness, and when you put him with YOUR awesomeness….shazam. :)


    So to speak. ;)

  3. kozemp

    “no, I can’t share the pages with you”


    Seriously, though, this is awesome.

  4. scrnwrtinghack


  5. slowdance13

    I NEED more Question in my life.

  6. alephz


    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    See also: Yes.

  7. lithera


    More Question!

    Just when I couldn’t look forward to this more…

    In fact, I think there are very few ways I could look forward to this more than I am right now.

  8. jenjen4280

    Looks great! Although I’m not crazy about Renee with short hair…I like that she’s butch, yet has long hair.

    I’m glad that DC keeps investing in the Montoya character but can’t they give her an on-going series?

  9. bluelang

    I just have to say, I am really excited about the Question’s inclusion in Detective Comics!

  10. tranceptor

    Thanks for showing these!

    I’m gonna miss Renee’s long hair, but I’m glad to see that she is getting a style that is really her own.

  11. moonandserpent


  12. cissie_king

    I was already going to buy ‘Tec, but this is some awesome gravy.

    And to join the debate; I like Renee with the short hair better.

  13. lord_ruthven

    Brilliant stuff there. Been looking forward to your upcoming run and this just adds to it. I’m a fan of Cully’s art and of The Question so the announcement blew me away :)

    Really liked Renee with the longer hair, but I figure a shorter cut is more practical in her line of hands-on work.

  14. chiefseamonkey


    I didn’t think I could be any more excited about your run on Detective.

  15. electricvinyl

    So awesome!! I can’t wait!

    I am going to add my opinion that I’m going to miss Renee’s long hair too though…

  16. abc_evie

    If I may just say: Squee.

  17. edkaye

    Ohhhh, looks wonderful.

    I shall definitely be looking forwarded to that. I love reading your Batwoman/Question stuff, I’m glad there is more of it coming.

    P.S. I also enjoyed your Nightwing/Flamebird stuff in Action Comics. I’ll admit I was a little confused though, as I dropped Action/Superman at the start of the New Krypton storyline. I just wasn’t feeling it, and did not really enjoy James Robinson’s approach, sadly.

  18. robpugh

    Totally excited for this. Looks brilliant.

    Let me say I enthusiastically support Renee’s shorter, more practical do.

    It’s a dumb pet peeve, thinking about “realism” in a comic, but in a real street fight against someone with long hair the first thing you do is grab a hunk and jam their face into the wall or nearest table.

    When “street” heroes have long hair it makes me nuts.

  19. admin

    The stories, at this time, are separate. They may interact later on, but for now, Kate gets TEC to herself, though Renee’s impact on her life is apparent.

  20. admin

    Cully and I actually went back and forth on the hair, and his argument — which I actually quite agree with — is that, if she’s a competent martial artists (and we’re arguing that she now is), she’s not going to leave and easy-to-grab-handhold on her head for a fight.

    I suspect the hair will grow and change, much as Charlie’s hair did in the O’Neil/Cowan run, of which we are both devoted fans.

  21. admin

    Very much the case — Cully is really working hard to give her a very distinctive look.

  22. admin

    You and Kate both. :D

  23. admin


    Yes, you may.

  24. admin

    Thanks — I’m quite happy with how that first issue came out, and the second one got locked down today, so hopefully we shall continue to entertain.

    Lots of Ursa being crazy-mean in 876.

  25. admin

    I’m with you. Wonder Woman, I believe she can get away with long hair. You yank on that, odds are she won’t even feel it.

    Those of flesh and blood, I think, need more practical shoes, so to speak…along with practical shoes.

  26. kiddofsteel

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I’m full of awe.

  27. hamnerartist


    …For the wonderful comments, everyone! I really do appreciate it.

    RE: Renee’s hair… Just so that everyone knows, her sexual orientation had nothing to do with her having short hair, and was in no way an attempt to make her more butch. Actually, aside from my position that it makes her vulnerable in a fight, I just thought it would set her apart from other female comic book characters. Let’s face it, almost all of them are drawn with long hair. I like to be different when I can.

    And some of the most attractive women I know have short hair. :)

  28. jared465

    Re: Thanks…

    i’m with you, man.

    I don’t think Catwoman hasn’t had much of an issue retaining her allure since Darwyn Cooke cut off her hair…..if anything i thought it made her much cooler!

  29. hamnerartist

    Re: Thanks…

    Thanks. And another reason: I just think long hair looks dumb in a hat!

