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Not Dead Yet!

Been busy, which, I am told, is not a bad thing. I’m back in Montreal, for my second visit to the Whiteout set. Steve came, too, this time, and I finally got to see what I looked like during the first visit, ie, perma-grinned to the point of jaw-ache.

It really is something to see. When all is said and done, it’ll be easier to share information — right now, I’ve been politely asked to embargo information on the movie. But I reiterate what I said earlier — I think this is going to kick ass.

Started writing the “mysterious new Oni Press Project” a couple nights back, more as a lark than anything else. We’re calling it Stumptown, and I think I had as much fun writing the first 7 pages or so as I have had writing anything in a very long time. If things go well, all will be revealed around the time of the San Diego Comic Con.


2 Responses to Not Dead Yet!

  1. mercuryeric

    Oh, thank CHRIST. You’ve uttered the name into the electronic ether, and now I may refer to it to customers as “something to watch for, trust me.”




  2. alexg119

    Stumptown?! Love the title…looking forward to it.

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