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“Post Mortem” wins Best Short Story Eisner Award

I Am An Avenger #2

I Am An Avenger #2

Word from San Diego is that Greg and artist Michael Lark’s “Post Mortem,” from I Am An Avenger #2 has won the Eisner Award for Best Short Story!

When nominated in April, Greg shared the script for the story in a blog post describing the collaborative process of comics:

In the spirit of attempting to put some utility to this blog, I’m posting the following – the complete script to the story “Post Mortem,” which appeared in I Am an Avenger, Issue #2. It’s in PDF, and I provide it mostly as a curiosity, so one can see – first of all – how I script, and – far more importantly – that in the realm of comics, I am one but cog in a much larger machine. The machine, in this instance, included not only myself and Michael Lark, but crucially Stefano Gaudiano, Matt Hollingsworth, Travis Lanham, Alejandro Arbona, and Steve Wacker, and those are just the credited names.

That’s what you can’t see in reading a script, and what is so often overlooked in reading a comic book. That is, to me, the magic of the medium; the alchemy that allows the creation of a story, of a piece of art, that can genuinely become more than the sum of its parts.

The script for “Post Mortem” is still available for download.

5 Responses to “Post Mortem” wins Best Short Story Eisner Award

  1. Erica

    Mr. Rucka:

    Congrats to both you and Michael Lark on the Eisner win! Very much deserved.


  2. Dwight Williams


  3. Greg

    Thank you both very, very much!

  4. Evan

    Terrific news! Congratulations Greg and Michael.

  5. Peter

    Congratulations, Greg and Michael! This news is a wonderful surprise, as I had not kept close tabs on the Eisner noms.

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