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Pre San Diego 2008

Although I am not listed on — as far as I know — any of the SDCC information, I will be attending the show.

Schedule is TBA at this point. I expect to be signing at Oni and DC, but dates and times are still being coordinated. I’m confirmed for a signing at the Bantam booth on Friday, where we’ll be giving away copies of Patriot Acts. As for panels, I suspect I’ll be at the Dark Castle one on Thursday, and perhaps the DC Nation panel, also on Thursday, as well as a handful of others. I am confirmed for the Gays in Comics panel on Saturday at 5:45.

I should add, at this point, that the lack of information confirming that I’ll be at the show is my own damn fault and no one else’s. I never got it together to actually register, so it’s not like anyone had a reason to believe I’d be attending.

Oh the irony.

Now for some musing…

Andrew and Xtie departed this morning, beginning their long drive back to the Land of Sun and Smog. As ever, their departure leaves all of us here vaguely out of sorts. As jonlaw can well attest, it sucks when hearty and longstanding friendships are separated by distance.

nealbailey asked if I get postpartum after finishing a novel, and I hedged on the answer. It’s a problematic analogy for me, to equate the act of giving birth to the act of writing a novel, though the romance of “the act of creation” makes it a logical enough comparison, I suppose. But to answer the question more honestly than I did the last time, yes, I do. It’s a combination of emotions, I think, mostly underscored by fatigue. It may be the same for many authors, or for all of them, or for none, I don’t know, but the process is a…consuming one, that may be the best way to put it. I’m always reminded of a Conan Doyle line — which I am about to butcher, as I’m too tired to be bothered to actually look it up — where Watson remarks that Holmes looks a little rough around the edges (yes, yes, cocaine will do that, as you were), and the Great Detective’s reply is something along the lines of, “I confess I have been using myself rather too freely of late.”

Holmesians out there should feel free to provide chapter and verse, as required.

Regardless, that line has always resonated for me, even if I can’t quote it. It’s how I feel every time I finish a novel.

The rush to vacation following completion, the company of good friends and good times, postponed but did not defeat the effect. And it’s catching up with me, and tonight I’m finding myself listless and out of sorts, edging up to grumpy but not quite committing to the relationship as yet. In a few more days this will pass. It has nothing to do with anxiety about the work itself, at least, not this time; my editor read and returned comments via email on the ms within, I shit you not, 24 hours of receipt, which is a record for her, at least in the confines of our relationship. As always, her notes — brief as they were — were spot on; in fact, her notes were exactly the ones I’d made to myself to address in the revision. Well, except for one, but she never likes it when someone cries in my novels. She genuinely seems to like the book, which is always a good thing, and, more to the point, I believe her when she says she does; after nine novels with her, I can tell when she’s struggling to find something kind to say to me.

Depression may be another word for it, I suppose. The desire to do nothing for a few days, to simply read a book, or play a video game, or sleep late, all things that, for one reason or another, I cannot do at this time. To indulge myself. But there are scripts that need writing (as of this moment, actually, there are five of them, with three so close to deadline they can look down its shirt), and many editors who have been both patient and understanding as I’ve told them that they would have to wait until the book was finished. Well, it’s finished, and they’re due their due.

An unrelated question: anyone I know from that Green and Pleasant planning on attending San Diego? And if so, would you be willing to act as courier for me? I promise, it’s nothing that’ll get you sent down to Gitmo. Honest.

29 Responses to Pre San Diego 2008

  1. coppervale

    I’m with you, Brother Rucka – finishing a novel that I’m delivering to my editor (in person) next Thursday. THEN San Diego.

    I’m really looking forward to August. And I live in Arizona.

  2. lithera

    DC had you on their press release of doom, but not in the DC specific part. Just in the part that was “these other people too” or whatever they were calling it.

    I’m looking forward to SDCC, even if it might well drown me in work when I come back.

    It always sucks to have friends who are far away. It makes the times when you’re together more resonant or lasting, or at least it does for me, but usually I’d trade that for having them near, myself.

  3. adgy

    Glad you’re going to be there. I forgot to bring my copy of A Gentleman’s Game last year and I NEED it signed.

    I need to email him and ask him, but do you know if your brother Nick is going to be there again this year?

  4. captain_slinky

    When I was the Affiliate Program Coordinator for Birthday, there was this HUGE Affiliate Program Convention in Baltimore that our entire Marketing Team had been invited to and asked to speak at regarding our Affiliate Program. When we received the final program for the convention, I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t listed as one of the Birthday guests, even though all my coworkers were listed.

    And this is how I found out that my talents were no longer required at Birthday

    I’m not SAYIN’, I’m just sayin’… you know what I’m sayin’?

  5. nealbailey

    Strangely enough, following up, it’s not the depression of finishing, I don’t think, as the realization that when rest comes, I’ve forgotten how to rest.

    I think a lot lately about how Eric told me rest is a weapon… and he’s damned right. I mean, I need to learn to take two days, or at least four hours a day, for myself.

    I tried to explain it to someone who asked me, “Well, isn’t the challenge not to goof all day? I mean, wouldn’t you just play video games?”

    I explained, “You like steak?”


    “Imagine eating steak was your favorite thing in the world. And all day you have to eat nothing but crisco. And then, all of a sudden, you can eat STEAK all day. What would happen? You’d eat steak until you puked, and then you’d continue eating steak, and eventually, you’d die of steak poisoning and all that was left of you would be a stinky pile of steak.”

