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Post ECC

So, Emerald City went very well, indeed. As always, a great show, lots of wonderful people, and a chance to reconnect with folks that I haven’t seen in a while. The fans, as always, were uniformly pleasant and excited — there seems to be a lot of anticipation for the “Gotham Central reunion” that’ll be the four issues of Daredevil I’m doing with Ed and Michael.

On a business end it went well, too, though, again, I’m embargoed on what I can, and can’t, talk about. Looks like a new project got locked down, which is good. Most likely that’ll see print in early ’09, maybe February. I have to admit that I’m getting a little frustrated about not being able to share the things I’m working on. Only a few more months until several of the cats I’ve been hoarding get to leave their respective bags.

Of the many highlights for me, though, was finally getting to meet Philip Tan in person. Up until now, we’ve been communicating on the phone and via email, so it was great to finally be face-to-face. He confirmed my worst suspicions: not only is he frighteningly talented, it turns out he’s really, really, really nice. He’s also incredibly enthusiastic, which is even better — when the artist is charged up about the project, it’s infectious. Philip was also kind enough to do the first sketch in my new “Question-themed” sketchbook.

Saw Southworth and his terrific lady, Michelle. The Stumptown pages are really cooking. I feel bad for the workload we’ve put him under; you do work-for-hire, you’re already dealing with established characters, for the most part, reference readily available. Matthew’s got to invent everything from scratch, and especially with the first couple issues, that means designing and detailing not only the regular cast, but also all of the regular sets. He’s got an attention to detail that’s terrific, and that I think will serve the book very well, indeed. He, James Lucas, and I, got to talk a little bit, and we’re pushing back the launch to October. Better that we have everything ready than to rush it, we agreed, and frankly, none of us wants the book coming out with the delays I caused on Queen & Country. Flip-side is that Matthew and I are going to try to work on an eight-pager for distribution at San Diego, along with some other promotional material.

And I got to see Lieber’s art for issue one of Whiteout: Night, though only briefly. The irony in having to go to a con in Seattle to see what he’s been working on didn’t escape either of us, but we’re both so damn busy here, we barely have a chance to connect. We’ve resolved to change that. So I suppose I ought to call him, huh? I’m always amazed looking at Steve’s work; there’s such an effortlessness to his detail and character, and I know he puts hours in to make it appear so, but the effect is striking.

I’m grinding away on three different scripts this week, trying to get them all squared away before returning to the novel. Had a come-to-Jesus with my editor and agent last week, after sending off the first 35K words or so, and my editor was effusive (though she’s yet to receive pages from me an say “this is utter crap”, so I take it with a grain of salt). Looks like we’re on the right track. I’d rather have sent the whole manuscript, to be frank, but as I was toying with a somewhat radical (or at least, from Bantam’s end, unexpected) change in style, both David and I felt Kate needed fair warning. Turns out it was a wise move, but she’s for it, which makes moving forward easier. I’ll resume the keyboard punching in earnest early next week, I suspect, once research for this new section is completed.

And now…work.

26 Responses to Post ECC

  1. etherpunk

    It was great seeing you again, Greg, and finally getting to meet as well. From folks I talked to at the show, the Daredevil arc seriously is very anticipated. I personally can’t wait. I’ve got my shop holding two copies for me, as we speak.

  2. sionheaney

    After hearing much about you and reading (still) through your work I finally got to shake your hand and exchange a short pleasantry. It was good meeting you for the first time. Looking forward to the next and hopefully lengthier chat with you again sometime soon.

  3. lithera

    It was great to see you. I’m glad you had a good time. That is a completely awesome picture of Q. I’m certainly looking forward to Batwoman as she’s related to my favorite character no one knows (other than Geoff Johns, apparently.)

  4. steverolston

    Tell Jen I’m sorry I didn’t come over and say hi. I just didn’t get a chance to go around and visit people. I also forgot to give you some of the Q&C buttons I made up. I fail.

  5. tallulah71

    Today is my Birthday, are you sure you can’t give a hint about possible future projects *cough*Batwoman*cough*? :)

  6. admin

    Happy Birthday!

    (And no, I can’t.)

  7. admin

    Hey, I’M sorry I didn’t get to see you! But we did see the buttons!

    I’ll pass it along to Jen; you going to be down here anytime soon?

  8. admin

    Which character would that be?

  9. futuredirt

    It was great to finally meet you face to face, even if you didn’t sign my balloon :P It was also really cool to see that you had your daughter hanging out at the table with you. My wife and I both think it is really cool when creative folks such as yourself are able (and willing) to bring their kids to events.

    FC:R looks amazing. I kept harassing (in a nice way, of course) Philip for a sneak peak of The Question knowing it was going to look mind-blowing. He was unable to share what he didn’t have, but it seems I only had to wait a few more days. I was right – mind-blowing!

    I can’t wait to hear what else you’ve got coming up…

  10. admin

    It’s hard to have anything like a “substantial” chat when sitting at a table at a show, but I do hope we’ll get the opportunity next time. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the kind words — it’s always appreciated!

  11. admin

    I have to admit that I’m somewhat surprised at the anticipation for the DD arc. Very much hoping people won’t be disappointed.

  12. lithera

    Flamebird – Ms. Bette Kane.

    I’m a sucker for lesser known characters.

  13. admin

    Thought so, but wanted to be sure.

    You wouldn’t, by chance, happen to know the names of Bette’s parents, would you?

