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Nothing Simple

Back at Powell’s today. Just completed the detailed breakdowns for Checkmate 14 and Outsiders 48 based on yesterday’s conversation with Judd. Still excited about the project, and looking forward to starting the writing on the next two issues this Friday.

But this is tempered by more comic industry bullshit, and no, I’m not talking about this, or this, or even this.

It’s the “Nooo!” that gets me, there.

No, this is something entirely different, and it’s illustrating to me (pardon the pun) one of the conflicts I’m going to have to resolve for myself if I’m going to continue doing this. Namely, how much of the curtain do I pull back on the business versus on the process. Fact is, I’m more interested in talking about the work itself, the writing, than I am in dishing dirt about the industry in general, or DC in particular. No, I’ll leave that to people far better suited to the task than I.

The thing is, the two are inextricably linked at this point. There are projects I simply cannot talk about yet, much as I might like to. And when my involvement in the Can’t-Talk-About-It project looks to be in jeopardy for fairly complicated reasons…well, there’s frustration.

Much like I suspect comes from reading this, where I’m talking about the point.


3 Responses to Nothing Simple

  1. mercuryeric

    DO NOT WANT!!!

    Wow, what a horrible issue. Saddest fucking thing I’ve ever heard is Joe Simon on NPR, saying “But we need him now, more than ever.” Brutal. He sound like an old man who’s been kicked in the gut.

    Which, of course, is exactly what happened. Asshats.

    It’s the “Nooo!” that gets me, there.


  2. admin

    Re: DO NOT WANT!!!

    I haven’t read the issue yet, so I can’t comment on it. I will say that it does seem to forward the Marvel agenda of “let’s do everything as if we’ve invented the wheel.” When I told Jen it had happened, her first comment was, “Again???”

    Took me a moment to realize that they’d killed him some four years ago. She actually wrote a story about it for Andy Lis.

    Clearly that took.

  3. mercuryeric

    Re: DO NOT WANT!!!

    The writing is fine in the issue — Ed obviously knows his stuff — but the whole tone and structure of the piece is just terribly off, and badly conceived.

    And yeah, exactly: “Again?”



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