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Not-So-Secret Secret

Put out a new newsletter today – I think it went out today – and amongst the various bits of self-aggrandizement (buy the new book, do you hear me? Buy it! Buy it!! WAAAAHHH) and the requisite hang-fire on Whiteout (yes, it’s really happening, yes, Kate Beckinsale really looks like that in real life, no, I’m not sure when it’s coming out but I think it’s Summer ’08 and no, I can’t share pictures and stories from the set as yet or else I risk the ire of Warner Brothers and they will send a combined 87 tons of attorney after me, and let me tell you, brother, that’s a fuck of a lot of attorney right there), there was a section about comics.

Mentioned the Crime Bible mini-series I’m doing for DC.

Then I mentioned the “other project” that I’ve had brewing for a while now. And I included some art. This piece, actually:

Lovely, innit? That’s Matthew Southworth.

Here’s a second one:

Also Matthew Southworth.

I include these here for two reasons. First, I want people to see these images, which I think are spectacular. Second, I want to clarify — these are NOT CRIME BIBLE. THIS IS SOMETHING ELSE.

Something that I’ve been waiting several years now to get off the ground.

For now, just savor the pretty art.

24 Responses to Not-So-Secret Secret

  1. brother_d73

    That is some VERY pretty artwork . . . !

  2. flatline2010

    That really is gorgeous art.

  3. dculver

    that art is nice.

    Looking forward to reading the new book.

  4. davesbu

    yeah that new thing looks sweet.

  5. kozemp

    Guessing that’s not Everest…

    (Oh, you thought we’d forgotten about that. THINK AGAIN!)


  6. anuisance2you

    Click the pic, people! Click it!

    I’m glad I did, because at the size in the post, I didn’t even see the woman with the gun in the first one.

    Yes, quite pretty. Looking forward to whatever it is.

    This also reminds me that I need to catch up on reading Checkmate. I’m a few issues behind.

  7. aylara


    Coooooool. :)

  8. yellowseptember

    Thank you for the newsletter! From all us poor schmucks who didn’t realize you had a livejournal account!

  9. oregonlion

    -savors the art with a bit of chips and a pint- mm-mm-mm

  10. adgy

    That’s what I was going to say!

  11. nealbailey

    Is that from photoreference? It’s insanely good.

  12. supergodginrai

    I must say, I’ve already pre-ordered the new Kodiak book!

  13. kali921

    Hi, Mr. Rucka…

    Hi, Mr. Rucka,

    I just wanted to say that the above art looks gorgeous, and though I’ve lurked on your journal for a while, I will say something that I’ve wanted to say to you for a few years now: you will have my love in perpetuity for the marvelous work you did on Elektra and Wonder Woman. As someone that has loved both of those characters starting at age seven (don’t ask, mom started me on comics when I was tiny, with Silver Surfer, Diana, Elektra, Daredevil, and Green Arrow), and as a feminist woman that loves the comic medium dearly, I say to other people in comics fandom fairly frequently that you are a shining example of how to write strong women characters.

    At this point, you’re one of the very few writers I’d trust to ever touch Elektra again, and I dearly hope new developments in the Marvelverse don’t suddenly make your work on Elektra somehow out of continuity.

    Based on sentiment expressed on , I know I’m not alone in any of these sentiments, obviously.

    I’m a huge fan. :-)

  14. hero_writer

    Make you a deal . . . .

    Here;s the offer, sir:

    You write Atticus Kodiak books, I buy them. Hardback. Full price. The microsecond they appear on a shelf.

    Oh, and hearing more from/about Mim Bracca would be nice.

    Or other original (non comic/game/movie related) fiction, I’m not *that* picky.

    Well, actually, yes I am. Which is why I want MORE ATTICUS!

  15. admin

    It’s still on the schedule.

    Waaaaay down on the schedule, but on it nonetheless.

