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Not Quite Yet

Meant to post Chapter Four of Walking Dead this morning, but the day escaped my grip rather early, wrapped itself around my forearm, and then proceeded to bite the living hell out of me.

So, uhm…I’ll probably post it tomorrow.

Carry on.

4 Responses to Not Quite Yet

  1. lithera

    What the hell has been with this week? It has been the strangest week full of bizarre misfires and odd timing I’ve had in a long time.

  2. stealthbunny



    We now end this temper tantrum to bring you back to your flist already in progress.

    Actually I hadn’t even realized it was Friday yet. I mean… I had, logically. Put the garbage out (would have forgotten that, except that I saw everyone else’s all lined up, so scurried out with mine). That should have been a Friday-clue. So why am I just realizing now at 730pm-ish that it’s Friday night?

  3. jmorse

    If I paypal you 25 bucks can you just email me the rest please? I’m dying to know what happens!

  4. stealthbunny

    And the bribery starts!

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