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On Writing, Wonderfulness, and the Strike

So I’m wasted.

Spent the day at the Muskego Public Library, having a wonderful time with fellow scribes like Laura Lippman, Chris Mooney, Brian Azzarello, Bob Crais, and Sean Doolittle, just to name a few. The event was put on by the library and CrimeSpree Magazine, the baby of Jon and Ruth Jordan, who are two of the more terrific people you’re ever likely to meet. I snapped some photos, and may post ‘em in the next few days or so.

Really was a wonderful experience — great turnout, great questions, great fans, just, y’know, great.

So I’m back in the room, and I’m bushed, and not only because I was trying to match Azzarello beer-for-beer at the bar. But figured I’d check my email and the blog, etc.

The strike has been a subject of conversation, as you might imagine, amongst us writerly types, even those of us (like myself) who are not members of the guild. I repeat, I’m not a member of the WGA.

But I am 100% behind the strike, and I am %100 behind the writers who are striking, and though I’m sure people are already quickly approaching the sick-to-death level of hearing about it, I think it’s important that people understand the Why.

And this little video, by the folks at, explains it quite succinctly:

Those of you who are hoping for a quick resolution to the strike…I don’t think that’s going to happen. This is about more than residuals for writers; ultimately, this strike is about trying to destroy the WGA, and in so doing, breaking the other unions in Hollywood, DGA (perhaps) excepted.

I firmly believe this is a just fight, and there aren’t many of those around these days, it seems.

12 Responses to On Writing, Wonderfulness, and the Strike

  1. aylara

    Great video! Being in L.A., I’ve been following the strike happenings as much as possible — which, being in L.A., isn’t that hard. I like the Artful Writer blog, because it’s one guy’s opinion of the whole situation from the inside, and it’s not necessarily fair and balanced. I like his style.

    I haven’t driven down to a picket line yet, but I’ve been tempted. Think of the contacts! :P

  2. aj

    Oh, hey, thank you for linking that. I didn’t know the actual reasons behind the strike. Mostly I was going “YAY, WGA!” because 1. my family is Union from the way back 2. Writers deserve money!

    *turns red* My grasp of current events is rather poor, so thank you for the informative link!

  3. davesbu

    i’ve been writing about the strike quite a bit this week. It makes me so, so, so very livid.

  4. nealbailey

    With you. I actually did a video yesterday (see the tail end of the URL) about the strike:

    Yeah, I’m Andy Rooney.

    Question, though…why is it about destroying the WGA? Isn’t the point that the WGA is standing up and showing how strong it is? Or maybe I’m getting my acronyms wrong.

  5. aylara

    I think he meant the AMPTP is trying to destroy the WGA, not that the WGA is destroying itself. They’re just picking away at the guild until nothing is left but a carcass, really.

    I liked your video!

  6. nealbailey

    I usually try and ham it up, but this time I wanted to make a serious point. Yeah, some of the strike is for pampered buttheads, but the overwhelming majority of writers struggle to survive, and the public belittles that because they’ve seen Truman Capote in the movies acting like a rich socialite, or the layabout who lucks into good times.

    Really, it’s a lot more hand to mouth. But I preach to the choir with ye. You’re working harder than I am, dear.

  7. aylara

    You’re working harder than I am, dear.

    …says the guy with the bleeding hands. As of late, I think it’s safe to say that I have NOT been working as hard as you have. :) In a month or so, though, watch out. Plans are in motion.

  8. netizenron

    That was a great video. I don’t think I would have ever found that on my own. Hopefully they can get their 2 more cents.

    Re. the book event. Being a fan of Crais I probably would have gone fanboy at the event, even if I were an equal caliber writer as you are.

    Thanks for sharing both items.

  9. dewline

    No arguments

    It puts me in mind of how clear the line was during the CBC Lockout of 2005. The same degree of clarity exists here.

  10. jjgalahad

    I fully support the WGA, both as a writer and a NINJA:

  11. admin

    Well, I think I’ve made it pretty clear where I stand on the whole NINJA thing.

    So, how long you think before G4 swings a Ninja Warrior meets Ask A Ninja challenge?

  12. jjgalahad

    *Uses Google-Fu on Ninja Warrior*

    Hot damn. That’s seventeen flavors of kick-ass. Now, I’m half-tempted to take the 14th off work just to watch the Ninjafest.

    While I don’t think the Ask A Ninja fellow has much chance physically, if they got him to narrate Ninja Warrior in the style of MxC, I think people’s heads would explode from the pure, undiluted awesome. I’d seriously pay to see him ‘coaching’ each contestant before and after running each obstacle course.

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