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Ninjas in L.A.!

Andrew & Xtie, better known as the dynamic writing duo of Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, are writing a new weekly manga entitled The Ninja Diariesfor Metromix. There’ll be a launch party for the comic held at Secret HQ, in Silverlake, this Thursday (that’s the 17th for those of you numerically impaired).

As to why this is cool, witness:

Free. Weekly. 1-Page Comic.


I mean, c’mon, what do you need? An invitation?

Oh, fine, fine, all right.

And if you’re going to attend, make sure you RSVP to Metromix! I’d do, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in Stumptown, thigh-deep in pre-SDCC preparations.

6 Responses to Ninjas in L.A.!

  1. kali921

    Ninja diaries?

    SOLD, SIR!!

    “Dear Diary,

    Today I was instructed in the Palm of Forty Sorrows and accidentally wiped out half the population of Macedonia.”

    Etc, etc.

  2. gwalla

    I dunno, it’ll have a tough time competing with The Adventures of Dr. McNinja.

  3. jeditigger


    Alas that I could go.


  4. aylara



    Maybe I will have to rearrange my schedule a teeny bit for this week…

  5. admin


  6. admin

    Eh. I appreciate hyping work, but not at the expense of another’s (as yet unseen) efforts.

    No ninja minds competition.

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