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Outbreak breakout

So here’s a hell of an idea for a story.

Not as sexy as ebola Zaire, perhaps, but, y’know, treatment-resistant TB, that’s still pretty cool, in a you-will-die-miserably-and-take-a-lot-of-people-with-you way.

6 Responses to Outbreak breakout

  1. dewline

    …yeah. Just a little unnerving to those who remember their grandparents’ and parents’ stories of TB, huh?

  2. jmorse

    Ever read “The Hot Zone” by I think it was Richard Preston.

    Seriously scary stuff, and it’s true.

  3. mercuryeric


    That’s it, really. Just…wow.

    Yeah, that’d work as the kernel for a story.

  4. zachary_cole

    Ebola Zaire. I remember Clancy padding some of the 20,000 page “Executive Orders” with such an outbreak.

  5. kali921

    It’s gonna be a TB Xmas/Chanukah/Diwali/other relevant wintery type holiday.

  6. nealbailey


    They had to give the Ossie Davis credit to the dead white chick, didn’t they?

    The Stand: ZAIRE!

    I dig it.

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