    “That’s gross.”

    Anyway, bringing it to the point of why I mention this, I think half of the fear of completing a novel is realizing I can rest my brain, and after writing six, realizing I’ve almost forgotten how to. I mean, I spent half of the Fourth ignoring the fireworks and just sitting there wondering what to do with the next novel when the first isn’t even edited.

    Well, that and all the crap that’s due after the novel, which is also a king royal bitch, even on my end, so I can’t imagine what it is for you.

    But hey, what do we know? We just sit around all day, right? FEH!

    The 24 hours doesn’t surprise me, though. Atticus is clearly in motion.

  6. alasdair

    “Yes, I have been using myself up rather too freely” – the first spoken line in The Final Problem.

    I’m not heading SD-ward myself, but it might be worth dropping Antony a mail if you get desperate – I think he’s going.

  7. hdefined

    Despite a livejournal functually being a personal, even private place for one’s thoughts, I always find your opinions and feelings, and the way in which you word them, to be very professional.

    I swear, I don’t know why I enjoy your AK novels so much, and I need to figure it out. I mean, aside from the fact I’ve enjoyed your writing across various media and genres, bodyguards and assassins just aren’t interesting subject matter to me, yet I’m hooked on this series. I like how there hasn’t really been a strict formula to each book, especially not since book 3. I like how the description all takes place in the moment, deep and involved and yet still emotionally detached. I love how the narrator is always honest and never talks down to the reader or himself (or herself). I love how the stakes aren’t about the safety of the world, but rather crucial situations that never make it to the mainstream media, or at least not unfiltered.

    Damn, now I wish you’d write Batman again. I can’t wait to watch Gotham Knight.

  8. jeditigger

    All I can say is that if I were able to go to SDCC, I’d be sending you something nice and cold to drink as a thank you for being eight kinds of awesome. I hope you can get some time to yourself again soon. Like you said, a little break for a video game or book might be nice for a mental day off.

    …three so close to deadline they can look down its shirt)…

    That phrase, by the way, says why I love reading your journal and your writing in general.

  9. chrisisiddall

    I believe one of the London Rollergirls is going to Comicon as it’s the weekend before the infamous Rollercon in Vegas. I’ll try and find out who it is and point them at you.

    Can’t promise delivery on skates though.

  10. stacyx

    Yay! I will make it a point to hunt you down at SDCC!

  11. admin

    Always fun to hand it off in person, isn’t it? I’ve only ever done it twice, but it’s terribly satisfying to put the ms into an editor’s hands.

  12. admin

    Nick will be there, but as part of work he’s doing for the WB creative lab. Not sure when he actually arrives or for how long he’ll be around.

    I shall be findable for signing AGG!

  13. admin


  14. admin

    Yeah, I figured tapping Antony might be my best bet. Pity you won’t be there, though. JVM and I have been talking seriously about trying to get out your way in the next year, maybe taking the kids with us. We shall see.

    And thanks for the quote check. I have to ask; did you actually look it up, or did you know it from memory?

  15. admin

    Heh. I’m just glad you like ‘em. And no, I’ve no idea why you do, either.

  16. admin

    You’re not coming??? Nuts!

  17. admin

    Blame Douglas Adams.

    I do.

  18. admin

    I shall be huntable!

    Wait…that’s actually a little alarming….

  19. jeditigger

    The most I blame Douglas Adams for is not going to the damned doctor fast enough. I don’t mean that cruelly, either.

    You better come to HeroesCon next year. Or, you know, else. (Meaning those of us in NC will cry and stuff. Getting the pages of your material wet. It’ll be sad.)

  20. alasdair

    That particular quote, I knew from memory because of its meta-textual relevance. It’s about the only Holmes quote I could do that for with any certainty.

    It’d be awesome to get you back over here. I’m hoping to actually make it over to your neck of the woods at some point in the next 18 months, but at the moment, that’s filed under “worry about it when this bloody project is over”, so god knows…

  21. lithera

    You could send it through me. I will be there, y’know. I have taken random things to people there before.

  22. jeditigger

    HA. I may call you about that this weekend, Kat. :) :)

  23. lithera

    You know how to find me.

    I’m making the lists of what to grab for people and what to take to people. This year I am not bringing any custom made t-shirts, though.

  24. stacyx

    Don’t worry, I’m not crazy. Well, that would actually depend on who you ask.

    Seriously Dude. I loved the work you did on Wolverine with Darrick Robertson. And the work you did on the Black Widow limited series. Not to mention A Gentleman’s Game>, Private Wars and the Queen and Country issues.

  25. chrisisiddall

    Not this year. I maybe in Portland for the WFTDA Nationals in the Autumn.

    Turns out that Mental Elf is going to Comico.

    mentalelf at londonrollergirls dot com should sort you out.

  26. jmorse

    Hi Greg,

    Might you be doing another reader dinner while in town?

  27. admin

    Over at the ComicBloc, Peter 2.0 is putting one together. Right now Wednesday and Saturday nights are blocked for me, but I’m hoping whatever is settled upon, I’ll be able to at least drop in, if not attend.

  28. jmorse

    Maybe this time I’ll actually be able to make it. Thanks!

  29. abc_evie

    Getting surlier by the day that I’m not going this year, especially since I’m a native and have plenty a crash spot. Will find you and your felt pen one of these days.

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