  14. admin

    Philip’s work has been unbelievable. His Spectre is amazingly cool, just wonderfully foreboding and powerful and all the things he should be.

    Having Dash at the table was a gamble, but she did amazingly well; I personally can’t imagine being more bored than she must’ve been, but she really was great.

  15. lithera

    I don’t, actually, but I do pretty much have every appearance she’s ever made (post Crisis anyway). I’ll do some poking around and see what I can find. All I know for sure is that they were out of the picture fairly early in her life Pre-Crisis and the appearances she’s had Post-Crisis seem to be in keeping with that as she references her aunt in a few places in the Beast Boy mini.

    She’s a West Coast girl now, got a sports medicine degree from… I want to say UCLA but it has also been said it was nursing. She won Wimbeldon, an Olympic level gymnast… You know, the standard super athletic pseudo-Bat template.

    She grabbed my attention because she always seemed very lonely, trying very hard to fit in and never quite making it. In fact, she’s been pointedly shunned at a few times by the Titans.

    (And I will stop babbling on your LJ now.)

  16. kali921

    When is Philip Tan going to pencil you? That’s what I want to know.

  17. kali921

    I have to admit that I’m somewhat surprised at the anticipation for the DD arc. Very much hoping people won’t be disappointed.

    You’ve got to be kidding. The buzz I hear is constant about you and Bru on DD. Seriously, I went to my LCS and people wouldn’t stop talking about it.

    Will we see any reference to Elektra?

  18. admin

    Babble away!

  19. admin

    It’s Bru’s book; I’m just following his lead. Elektra, I think, is not an option (not that I wouldn’t mind writing her again — I’d like another bite at that apple, but I think it’s far down the line.)

    As for “buzz,” you’ve got to understand, I live in a small, self-contained world, mostly bound by my home, laptop, and favorite coffee shop.

    I will say that I saw Lark’s page 21 for 109, and it’s gonna leave people with their jaws agape.

  20. davidwynne

    Any chance you might be attending any UK conventions in the foreseeable future? The Birmingham con (in October) is supposed to be pretty good…

  21. steverolston

    We’d like to make some kind of trip to Portland, especially since Stumptown (Comic Fest) has been a no-go for us the past two years. But we don’t even know when Sabina will get back from her extended stay back East. I’ll let you know if something develops. Then we can drop by and scare the kids.

  22. lithera

    I’ve been doing a bit of research during the day and I found a few references to Bette coming to live with her aunt Pre-Crisis. It seemed to be mentioned as a visit or something but she never goes back home. As things went on Kathy was killed by the League of Assassins and no mention, still, of any parents.

    Ultimately, Post-Crisis she got good grades, was amazingly in shape – she’s always looking for a challenge and likely an adrenaline rush. (There was also the crush on Robin/Nightwing thing as well, which was played as a joke more than once.) Underneath it, though, she was looking for a place to fit in and people to accept her. During the whole Technis Imperative event, she helped out, fought Huntress and felt a bit like she might finally fit in with these people. Then the Titans were reformed and sat around waiting for a call to join which didn’t come.

    She lived with Beast Boy and his cousin for awhile. The Beast Boy mini is a great read. Nightwing, the reason she got into this all, tells her to give it up and instead, she reinvents herself. That moment actually helps her realign her priorities and understand the hero mind set. When the Titans run into her again in Titans Annual #1 (2000) all of them, except Nightwing again, seem impressed with how much more seriously she takes it.

    I find it ironic that she’s likely one of the few heroes who is more famous out of costume because of her tennis career than she has been in costume. I imagine Bette has been on Wheaties boxes and Flamebird is pretty obscure.

  23. tallulah71

    Thank you. I had to try, now I’ll just wait patiently. :)

  24. kali921

    Well, it’s a given that you’re one of two writers in the world that I’d have virtually complete trust in writing her, but I’ve told you that an obnoxious amount of times, so I’ll shut up.

    You know that rare fannish experience of picking up a comic, looking at the title and seeing that a character that you really love is in the book, and then you look at the writer’s name and realize that you have NO anxiety or hesitation about what you’re about to read? None? Not even lurking in the back brain? That’s where we are with Mr. Rucka and Elektra. I can’t really say that about too many other writers. Even with writers that I adore, I always twitch a little before I open up the an issue of whatever they’ve crafted, wondering if someone I love is going to be shafted. HEY LOOK IT RHYMES.

    I wish Marvel would do more with the Chaste. How awesome were they?! They are sorely overdue for a return to continuity. Sure, Matt Murdock hitting people with broken street lamps is awesome and all, but I’m getting a tad tired of the angst train that is Matt’s life of late and would love to see some of his older supporting cast come back for an epic good vs. evil ninja war! MORE KICKING AND PUNCHING, PLEASE.



    Anyway. Can’t wait to see what you do on the book, sir.

  25. futuredirt

    Indeed, his Spectre looks like he could become an iconic version for all future versions to be measured by (assuming he makes it out of FC:R in one piece). Philip is going to be one to watch – I really hope they give him a regular series.

    Kids can weather all kinds of situations with the proper amount of distraction. Was she interested in any aspects of the show or is she still too young for that kind of thing?

  26. admin

    No immediate plans, but I’d love to get back over your way in the next year or so; I’m overdue for a trip as it is. Might try to swing Bristol for ’09; we’ll have to see.

    I’ve heard nothing about Birmingham. Not sure October would work for me, but if the stars align (or someone invites me), I can see it happening.

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