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To begin a new year.

Like all of Gotham’s stories, ours begins in an alley.

Night. Dark. Wet. It’s rained, and will again, but for the moment, it’s stopped.

RUSH is running for his life. RUSH is male, Caucasian, blond, frat-boy haircut and good looks, but the clothes are all wrong – dead man’s clothes, thrift-shop, they don’t fit right, they’re ratty, and they’re mussed all the more because he is, as said, running for his life.

He’s been running for a while.

1 RUSH: uff huff uff uff uff

RUSH looks back, wide-eyed and terrified.

2 RUSH: uff hnfff hfff—

And something slams into him from the wrong way, the way he should have been looking but wasn’t. RUSH is being blown back into the darkness as if sucked that direction.

We see the RED BAT SYMBOL.


34 Responses to Page 1

  1. robotman

    Alright! Let’s see what this girl can do!

  2. sweetdragon


  3. dewline

    This will be interesting.

  4. uzumerid

    Oh man, it’s finally coming. I’ve been looking forward to this for years, and it’s easily one of my most anticipated comics of 2009. This is gonna be fantastic. Thanks for the tease, and happy new year to you and yours.

  5. lithera


  6. fashionsuprhero



  7. shananagin

    YES? YES? YES?

    I cannot wait.

  8. moonandserpent

    I echo that:


  9. richardhowe


  10. richiedaley

    I think it’s sad that my first thought was Terry McGinnis.

    Anyway, this is awesome.

  11. morlock

    you too huh? :-)

    still, i can’t wait to see batwoman actually _relevant_

  12. tranceptor

    Yes! I’ve been dying for more Batwoman stuff, I have high hopes for this character as she has so much potential.

  13. captain_slinky

    FINALLY the Geddy Lee/Neil Pert/BatFamily team-up that we’ve been craving all these years! This’ll be bigger than when Aerosmith crossed-over in to Shadow Man!

  14. hdefined

    A modern-day warrior, mean mean stride, today’s Batwoman, mean mean pride.

  15. brother_d73

    It’s felt like this has been a long time coming . . . and I can’t wait!

  16. lithera


    That’ll be stuck in my head for awhile.

  17. abc_evie

    Let me be the 37th person to say how stoked I am for this.

  18. jerrymcl89

    Batwoman has long been a cool-looking character waiting around to actually be a cool character. I’m hopeful this will achieve that.

  19. scottyquick

    Eh, I’m not that big a fan of Batwoman. I was excited to see Devin Grayson writing her, got let down, but I’m hopeful that you can make her interesting enough that I’ll call her something besides Batlesbian :)

  20. hdefined

    Looks like you’ve already made up your mind about the character, sadly. And I’m sorry you apparently missed out on 52.

  21. scottyquick

    Oh, no, I read and loved 52. Just couldn’t stand Batwoman in there.

  22. mercuryeric


  23. will_eslinger

    Is that…

    JH Williams III? I think that it is!

  24. nadefilippis

    Why would you have called her Batlesbian?

    Do you call Batman Bathetero?

  25. panamoncreel

    What does “NO COPY” mean?

    Greg, why the “NO COPY” at the end? And do you typically hold yourself to a specific number of panels per page?

  26. yuripup

    Re: What does “NO COPY” mean?

    I would assume…

    That NO COPY is there to let the artist and editors know that there are no words to appear on the panel and that he hasn’t forgotten to add the dialog/narration/thought bubbles.

    A confirmation that nothing should be there.

  27. panamoncreel

    Re: What does "NO COPY" mean?

    That was my guess. I’m just used to seeing “No caption.” or “No dialogue.”

  28. hhbx


    And man, how can a man’s art be so kick ass that that little square can be better then anything I’ve ever drawn in my entire life!?

  29. dewline

    Well, seeing as the Blood Syndicate’s already using “New World Man” as their unofficial anthem…

  30. dewline

    I would certainly also be interested in seeing new stories written by Devin Grayson.

  31. alexg119

    Hells yes. Gotham needs you dude…

  32. dustkitten

    Squee! I’ve been rereading 52 (this time in trade form) and every time Batwoman’s on the page, I just geek out. <3

  33. matchesmalone

    So, when can we expect this in an actual book? :)

  34. scottyquick

    Re: What does “NO COPY” mean?

    Oh, good :D . I was worried that it meant I couldn’t copypasta it and show my friends.

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