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Perfect Dark: Second Front (2007)

Perfect Dark: Second Front Cover

Perfect Dark: Second Front Cover

Welcome to the era of the hypercorporation, business entities so sprawling and vast that they field private armies and buy entire nations outright. These corporate empires are constantly engaged in covert battles for market dominance, and the general public sees and knows nothing as they are used as pawns in this global chess game.

Joanna Dark, an operative of the Carrington Institute, has sworn to bring down the dataDyne Corporation, the largest, most pervasive hypercorp in the world. But Joanna’s vengeance is personal: She holds dataDyne responsible for the murder of her father and will do anything to bring them down. Returning from a field operation that turned bloody, she is exhaused, wounded, and in desperate need of downtime…but the murder of two prominent corporate officials have put the Carrington Institute on high alert. Someone out there is single-handedly redefining the term “hostile takeover” and has placed the Carrington Institute—and its enigmatic founder, Daniel Carrington—square in the gun sights of every hypercorp on the planet.

It appears that each murder has been carried out by none other than Joanna Dark.

In hopes of clearing her name, and the Carrington Institute, Joanna must battle ghosts from her past, high-tech mercenaries who want her dead, and a killer who could be wearing anyone’s face…

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Release information

Tor trade paperback January 2007 978-0765315724
Audio Renaissance (unabridged CDs) October 2006 159397972X / 978-1593979720

About the Game

Perfect Dark Zero, the video game from Rare, Ltd., is set in the year 2020, three years before the original Perfect Dark. Players of Perfect Dark Zero assume the role of Agent Joanna Dark in a story where the action centers on espionage, conspiracy and a mysterious global conflict.