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Ooops…Think That Was a Lung

So, I’ve got bronchitis.

Which means I won’t be getting on a plane today to fly to Baltimore for Bouchercon.

And I won’t get to spend the time I was very much looking forward to spending with people like jonlaw. Or get to meet the people I’ve never met before that I’ve been corresponding with over the last several months.

On the flip side, if I can get antibiotics today, I’ll be able to attend Kol Nidre.

But in the main, yeah, very unhappy about this.

By way of apology to those who were counting on seeing me, I’ve decided to post through Chapter Five of Walking Dead here on the blog. I’ll put Chapter Three up on Friday.

It’s not a great apology, but it is, at least, a sincere one.

To those of you attending the con, have a great time.

I now return me to my regularly scheduled bout of coughing.

14 Responses to Ooops…Think That Was a Lung

  1. budgie_uk

    Ouch. And again… ouch.

    I’m in two minds about the painkillers. I know that without them, I’m going to be bad… VERY bad by close of play tomorrow night, as in won’t be able to stand, let along walk, without feeling like someone’s sticking knitting needles up my second and third metatarsals.

    And yet I’m not allowed to take the very strong ones (the only ones that work) on an empty stomach.

    And I usually take 6 to 8 a day.

    And if I’m eating enough to give me a proper “non empty stomach”, I might as well “eat” eat…


  2. jeditigger

    Feel better, Greg, and I happen to think the chapter postings are great.

    As I was asking , which of your books would you suggest I read first?

  3. lithera

    *winces* Suck.

    I’ve had bronchitis. More than once. It was honestly some of the most miserable time I’ve spent. I am entirely sorry that you have it. Remember not to push yourself since it has a predisposition to coming back if you go too fast.

    Take care of yourself.

    Oh and let me know the best way to get you my address.

  4. sd6

    As someone who’s had his own losing bouts with the bronchitis, I say “balls to that”. Hope you feel better, chum.

  5. hawkfist

    Greg, sorry to hear that.

  6. jjgalahad

    Yeah, you better apologize for being mortal and sick through no fault of your own! Punk.

    Seriously, though, take it easy and feel better soon. Sorry you couldn’t make it to your awesome sounding con. :(

  7. mattsnyder

    Get to feeling better, man. Here’s to speedy recoveries.

  8. nealbailey

    About four months ago, I had bronchitis, first time since I was in college. It was pretty damnably awful, and I got the kind that no anti-biotics would treat, which they didn’t tell me about through the first two courses (which lasted more than a month). I lost about two to three months of physical activity, and it destroyed me.

    I have total empathy. I hope to hell it clears up for you soon and the anti-biotics licks it.

  9. tawang

    Get better, that’s more important. I had bronchitis a while ago, so I know what you’re going through.

    Thinking ahead, do you think you might head out to Bouchercon next year in Indianapolis? (I ask, because that’s the one I’d be close enough to attend…)

    But yeah, take it easy, rest up and get better.

  10. jared465

    I feel ya, bro. I have a throat infection that won’t go away amd my girlfriend has Strep. Good times.

    BTW, I did see that you were playing Lego Batman on XBL. Nice!

  11. aylara

    Your immune system is weak-willed! *shakes head disapprovingly at Greg’s immune system*

    I’ve had bronchitis about a bajillion times, especially when I was a kid. I had to sleep propped up in odd positions so I could breathe.

    Get well soon. :)

  12. dewline

    Oh Hell.

    Sorry to read that. Especially given my own past experience with lung troubles over the years.

    Speedy recovery to you, Greg!

  13. snagvictim

    Yerrg. Good call on not traveling. Get as much rest as your schedule possibly allows.

  14. stealthbunny

    If you can find horehound drops or candy, I did find that helped last winter when I was sick, And last spring when I had bronchitis. It helps with the sore throat and the cough. Actually, I ended up living on them for months.

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