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Publish or perish

This is gonna be brief — maybe more later today. Met up with David this morning and we went over to Bantam for breakfast with Her Royal Kateness. It was good to see her, but the meal was pretty much dulled by a) my lack of sleep and b) the lack of good news about all things publishing.

Depressing numbers, depressing news.

At first blush, it makes me wonder why I bother — I mean, if I’m writing the stories and nobody’s reading them, then what the hell is the point anyway?

But then the second blush comes, and I realize — as I inevitably always do — that frankly, none of that matters. I write what I write because if I don’t, I’m miserable. Simple as that. Even if the material was being published on toilet paper to be used as the same, I’d still be publishing it, or at least I’d be trying to. I’m a writer, I write, and at the end of the day, I suppose, that’s all there is to say about that.

More later….

2 Responses to Publish or perish

  1. gabbicus

    In a strange twist in the Zombie conversation (which is too long to get into), they decided that even when the Zombie Apocolypse happened, you would still be hard at work at the typewriter….up to and including when you get bitten.

  2. mercuryeric

    That’s awesome.

    “This is the song I can never write….braaaaaaaaaaains….”


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