  30. jared465

    Re: Thanks…

    honestly? me too.

    and i meant to say “i don’t think Catwoman HAS had any trouble maintaining her allure”

    I swear man, I can re-read a post 100 times and not notice a typo until after i post it….it makes me crazy.

  31. nadefilippis

    We’ve discussed this before (about other characters) and I will have to respectfully disagree with both you and Cully on this (nothing but love for both of you and what looks to be a great co-feature).

    If you’re a middling martial artist, you cut your hair to avoid giving people an-easy-to-grab handhold.

    If you’re competent… then it’s not that easy to grab, so you don’t worry about it.

    I have 2 female cousins and an Aunt who are black belts in Tae Kwon Do. The only one with short hair is the one whose hair is curly enough that she thinks it looks bad long.

    None of them worry about hair length because they’ll kick your ass if you try to reach for their hair.

    Anyway, just my two cents, which is probably worth less than that, all things considered.

  32. nadefilippis

    Re: Thanks…

    While I posted above about the vulnerable-in-a-fight thing, I totally get the latter point.

    There is a lot of long hair in comics.

    I have no problem with Renee having short hair. The designs look great.

    I like the short hair because it looks very “Question” to me.

    I just hate the idea that in order to make a woman into a competent martial artist, she has to cut her hair.

  33. life_on_stage

    You sir, are an evil man. Absolutely brilliant and amazingly talented, but nonetheless horribly evil.

    I am now in a conundrum about whether to cut my hair for my Question persona or not. Admittably, I look good with short hair (and it’d help another costume that I’m making for DragonCon, she has short hair), but I love my long-ish hair, because I’m a girly-girl when it comes to that.

    And I dread showing my girl the wonderfully pretty art since I’m 99% certain she’ll say “do it!” and I can’t say no to her, ‘specially since she loves me enough to be Batwoman.

    …… and as I’m writing this comment, I’m slowly convincing myself to do the deed.

  34. lancescott

    He’s a phenomenal choice for the character!

  35. hamnerartist

    Re: Thanks…

    That’s right, Question everything! But still, for a fighter, it’s a valid concern:

    In any case, it comes down to the decision of the person who’s doing the fighting. Renee is someone who gets into scraps and rides a motorcycle. Long hair could seem more trouble than it’s worth, at least to me…

  36. hamnerartist

    Re: Thanks…

    And one other thing:

    “I just hate the idea that in order to make a woman into a competent martial artist, she has to cut her hair.”

    Not sure I said anything about short hair being needed to make a WOMAN into a “competent martial artist.” My thinking was that having long hair in a fight could be a problem on a man OR a woman. Let’s not go looking for a sexism than isn’t there…

  37. admin

    He is, indeedy!

  38. robpugh

    Re: Thanks…

    “I just hate the idea that in order to make a woman into a competent martial artist, she has to cut her hair.”

    Well, maybe. But to make anyone a competent, effective streetfighter, long hair is a detriment. Ironically, I first thought about this way back when I was reading the O’Neil/Cowan Question series… as his hair got longer I kept thinking it would not be a *good* thing, as much as he had to fight in Hub City…

    And back when Nightwing wore his long hair/ponytail I was just waiting for somebody to snatch him by his mane.

  39. nadefilippis

    Re: Thanks…

    I certainly wasn’t accusing anyone of sexism, and apologize if it was implied.

    The length of hair being discussed is far more frequent among women than men, and is tied to a certain ‘feminine’ look. My only concern is that if we go for a certain ‘realism’ on the hair, we’re skewing the look of serious fighters more in a masculine way. Women and men both have to look less feminine for us to buy them as able fighters.

    And again, I think it’s not as ‘realistic’ as everyone here seems to think.

    Even in the link you posted, the person writing it said “Hair grabs are restraining moves, and by the way, short hair is no deterrent.” If someone gets close enough to you in a fight to get access (and enough access to get a good grip) to hair that tends to stay within a few inches of your head, neck or back, then you have big problems even if you have short hair.

    I think, once we deal with a level of fighter who has enough skill to wade into the middle of fights with street criminals who often travel in groups and have guns and knives, they have to be skilled enough to avoid having their 6 inches of hair pulled, much as Batman is skilled enough to avoid having his 5 foot long cape pulled or the ears on his suit grabbed to pull the mask down and obscure his vision.

    She’s being trained by Richard Dragon, who’s training her when she has long hair. I’d suspect that she knows how to move, block and dodge so as to avoid getting her hair pulled.

