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Online Chat Tonight!!!

I’m doing an online chat tonight at 5pm PST, ostensibly to talk about Logan’s Shadow, but I suspect comics-related subjects will inevitably arise, as well. And, as I’d hate to do a chat where nobody came (mall bookstore signings, anyone?), if any of y’all is free and wants to chime in, your participations would be most welcome.

If you’re interested, you should go here to register for the chat. I’ll be doing my own typing, so you’ll get unfiltered Rucka (well, somewhat filtered, I think there’s a profanity prohibition).

10 Responses to Online Chat Tonight!!!

  1. omniguy

    Would love to come, only 5pm PST is rediculous ‘o’ clock here in sunny Britain. I think I’ve pulled all the four hour sleeps I can for one week without losing my fragile grip on reality.

    Still… chat with Greg Rucka…

    Have a good one.

  2. kali921

    Count me in as a loyal Partisan, sir! I’ve just registered for the chat and will gleefully skewer do my best to ask you intelligent and informed questions.

    Honestly, if Paul Cornell has an army, I think you need to have one, too. Organized, disciplined, and ready to mobilize at a moment’s notice.

  3. supergodginrai

    Cool. I’ll be there (Yves in ADK)

  4. jmorse

    I was serious about the steak and beer!

  5. supergodginrai

    Ah, my last question never made it.

    It was “So, could the animated thing you’re talking about maybe, I’m hoping, be the anime batman related to the Dark Knight movie (I won’t press). What is your opinion on the superhero movie craze and the acceptance of the genre by the medias ?”

    Thanks Greg for answering the questions, it was cool.

  6. admin

    Nuts! I hadn’t checked the blog before the chat, so I didn’t realize that was you! My apologies.

    I did write a script for the Batman anime; I have no idea what the final result will be — there’s a chance it’ll have only a passing resemblance to what I wrote.

    Superhero movie craze is a good thing, as long as we get good movies. If we get bad movies, obviously, not so good — but the more films we see out there that treat the material with respect, that try to understand why it’s so enduring, and why it works, that’s a good thing, in my opinion.

  7. admin

    You never said what you wanted in trade ;) .

  8. jmorse

    Just sign my damn book and we’ll call it even. Frankly the steaks and bbq at this place are good enough that I’d take Skye van Brandt, maybe even Oxford if he promised to be play nice… though I’d want him to pay.

  9. untoward

    I missed it, but I should say that I bought Logan’s Shadow as my first PSP game just because you wrote it. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a video game based on the writing before. It’s a whole new world.

  10. supergodginrai

    I think I posted just before the chat started.
    Thanks again for answering the Qs.

    Yves in ADK lol

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