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Nothing Saintly About It

Final Crisis: Resist came out today (edited: oops, no it didn’t. That’s next Wednesday I’m thinking of, apparently), or so I am told. mercuryeric and I had a lot of fun on this one, and I think it shows. Hopefully, folks will enjoy it.

I’ve been playing Saints Row 2, and I admit this freely and without qualification. Further, I have been enjoying it.

Zero Punctuation has summed the reasons for my enjoyment rather nicely. I can’t agree with all he says (hell, I can barely keep up with all he says), but, in the main, he’s hit the nail on the head – I’m finding the game fun.

I’d almost forgotten what that was like, to be frank.

Anyway, here, below the cut and most assuredly not safe for work, is Zero Punctuation’s review of Saints Row 2.

5 Responses to Nothing Saintly About It

  1. dewline

    For a moment there, I thought the title referred to another Saint of either renown or infamy, depending on your point of view. That Saint, I’m sorry to not see so much of these days.

  2. devilman145

    It’s nice to see the real Checkmate team back since the series ended as well today. I didn’t see Resist on the diamond list, so that’ll be a nice surprise. Plus you can’t go wrong with Sook art. His style is gorgeous and I wish he could produce more interiors (X-factor’s relaunch was beautiful).


  3. futuredirt

    According to DC’s website, Resist comes out next week which would explain its non-appearance on our LCS’s shelves. It certainly would have been a nice little Halloween treat to see it this week though. :D

  4. slick_nyc

    I may have to try Saints Row 2 now.

  5. jared465

    i saw that you were playing Saint’s Row….

    Did you pick up Fallout 3? Its very cool. Its Bethesda so it basically plays like a post-apocalyptic Elder Scrolls…..

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