  16. admin

    No idea, actually. It sure is pretty, tho. :D

  17. admin

    Re: Hi, Mr. Rucka…

    Thank you for all of the wonderfully kind words, and for stopping by. I’ve lurked scans_daily for a while, now, off and on – very much my kind of place, frankly.

    Elektra…yeah…I couldn’t be further outside of the Marvel loop if I tried, so I don’t know what to tell you. I will say that, despite publishers, writers, and artists, the best characters always endure.

    Once more, thanks for the howdy and all of the nice words!

  18. admin

    Re: Make you a deal . . . .

    You get Atticus in early September. You get Mim probably early next year, though not exactly where you might expect to find her.

    I’ll keep writing the novels, I promise. I like them. They make me happy.

  19. dannyperkins

    Greg those pages are all B&W so I assume we are just looking at inked pages? The book is color correct? (I think I know what it is)

    Either way those pages are gorgeous.

    It looks like my detective work on the bloc was closer than I thought regarding your next novel.

  20. kali921

    Join us!

    Oh, you should join and come partake in the fun. It’s an extremely diverse community with opinions and tastes all over the board, but the beauty is that it’s by far the most hysterically funny comics serious discussion/mockery/we’re just here for the fanservice community I’ve ever found in the entire blogsphere. There are plenty of creators that post/read/comment. Hell, if Warren Ellis and Gail Simone get sucked in by scans_daily, surely you can’t be far behind?

    Every time someone posts Wonder Woman scans, it usually starts up a discussion about your work on said title, and much lament is heard throughout the ethernets that you are gone.

    Meanwhile, I am off to do a huge post on my own journal attempting to do justice to Jim Steranko.

    I have a friend now that has been fighting cancer for over a year (and winning, we think) — that being – and she’s a HUGE Elektra devotee, like me. She tells me that she reads issues of your Elektra run when she’s feeling down.

    Thanks again for your marvelous work.

  21. hero_writer

    Re: Make you a deal . . . .

    Actually, I get Atticus on August 28th, according to my local Barnes and Noble’s — and I *will* have it that day, yes I will!

    And Mim . . . ? More Mim? May I pester you for details, sir? Or at least for a link to someplace with details? Please?!

    I’m glad the novels make you happy — works all around, the make me happy as well. But . . . wouldn’t you be happier if you wrote them more speedily? I mean, I’m not *trying* to be greedy, sir — I just can’t help it!

    I pass around the Atticus Kodiak novels and “A Fistful of Rain” to everyone I can convince to read them — “Critical Space” is my favorite crime/suspense novel EVER — and number two on my list of favorite books of any sort, ever (beaten only by Robert Heinlein’s “Time Enough for Love,” which you should read if you haven’t).

    You’re the writer I would like to be, if I had a talent for suspense or crime, but my ability lies in other directions, and I’m nowhere near as good as you.

    But I’m trying to be.

    Enough fanboy-ing — more information on the “additional Mim” would be nice, if you are permitted to provide it, sir.

  22. kali921

    Also, you may enjoy this…

    Also, sir, you may enjoy this, although I’m sure you get this kind of thing all the time:

    You were given major props here and here, on my humble journal, and then on you can see people mansqueeing and womansqueeing:

    About your Harvey Dent and Renee Montoya here;

    About your Elektra here;

    And about Checkmate here.


  23. snagvictim

    Matthew Southworth is definitely one to watch! I’ve seen his work at several conventions, and he’s one of the most promising new artists I’ve encountered in quite a while.

    -Steve Lieber

  24. chairlegtruth


    I write for Willamette Week, and we’re talking about your Stumptown announcement in this week’s arts and culture news in brief section. I apologize for contacting you through here, but the section goes to press tomorrow morning and I have very little time to get ahold of you.

    Can you tell me any more about the series that you didn’t say at ComicCon or in the CBR piece? Specifically, I’m wondering what part Portland itself plays in the series, and what makes Portland so central that you named the book after it.

    If you can e-mail me back, that’d be awesome. I’ll try to get ahold of you through your media person too. Thanks!

    Brandon Seifert

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