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On 11 September, 2009

At least, that’s the date that’s currently being given for

18 Responses to On 11 September, 2009

  1. thatnickguy

    Wow, it’s been delayed until next September? Wasn’t it originally supposed to come out late this year? And then early 2009? Accursed Hollywood.

    Speaking of you, I picked up the first Q&C omnibus (the first three arcs) a few weeks ago and loved re-reading them. Definitely going to have to pick up the rest. I was a little sad that the introductions from the trades weren’t in them. I don’t remember which volume or who wrote it, but I loved the intro where they admitted to themselves and their wife that they were in love with Tara Chace.

  2. resolute

    Wow, I am so looking forward to this! I hope it actually gets released . . . :crosses fingers:

  3. admin

    My understanding regarding the delay is…well, honestly, I don’t understand it. It’s not like the film isn’t in the can, and it’s not like they don’t have faith in it. I suspect it’s scheduling conflicts, but I really don’t know for sure.

    The intro you’re speaking of was by John Rogers, late of Blue Beetle fame, and a hell of a screen-writer. In my opinion, he’s responsible for the hands-down best Q&C feature-film script. Hopefully, one day, people will get to either read – or even better – see it. He really did a hell of a job.

  4. kozemp

    While I am a little leery of the film, that is one heck of a poster.

    Also, I too would guess that the delay is more about finding a release date that isn’t already crowded more than anything else.

  5. fordmadoxfraud

    Hell of a comics writer, too. I’m gonna miss BB.

  6. fordmadoxfraud

    It’s not an unusual release weekend for psychological thrillers, exciting things that are not necessarily blockbuster-ish, viz. Burn After Reading, The Black Dahlia, 3:10 to Yuma, &c.

  7. brother_d73

    I’ve been excited about this for awhile now . . . I’ll just have to find a bit more patience around here somewhere!

  8. lithera

    Yeah. Harry Potter and Watchmen being moved around, really moved everything else on the slate for next year’s releases around too. Those two move, everyone else moves to get out of the way.

    Then again, it isn’t like this was supposed to be /in/ the way at the original release date. *shrugs*

    I do really like the new poster, though.

  9. sodapopnskii

    Like everyone else is said, I hope the studio knows what it is doing. Maybe it found that one weekend were no other movie is coming out. Very excited for the movie and for you as well!

    Come on sleeper hit!

  10. thatnickguy

    Wow, he wrote the script for Catwoman? But…yet, he also did great on Blue Beetle?

    This does not compute.

  11. insektmute

    Soooo hoping this turns out well. I love Kate Beckinsale and Whiteout, but always worry that the studio system will kill something potentially rad.

  12. kali921

    I spilled hot Assam all over myself this morning when I was scrolling back through Blog at the ‘Rama and saw this poster. That is a fantastic design, Greg – I’m trying to find the words here as to why I like it, and I can’t. It is evocative of YOUR Whiteout, though, and that’s what’s most important to me. (Meaning that I want as much of your vision in the cinematic translation as possible!)

    Also, any news on Batwoman? I really, really can’t wait to read some Batwoman. I never gave the character a chance and I’m very much interested to give her a try again if you’re going to write her again.

  13. gabbicus

    hot damn!

    That’s AWESOME!!! Can’t wait!

  14. gobama

    Too many people write Catwoman, part of the problem.

  15. dewline

    They did not film his script as written. That may help explain things somewhat.

  16. dewline

    Good poster design. Hooks you.

    Literally in this instance.

  17. nealbailey

    Somehow I missed this last night when I got in from Richland. VERY cool.

  18. tmcm

    hey Greg, just found you on LJ. I didn’t know you were here. I’m looking forward to following your work more closely now.

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