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On the Eve of the Deluge

The Action Comics run begins tomorrow. I have to admit I’m a little nervous about this, simply because there’s been such a build-up about who Flamebird and Nightwing are, and since I know who they are already, and since I wasn’t going to play that mystery card to begin with, it’s a non-issue for me. But that doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue for other people, and I’m trying to remember to respect that.

Flamebird and Nightwing’s “real” identities notwithstanding, Eddy’s art is, I think, wonderful — dynamic and energetic, and I believe it’s pretty much worth the price of admission.

Had a great talk with Robinson this afternoon. Plotting and planning. The man shoots out ideas like a firehose. It’s sometimes difficult to keep up.

Got most of the USMA questions answered courtesy of 1LT Daniel Choi (USMA ’03) (warning, it’s a Facebook link, so no telling what you may have to agree to just to view it). It’s difficult to articulate the respect I have for him, for his service, for what he’s done and what he’s accomplished. There is a class of soldier that, each and every time I speak with them, be they a him or a her, leaves me both awed at what they’ve committed to, what they’ve sacrificed, and ashamed at what I haven’t given, what little I’ve done. We all serve in our own ways, but it’s hard to put writing novels or comic books on the same level as Wearing the Uniform. These men and women have my respect.

If you have the inclination, and can spare a couple of bucks, consider joining, and giving a donation to, the SLDN.

19 Responses to On the Eve of the Deluge

  1. lithera

    I’m looking forward to reading it!

  2. darkesword

    Really looking forward to Action tomorrow! I saw the preview pages on MySpace; they look fantastic!

  3. robotman

    Not gonna lie; I’m DYING to find out. I think-hope it’s Kon.

  4. lurkerwithout

    Tell! Tell! Flamebird and Nightwing are the Wonder Twins aren’t they?

  5. sd6

    “We all serve in our own ways, but it’s hard to put writing novels or comic books on the same level as Wearing the Uniform.”

    Yeah, what you said. I grew up literally 5 minutes away from Fort Riley, Kansas and the soldiers who were stationed there were a key part of our daily lives and our family’s livelihood. My father was as worthless as a human can be, but even he knew that it was right to teach me respect for those men and women.

    I recently did an interview with Armed Forces Network radio, and at one point the DJ threw it to me to send a message to the troops. Despite the fact that I used to be a radio guy myself, I totally fumbled through some “thank you for your service, we appreciate what you do” sentiment, and was worried that it felt forced. He assured me they would appreciate it, but I always feel like I can’t articulate my respect for them when I get the chance.

    Given the subject matter of what E and I have been working on, I’ve really been humbled by the achievement and dedication of our soldiers. I wish I could do more to show it.

  6. uzumerid

    I just read it, and I *really* enjoyed it. I can see what you guys meant at NYCC when you said that this was a book only you could write, and it’s just great to finally have another monthly book from you. I wasn’t especially invested in any kind of shock Nightwing/Flamebird reveal, so I was perfectly happy with that and it looks like these characters will make for really fertile story ground.

  7. thatnickguy

    I, for one, can’t wait to see the reveal that it’s Beppo and Streaky.

  8. memoria_hotel

    I am thrilled to have my favorite writer back in the spotlight with both Action and Detective comics!! I too am hoping kon-el is back!!! !

  9. jrwells

    I read it, and enjoyed it. I was happy with the identities of Flamebird & Nightwing, and look forward to seeing your story continue in the coming months. As I’ve stated before, I am really enjoying the state of the Supertitles, and am excited to see the big picture in the coming year(s?).

    Also, looking forward to your return to a monthly Bat-Title.

  10. sd6

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  11. michaelbailey

    I was hoping that you would post about this.

    Read this issue today at the doctor’s office.

    Thank you. That was the best reveal I have seen in years.

  12. jonlaw

    Reception seems to be enthusiastically positive

    I especially liked the following paragraph from the review at IGN:

    “The issue marks the start of Rucka’s twelve-part adventure starring the new Nightwing and Flamebird, and despite my early reservations that neither would be able to support a book without Superman, it’s clear from this first chapter that they have plenty of promising potential. To be clear, though, it’s not so much these characters that make the book shine; it’s Rucka’s rich and very compelling premise. As part of his plan to conquer Earth and continue his long trend of being an evil jerk, Zod has planted six sleeper agents (all former Phantom Zoners by the looks of it) amidst humanity’s ranks. Because of his unique connection to both Zod and the Phantom Zone, this new Nightwing character is in a position to root out said agents before they can inflict any serious harm. When a development concerning the young woman behind the Flamebird costume puts her on Zod’s radar, he sends Ursa to go tie up the annoying loose end. Cue the fireworks.”

    I think this is going to be just a fantastic year for you Greg with all of your high profile work going out. Your writing has just never been better (and that is saying a lot, because you have acheived so much, though so much hard work, to date). I don’t know what other rewards or awards will come your way as a result of your work, but I hope that you will feel a good degree of satisfcation and know that your friends and fans are intensely pleased.

  13. drsevarius

    I thought the issue was very good.

    That being said, I know Zod and Ursa are the villains, but I hope they aren’t portrayed as being too evil. I think they’re more interesting when they’re sympathetic (ie, their story in Action Comics Annual #10, or their small cameo in the Brainiac storyline).

  14. drsevarius

    Also, not to sound like a continuity stickler, but when Superman saw Zod, Ursa, and Non at the parade (Superman #684, Action Comics #874) Ursa wasn’t wearing any goggles.

  15. strange_cube

    I thought it was an excellent issue, I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. Thank you for not making a big mystery over their identities. I find that gets old fast. How can you care about a character if you don’t know who they are?

  16. lankyguy

    I really enjoyed it, and couldn’t be happier with the identities of Flamebird & Nightwing. I’ll be reading this series. I’m glad to see that loose end picked up

  17. evan66

    Concerning Perfect Dark Comics…

    Hello, I’m not sure if you’re the one to contact about this, but I am aware that you were involved in the creation of the Perfect Dark comics. (Right?) There is a compilation that has all Issues (1-6) contained in 1 volume, but I’m wondering about Issue 0; firstly, does it happen to be called “Hong Kong Surprise”? Is it combined as part of Issue 1, or is it separate, or… What’s the word on that? Is it possible to obtain Issue 0 along with the whole compilation? Thanks for your consideration.

  18. admin

    Re: Concerning Perfect Dark Comics…

    Actually, I wasn’t involved in the comics, except through my association with Eric Trautmann , who was the editor of the novels, amongst other things. Eric wrote the six issue mini, as well as the “issue 0.”

    Let me know if you have any trouble contacting him, and I can try to reach him myself for an answer.

  19. evan66

    Re: Concerning Perfect Dark Comics…

    Thanks a lot for that. Actually, I just looked him up to realize that he also is a LiveJournal user (I didn’t know that before). Anyway, I asked him my question, so I suppose all I’ve to do now is wait. Thanks again for the help.

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