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Quantum of Solace

First trailer is up.

22 Responses to Quantum of Solace

  1. will_eslinger


  2. jeditigger

    Just when I thought I could not get excited again about this franchise (by no fault of Pierce Brosnan), the Bond people whip out a real action hero in Daniel Craig and remake Bond’s image into a real spy again.

    I can’t wait.

  3. kozemp


    Must… invent… time travel… wait… until November… interminable…

    Seriously, Greg, either you or DHS talk to Gildrose or IFP or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves these days. There must be new 007 books and YOU MUST WRITE THEM!

  4. insektmute

    Das awesome. I remember being cautiously optimistic about Casino Royale, and liked it once it was released, but this might be the first Bond flick I’m really excited about.

  5. lithera

    Heh. I’m glad you saw that. If you hadn’t I was going to send it your way.

    It’s… Bond.. with.. continuity. Like directly from one movie to the next. Exciting!

  6. kozemp

    It is my understanding that Quantum of Solace opens something like three seconds after the last shot of Casino Royale.


  7. lithera

    Yeah. My understanding was that it was pretty tight between too. Which means, I’ll be watching Casino Royal a few tis before going in.

  8. admin

    Yeah, that’s a licensed property I wouldn’t mind taking a bite of…

    …wait, that came out wrong….

  9. enewsom

    Think they’d ever let an American get their hands on Bond? For the books, leastwise?

  10. manos99

    I don’t care what anyone says.. I *like* the title.

  11. kozemp

    They have already. Raymond Benson wrote… 6? I believe?… Bond novels from 1997 to 2003 or so. They varied in quality from okay to quite excellent.

    Literarily speaking writing Bond has to be something of an odd duck, but if they’re going to move forward with it THE PEOPLE DEMAND THE RUCKA 007!

    The only other person I would want to see anywhere near Bond is John LeCarre, and he’d absolutely never do it, and honestly I probably really wouldn’t want him to do it.

  12. brigantia_65

    Delurking to say I most loudly second this!

  13. rabidfangurl

    Well, it makes a hell of a lot more sense now that we know what the movie’s about.

  14. enewsom

    For some reason, I’d always assumed that Benson was British too. I liked his books a little more than John Gardner’s, which I didn’t like half as much as Fleming’s originals. I really want to read the Kingsley Amis…I mean Robert Markham-penned Colonel Sun, as I’m a huge fan of Amis’ other work, and I think he had a good handle on the character in his James Bond Dossier.

    LeCarré’s a different sort of writer than the series calls for, I think. I’d trust him more in writing sequels to Graham Greene novels (I guess the Tailor of Panama sort of counts as that already).

  15. lithera

    It is also the title of a Bond short story.

  16. lithera

    Oh, also for your amusement –

  17. kozemp

    I would only want to see a LeCarre 007 inasmuch as I would be interested in seeing Bond attempt to wade through the typical LeCarre sea of moral ambiguity and government perfidy.

    But, agreed, stylistically LeCarre is not a good choice, and since he’s spent 40+ years distancing himself from Bond-type stories the entire thing is a vaguely disconcerting pipe dream.

    I believe the man himself once said that TTOP is his “reply”/”response” to Our Man in Havana.

  18. supergodginrai

    Saw that last night.
    Soooo cool.

  19. jonlaw

    A bit late joining the throng here, but, saw the trailer. Looks like it is going to rock. Casino Royal is the only Bond flick we own, but it looks like Quantum may join, since Casino is my wife’s and she will likely be interested in continuing our Daniel Craig as bond collection. Fun for the whole family and everybody is happy!

  20. will_eslinger

    Hey Greg (and anyone else) where should I start if I wanted to get into the novels? I’ve seen every film multiple times but haven’t ever cracked one of the books. (If it helps any I have something of an obsession with military fiction)

  21. matchesmalone

    The Trailer Itself is Great…

    However, I just wish it had a better title, as it doesn’t sound like a Bond film to me….

  22. abc_evie

    I saw the trailer before Hancock this weekend, and it looked pretty great… not as silly as I sometimes like my Bond, but that’s cool. I do have to agree on the awkwardness of the title though… I don’t really think of “quantum” as a stand-alone noun. But what do I know.

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