  40. nadefilippis

    Re: Thanks…

    Fair enough on Vic and Nightwing, but as I said above to Cully, nobody’s calling for a redesign on Batman to have his cape removed, and that’s 5 feet long and much easier to grab than someone’s hair (unless we’re talking about Crystal Gayle).

  41. robpugh

    Well, no, nobody’s gonna worry about pulling hair in TKD, because there’s no clinch or grappling work in TKD to speak of.

    It’s kind of like before the first UFC, all the strikers and karateka talked about how nobody would take them down because of their deadly striking skills and knockout power… and then BJJ folks, and later the wrestlers, proceeded to close the distance and put them on their back, da*n near every time. Wasn’t till strikers like Chuck Liddell, and other “sprawl and brawl” type fighters learned to counter the takedowns and effectively counterstrike that they didn’t, and that still requires getting into clinch range.

    Even if you’re “competent” it’s ridiculously easy to bum rush into clinch, tie up Muay Thai style, and then, in a street fight grab a buncha hair. And then you can either knee the heck outta them or put them on the ground.

    It’s one of the first takedowns I learned years ago – before I got old – training with Burt Richardson [JKD/BJJ/MMA/Kali] out in Hawaii. Super effective. [And when you can't grab hair, you go all hockey-jersey on 'em. Works almost always.]

  42. the_fallen_

    :) I’ll gladly pay 3.99 for more greg ruckaness, especially with cully now added.

  43. nadefilippis

    It might be ridiculously easy to bum rush and tie up Muay Thai style a TKD fighter like my cousin. But this comic takes place in a world with fighters against whom it wouldn’t be,

    And if you can bum rush and basically get both hands around their head, then I don’t care how long Renee’s hair is, she’s got a problem – probably a hair pulling one at that.

    My point has been that if we accept these vigilantes as skilled enough to avoid getting shot or stabbed, then we have to accept they can avoid letting someone close enough to pull their hair.

    Anyway, I’ve sort of hijacked this discussion with this, so I’ll back down…

    Besides, as I said, Renee looks great. I was arguing the principle, not the actual haircut.

  44. robpugh

    Re: Thanks…

    Well, you know, nobody could get away with re-designing the Batman icon, and if the only caveat was realism all new heroes would look like the first Nite Owl from Watchmen.

    That being said, whenever the onus in a book is supposedly psuedo-realistic, little things like that bug me, and I totally buy the martial arts rational. As much as I’m looking forward to Batwoman in Detective, the cape and the long flowing red hair, on a street vigilante, prompts an inner eye-roll, regardless of how pretty Williams art is. At least Rucka got rid of the stilletto boots :)

    I was only a middling intra-collegiate boxer and post-collegiate martial artist [at best] but the concept of defensive movement [moving, blocking, dodging, etc] preventing the clinch range – where you can grab a hold of somebody’s hair/clothes – hardly ever works, regardless of skill level. You see beautiful defensive movement in boxing and K1 because the rules structure it that way, and still they clinch all the time.

    And as soon as clinching is allowed, like in MMA, it’s virtually impossible to maintain kickboxing range. Though some guys like Lyoto Machida do a damn fine job of it, and they still move in and out of clinch all the time.

    But all that is really moot, yeah, when you’ve individuals fighting multiple opponents with guns and knives, the very concept of a “realistic” fight kinda is already shot to hell :)

  45. admin

    Re: Thanks…

    As much as I’m looking forward to Batwoman in Detective, the cape and the long flowing red hair, on a street vigilante, prompts an inner eye-roll, regardless of how pretty Williams art is. At least Rucka got rid of the stilletto boots :)

    You’re going to love TEC 855, then. :D

  46. robpugh

    Re: Thanks…

    You are a horrible, horrible tease.

    [You know, in a non-sexual, manly way.]

    I hate you, but I love you :)

  47. jjgalahad

    This is absolutely fantastic news and that is some terrific and utterly spot-on art. Congrats and kudos to you both for this.

    To buy or to buy two copies – that is the Question. /bad Shakespeare humor

  48. tellitslant

    I got linked over here with an “omg not Renee’s hair!” comment, but I definitely like it. And hey, regardless of the martial arts angle, I frankly think Renee just isn’t patient enough to deal with the time investment of long hair while crimefighting – I mean, you have to brush the tangles out all the time once you get home from a fight, it takes forever to dry (which could really matter on cold Gotham winter nights with a short call-out to a crime scene), and of course, as the Question, she has to deal with that worst scourge of all: hat hair.

