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News and Other Items of Interest

Just saw this story. The details in paragraph four are…ominous, frankly. Not sure if this has been verified anywhere else, yet.

And in our ongoing series about double-standards, I offer this story, from the Counterterrorism Blog. Again, I have not checked the assertion that the “he outcry in the Muslim world did not begin in earnest until Islamists showed off a number of fabricated cartoons which were never actually published by the newspaper in Denmark.”

Italics theirs, not mine.

8 Responses to News and Other Items of Interest

  1. lithera

    Here is an article with a slightly different write up on that first one:

  2. jonlaw

    That happened outside my building. Not sure about the water cannon, but the street was closed off for a long time and we got the following official warning earlier today:

    Numerous media outlets, to include FOX and CNN, are reporting a suspicious vehicle is parked on North Capitol Street, near USCIS headquarters. Local law enforcement has closed the surrounding area. All USCIS headquarters employees are asked to avoid the area for the time being.

    Everything seemed okay when I left at 6:00. Weird stuff just happens in the area between Union Station and the Capitol.

  3. kali921

    You know the first thing I noticed? Where the hell is the police tape preventing people from wandering onto the scene, in the photo accompanying the suspcious-dude-with-gun article?

    Jesus. That’s scary. The Supreme Court. Very, very frightening.

  4. admin

    I am both alarmed that it was right outside where you work, and relieved that everything seemed okay. Glad you’re home safe.

  5. alexg119

    I remember seeing a story about how the “cartoon jihad’ was largely ‘fabricated’ The news story even had footage of the book that was brought through the middle east to stoke the flames. Shameful….

  6. admin

    I’m figuring they closed off the whole block. Police tape is not nearly as effective as, say, three dozen officers in full tact dress forming a cordon.

  7. kali921

    My ex worked SWAT for a large Bay Area metropolitan PD. He used to regale me with SWAT tales of thrilling excitement, waiting for six hours outside a house, sniper rifle at the ready, jaw clenched, every nerve and muscle in his body tensed for action, not even daring to drink coffee lest something happen…

    …and then he’d call me and say “so, the whole thing turned out to be an angry cat stuck in someone’s attic. I’m okay.”

  8. jonlaw

    And after I got home, I find out that, while they had the street at the back of HQ blocked off (with DC Metro Police units, although this was a Capitol Police op), turns out the truck was a couple of blocks away (parked in front of the FOX news bureau) and the man walking down the street with the shotgun and the katana was also apprehended several blocks from my usual routes. Still closer than is comfortable.

    Oh, and the water canon report is true apparentlym. Bomb sniffing dog gave an alert on the truck and there were wires sticking out of the glove box so they used a robot equipt with high pressure hose to spray down the interior of the truck cab. Of corse, no device was subsequently found, but the truck did have a bow, rifle and propane tanks according to reports. Think there are pictures of the bomb squad response out on the web.

    Wacky world in ONC.

    And yeah, I got to work late on an unrelated Friday crisis and missed pretty much all of it. Just another day as a faceless bureaucrat.

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