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Nothing More, Nothing Less

Welcome to the new blog, same as the old blog.

Except, y’know, with (hopefully) more frequent updates.

So, if you’re a fan of my work in the field of comics, you’ve most likely heard the news that I’m no longer doing work for DC. I’m told that speculation is flying fast and furious as to why this is, and apparently, even despite my on-the-record comments, it continues.

There is no drama here, folks. It is as it appears. I’m stepping away from DC to pursue different opportunities. Nothing more nefarious than that. Nothing less sinister. Time is a commodity that is as precious to me as it is rare, and there’s simply not enough of it.

I’ve been at Wondercon this weekend, doing the convention thing, and today, on a panel, the question came up – and I paraphrase – How did you come to write comics? Was that always your intention, your plan? Answers varied, but – and there is a point to this – here’s mine:

I didn’t set out to write comics, per se. Nor did I didn’t set out to write novels. Or short-stories. Or stage-plays, or screenplays, or teleplays, or haiku.

What I did, see, was set out to tell stories. And somewhere along the line, I acquired the skill-set that allowed me to have the luxury of picking and choosing the medium to serve the tale. Some stories are better served by the collaboration an artist and I can bring to the table. Others are best realized by myself, working alone with words that bend and sway and sometimes – sometimes! – do what I ask of them to do.

I write comics – note the tense, please – because I love the medium, and I love the stories I can tell within the form.  I love novels for the same reason, and am rapidly falling in love with television and screen for the exact same reasons. I’m flirting with video games, because, more than ever, I feel that the medium is on the verge of wedding entertainment with art to create a truly interactive catharsis.

I tell stories. That’s what I do. Sometimes I’m blessed, and I get it right; the story resonates and sings, and the recipient is moved by it, and he or she carries it forth and shares it with the world around them, and it is greater than the sum of its parts. Sometimes I fail, the tale falters, my execution flounders, and even my best intentions leave nothing but the taste of ashes in your mouth.

But it’s what I do. I’m not going to stop. I’m not sure I could even if I wanted to.

All I’m doing in stepping away from DC is carving time to tell the stories that have been whispering in the back of my mind for years. The last Carrie Stetko story. The next case for Dex Parios. The story of a family’s service to their country, told over two hundred years. The woman in blue. The other one, looking for a soul. The kids who take what they’re told. The killer who guards a park. The soldiers forever at war. The spy with one wound too many.

Now, you’ll excuse me…I’m going to get to work.

Hope you’ll stick around to hear the tales.

30 Responses to Nothing More, Nothing Less

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    [...] is no drama here, folks. It is as it appears," Rucka wrote this morning. "I’m stepping away from DC to pursue different opportunities. Nothing more nefarious than that. [...]

  2. Karl Ruben

    This is great news! No knock on your DC work – I loved Gotham Central, and Detective Comics has been spectacular so far – but your creator-owned work is the reason I’m a fan. Good luck.

  3. patrick foster

    Love the blog, and the new site.. and stoked to have you writing your own original stuff more often (I miss Q&C).

    A suggestion, tho- some kind of date stamp on the blog entries? Spent a little while reading about your tour in May, to realize it was last May.

  4. admin

    Consider it done, Patrick!

  5. AO

    I was definitely excited when I first heard this news. I’ve read the vast majority of your comic work, and while I’ve enjoyed what you have written for DC, my preference has been for the especially wonderful stories that you’ve told in Whiteout and Queen & Country. (Stumptown is off to a great start too, but it’s a bit early to list it as one of my favorite works [yet]).

    More importantly, it’s great to hear that you’re doing what you want to do, what will make you most happy. I’m sure that we readers will get a sense of that in your future stories.

  6. Jerry

    As I said at your LJ, I’ll get over your Action run – I liked it, but I think other people can match it. But I will really miss Kate and Rennee. Hope you will eventually return to them. In the meantime, enjoy yourself.

  7. Steve Cleff

    Can’t wait to read the new stuff. Thanks for the lesson in taking a step back. And then forward in another direction. Creativity thrives when it’s used, but only when it’s used in new ways.

  8. Kat

    I had a feeling it was coming due to conversations had over time. I’m looking forward to reading whatever stories you want to tell. I will certainly miss your work in DC but I am extremely excited about all of the other stories.

  9. ruymanfm

    Good to read you, it´s been a while. I´ll take your word, i don´t like to wait so long for Stumptown, since i like it a lot.

    In case you have a “readers around the world” section anywhere, here comes my location:

  10. Dustin

    Rucka Leaves DC>>>

  11. Jared

    Good for you, man. I’m looking forward to see what’s coming down the road – especially if it is stoking those creative fires.

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  13. RenKate

    Good for you, Mr Rucka!
    But I have to admit: I will miss your DC work. Batwoman and Montoya are such interesting characters (I have to take a minute to thank you for writing such interesting, lesbian characters. Thank you very, very much!). My favorites, along with Diana (who used to be one of my favorite back when you were writing her. I really miss that era where her culture and gods were actually present in her book! That made so much sense!).

    That being said, I recently discovered another character that is becoming a favorite: Dex. I can’t wait to read Stumptown #3!

    Good luck with your projects!

  14. alex

    does this mean we might finally see Everest?

