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NYCC: Greg gives the low-down on Superman, New Krypton

Greg joined James Robinson, Geoff Johns, Jamal Igle, Sterling Gates, Eddy Barrows and Matt Idelson to talk about the coming year for Superman at New York Comic Con today:

From Comic Book Resources:

Rucka said the Superman team had spent the better part of the week breaking down the story for the twelve-issue book. “This is going to be a fantastic year. I am so excited about this book. I would love to tell you guys what we have planned. We are taking Superman on an extraordinary character journey. To a place and in a way that has been a long time coming. There’s a lot of legacy in going to a place called New Krytpon, ironic as that may seem. James and I are really, really happy.”

From Newsarama:

Continuing to talk about what will be happening in the Superman books without Superman, Rucka said that Lois will be appearing in a crucial role in Action, while Robinson’s handling of Jimmy in Superman will be very important as well. Reminded by Johns, Robinson added that threads that he began back with the Atlas story, and going back to the General Zod story will start to come together.

Speaking to the large-scale nature of the Superman story, Rucka said, “I was made aware of the Superman story over two years ago, and this is the midway point.” Robinson added that he and Johns agree that Rucka has created as book that neither of them could write in Action.

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