    Plus the designs look, unsurprisingly, amazing. And I love the little aside that Renee’s favourite hat is still Charlie’s! Awww.

    I didn’t think I could look forward to June any MORE, but now I really am.

  49. kamino_neko

    Re: Thanks…

    I was going to make a joke in response to your earlier comment about Renee’s hair, asking if you were going to have Kate’s cut… But it was a joke…

    Now I’m wondering if you’re actually going to do it. And it’s a whole three months before we find out. You’re evil. (In that delightful way writers can be.)

    But to weigh in on Renee’s hair…I totally agree on the practical front with chopping it short – it just makes sense for a hand-to-hand fighter to keep it short. And Cully’s note on the design page about being ‘low maintenance’ is well taken, too. Aesthetically… While my reaction to it when my eyes first fell on the image of Renee-as-Renee was that it didn’t suit her, in the images with the hat and mask on, it looks fabulous. And that opinion stands – it doesn’t really work for me for Renee, but it’s great for the Question.

  50. candidgamera

    So will we be seeing any of Richard Dragon in this? :)

  51. hamnerartist

    Re: Thanks…

    True, long hair may not necessarily be a detriment to a world-class fighter. But as you said, she’ll be wading into fights with groups. If you’re that good, you might be confident that in a one-on-one engagement, your opponent won’t get close enough to take advantage. But when you’re fighting six, seven, eight people, why take the chance? Renee’s not someone who *might* get into a fight someday– she *will*, lots of them. Again, why take the chance?

    And as someone who used to have hair down to the small of his back: When you ride a motorcycle, that hair is like NEEDLES IN YOUR FACE.

    What it boils down to is that it’s an aesthetic choice on my part, backed up with what I would consider some practicality.

    Have to say, though, I’m amazed that a hairstyle could stimulate such debate…! :)

  52. hamnerartist

    Re: Thanks…

    Weird thing is that I’m actually pushing Renee closer to a more traditional “question” look than she’s ever been. It’s a more of a retrofit than a redesign.

    And you know what? I think Crystal Gayle’s got it coming.

  53. hamnerartist

    You know, I’ll be at Dragon Con. You’ll have to come by the Gaijin booth and let me get a picture of your Question costume…

  54. nadefilippis

    Re: Thanks…

    I think it’s a perfect Question look, actually.

    And I don’t want it to get lost in the debate – I love the designs and think it’ll look great.

    And Crystal’s had it coming for decades…

  55. hamnerartist

    Re: Thanks…

    Thanks! And sorry, I just love to debate is all.

  56. nadefilippis

    Re: Thanks…

    You and me both

    …just ask Greg how much he loves my penchant for debate. :)

  57. ruckafan

    Can’t wait

    Hey, long or short hair I am just glad you skipped the tie. I hate when she wears a tie. Greg love all of your stuff, my comic book store hooked me on Gotham Central and I am going back and reading everything you wrote now. Love it all, but particularly these two (Kate and Renee). Thanks for being awesome!

  58. admin

    Eventually, yes.

  59. sora50

    I cannot wait for this.

  60. candidgamera

    Excellent! Please don’t kill him.

  61. uncanny_rman

    Wow. That is some real purdy art. Renee looks badass. Then again, when is she not badass?

  62. dewline

    Is he still hanging around Red Deer on occasion?

  63. admin

    Well…okay, but only because you asked so nicely.

  64. herozero

    I really applaud DC for taking the chances that they are. These back-up features are such a great idea and I really hope that it allows DC to keep publishing smaller stories about awesome characters and maybe help bump sales on lesser-selling titles. Having more story content for that additional dollar a month instead of an arbitrary price jump like some other people? Yes please.

    Between this and Wednesday Comics, DC really has me excited to see what they’re gonna come up with next.

  65. sdelmonte

    Wow. That art is some kind of awesome.

    Detective is clearly going to be one of the must-buy comics of the year.

  66. life_on_stage

    *salutes and writes that down in my DC planner* I’ll definitely remember to do that.

  67. robpugh

    Re: Thanks…

    Hiding this here, where it came up, and since it’s kind of spoilery -
    From today’s DCBlog and JH Williams Batwoman designs – “Hair will be a detachable wig.”

    Well-fu**ing-played, Mr Rucka. I think I love you. [Though I must say I hate you a little with each interview you give and say 'Walking Dead' is the last Kodiak novel - grrrr...]

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