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Out with the Eddy, In with the Julian

Announced today, Julian Lopez is the new regular artist on Action Comics.

You can see some of his amazing at, yes, The Source, which has honestly become the home for all news DC of late.

Very, very excited to be working with him, especially beginning with the August crossover!

6 Responses to Out with the Eddy, In with the Julian

  1. foenix

    I’m really going to miss Eddy, but Julian’s art is really amazing. I’ve been lukewarm about the armoured outfits, but they look quite good in those sketches.

    If we gotta change, this is one I can go along with!

  2. lithera

    Interesting. I liked his Batman and The Outsiders work.

  3. mercuryeric

    I got to see some of his pencils on Faces of Evil: Kobra. GREAT stuff. Congrats! Looking forward to it. :)


  4. sd6

    That is definitely going to appeal to people who like good things.

  5. darkphoenixrisn

    Oh, very nice.

  6. incogvito

    Love Julian. He did my issue of Superman.

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