  15. Agustin Mojica

    I’m sad to see you moving away from Batwoman and especially The Question. I’m not much of a DC reader, but I am a huge fan of crime comics, which always have been a good fit for the superhero setting. Your work with those two characters just doesn’t seem finished to me. Stumptown, however, is one of the best books on the stands, and as much as I love superhero books, comics as a medium needs to keep striving for what it once was: a massive mix of genres.

    I haven’t read any of your novels because I discovered you through Gotham Central and the like, but I will now. Having blasted through more Pelecanos and Lippman books in the last month than I can count on a hand, I’m really excited to see how your own talent with character and intrigue translates to a non-collaborative media.

    On the subject of game narratives, you should take a look at Jason Rohrer’s work. Bioware does almost interactive novels; Rohrer takes away everything else and proves the medium still tells stories. I think it’s an important body of work to check out to show writers what’s different about storytelling in interactive media.

  16. JS

    I really enjoyed Greg’s WW run. Fact I can thank this man for making me a WW reader for the first time. But, Greg, man you disappointed me with the way you contrived and left Diana in such a confusing emotional imbroglio with that Blackest Night tie in and that left field pining for the Batgod thing. It sucked imo as the final thing you did on behalf of Diana. It really did.

    But good luck to you.

  17. Mike

    I hope that with DC moving forward on Batwoman plans that it will not invalidate your last story arc with JH Williams. In other words, I hope both of you will be able to return to the character one more time down the road.

    However, your Oni Press work has always been your strongest, so I am elated to hear about more Queen & Country in the works, Whiteout III back on, and more Stumptown. I look forward to seeing what your newfound free time will allow you to pursue.

    And I have no idea where Everest with Scott Morse stands, but I second a desire to read it!

  18. Angry Wall - CREATIVE TEAMED!

    [...] has left me filled with anger and anxiety. Not directed at Mr Rucka, who explains his decision a bit more here–I wish him the best of luck and I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading his future projects. [...]

  19. Bye Bye Batwoman « Tiny Heroes

    [...] Many of you might have already heard – Greg Rucka has left DC Comics. Not just the Detective Comics series – he is dropping any books he was writing for them. Here is a post from his website explaining his reasons. [...]

  20. C. J. Vera

    You are at least going to finish the stories for Action and Detective Comics aren’t you?

  21. greg

    My action work ends with 889. Detective main feature ended with 863, the back-up with 865.

  22. Jeff

    Omg! You’re alive!

    This makes me hopeful Atticus isn’t gone for good: ‘The other one, looking for a soul’

  23. Hunterspopvic

    No one can ever fault a man for trying to better himself, and it sounds like you are doing just that. Just finished reading Walking Dead, read all the Kodiak novels..(AWESOME BTW) and wondering if your next novel that gets released after the 2010 one is another Kodiak?? I am greedy and can’t get enough! Is there any films in the works for these great characters? I pass the word along to anyone that reads books about your greatness sir..keep fighting the good fight!!

  24. fmoon

    Well DC has lost a good writer. I want to say thank you for a stellar WW run. I loved Diana as an Ambassador and I think that is how I will always see her. I was so excited when I heard you were back on BN WW. But count me as another disappointed and confused by that book. The dream thing and the out of the blue pining for the moody badboy was so cliche and well so unfair to the character. Goes to show that the DC cash cow is more important than anything else, that a character’s own history can’t dictate her own book.

  25. Robbie

    Glad to hear you’re taking more time for your own work. I first read you through your Checkmate series at DC and was quite sad when you left. My cousin put a couple issues of Q&C in my hands recently and I’m hooked. Thanks to Amazon I have the trades and I’m working my way through. I really appreciated the script book it’s always nice to learn more about the creative process and see how other people work. The declassified trades are next up after I finish the main trades and novels. It will be interesting to see how the story is told without the visuals in the print books. Best of luck with what’s coming up and thank for giving me something new to read and new ideas to try.

  26. Ruben

    Happy for you. Just Bummed your leaving Batwoman

  27. Jeff


    Greg has said multiple times that Atticus and crew are done. I’m hopeful what he said above means he’s got a great new idea and means to write some more AK stuff.

  28. Hunterspopvic

    Now I am bummed. I had no idea reading Walking Dead that it was the last AK book! Wow, while I appreciate tremendously the awesome reads that you have provided sir, I would grovel, and beg for one more outing with these characters. Not trying to be rude or disrespectful, I am just saying that tons of us readers love these books and want more!! You are now and will remain the MAN!! Thank you, I eagerly await the new book!

  29. Shariq

    Sad to read you’re leaving DC! I’ve been a big fan of your work with Batwoman, The Question, all the Action Comics stuff, and so much more.

    I am however, very glad to read that you’ll be writing more Whiteout. Very exciting!!!

  30. djgoldleaf

    Mr. Rucka,
    WaHoppen? (THANKS TO WILLARD) Detective was such a beautiful collaboration of writer/artist, effortless-seeming establishment of Batwoman and all her strength/pathos. Read Keeper, a fine page turner of hotbutton issues and humanity in hard boiled prose. Wonder Woman was the best run on any title for years before and after. Join Kirkman at image, make good work of al sorts, good luck!

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