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Patriot Acts goes on sale on Tuesday the 28th. Purchase it. Read it. Revel in the return of Atticus.

Me, I’m going on vacation.

Time to let Atticus do some of the work around here.

16 Responses to PATRIOT ACTS

  1. beatzo

    This won’t probably come to India, but I will get one of my friends to buy it off Amazon. Can’t wait!

  2. jjgalahad

    Awesome! Between this and Crooked Little Vein, I’m going to be deep in literature zen. Gracias!

  3. bronxgirl69

    ‘Bout fucking time;) I picked up Critical Space again to prepare. Sadly the husband has first dibs on Patriot Acts.

  4. hero_writer

    Barnes and Noble’s has had my copy ordered for months — and they’d BETTER not screw this one up like they did my last order!

    There will be violence if they do. Oh, yes. There will be!

    I’ve been waiting for this since I put down Critical Space — damned near six years.

    (And I still want to see Atticus and Mim Bracca in the same book, I do!)

  5. grocible

    It’s on pre-order – it can’t get here soon enough.

    Enjoy vacation!

  6. arikara

    Ditto; pre-ordered through Amazon many months ago. And to think, grocible, YOU were the one who turned me onto Atticus to begin with! I, in turn, hooked a guy I work with here in Dallas…

    Just so you know, Mr. Rucka, we’re spreading the word coast to coast. :)

  7. parakkum

    Good to hear. My mom’s been looking forward to it (me, too, naturally). I think she shelves you next to Elmore Leonard.

  8. needsmorelana

    For some reason when I preordered I didn’t bother looking at dates. I thought this was arriving the same time as the next Discworld book. “Wheee!,” anyhow.

  9. fluidbeauty

    Just got an e-mail from Amazon that told me my pre-order of Patriot Acts has shipped. I also just gathered up all the other Atticus books. The question I have for myself is can I hold out for the new one until I reread all the others. Thanks for bringing him back.

  10. davesbu

    i’m assuming i should read Critical Space before I read Patriot Acts. I just made a trip to my local B&N and picked up Finder. Is it necessary to read one before the other? …I feel like I’ve asked this question here before.

  11. parakkum

    I’d recommend reading them all in order. I read Finder before Keeper, and that spoiled the end of Keeper. The books and their characters are so interrelate that they’ll end up being plain old less enjoyable when read out of order.

  12. electricvinyl

    I’ll probably pick it up on the way home today. :)

    Have a great vacation Greg!

  13. needsmorelana

    I read Critical Space before everything and then went backwards. It’s not hard to figure out what’s going on. But I would recommend reading them all eventually. :)

  14. dannyperkins

    You really only HAVE to read Smoker and Critical Space before you read Patriot Acts.

    That being said you will probably find you enjoy Smoker more if you have read Keeper & Finder first and you’ll enjoy the whole lot of them more if you’ve read them all.

  15. davesbu

    Yeah, reading Finder now, I see what I missed. Though I don’t foresee it ruining my overall reading experience. It’s good stuff I’m enjoying.

  16. supergodginrai

    This book is AWESOME! I’m half-way through it and I must say, the only problem with your books, this one included, is that they are TOO GOOD! :)
    I couldn’t get myself to close it last night to go to bed.
    Congrats and great work again.
    Also really happy to hear that there’s another one in the works.

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