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Nature v. Nurture Vol. 1 (6)

NATURE V. NURTURE: A Greg Rucka Newsletter
Volume 1. Issue 6.

The Quick and Dirty edition.

It’s hard to prioritize the news in order of importance, because there’s actually a fair amount and it’s all over the place.

I suppose the marquee item is, well, the marquee item. For those who haven’t heard the news, after nearly ten years languishing in Hollyweird development of one sort or another, WHITEOUT is in production, with principal photography set to commence in mid-March. You can check the IMDB if you don’t believe me. And that bit about Kate Beckinsale playing Carrie? Yeah, that’s for real. Word is that they (meaning the people at Dark Castle, Joel Silver’s production company that’s making the film) are looking for a late-Spring release in 2008.

Will it be the graphic novel? No, of course it won’t. Will it have elements of it? Yes, absolutely. Will Carrie still kick major ass? I am confident she shall. I had a brief conversation with director Dominic Sena and was pleasantly surprised to discover that he was not only familiar with the source material that Steve Lieber and I had created, but that he was truly passionate about it. So, yes, it’ll be different from the comic, but I’m excited to see what it will be. Hell, I’m just excited they’re actually making a movie, you know?

In related news, Steve and I are collaborating on the third WHITEOUT, tentatively titled WHITEOUT: THAW. And yes, we’re planning to release it around the same time the movie comes out.

Imagine that.


PATRIOT ACTS is currently slated for an August ’07 release. I’ll be posting a preview on the website in the next six weeks or so, just to give you all a taste. For those of you who are fans of the Kodiak series, this is the direct sequel to CRITICAL SPACE. By which I mean the novel picks up about 15 minutes after CRITICAL SPACE ended, and by the time the story is over, nearly three years have passed.

Saying anything more would risk giving away a lot of the story, and considering how long this has been in coming, I’m disinclined to do so, I’m certain y’all understand. It was a brutal write, I’ll confess to that, and for a variety of reasons (not all of them my fault, honest!). Right now, I’m still snow-blind, but my gut tells me that it works, and that it tells the story I set out to tell—essentially, the second half of the transformation that Atticus began in CRITICAL SPACE.


52 is finished.

At least for Geoff, Grant, Mark, and myself. At least for the writers.

Except for the revising.

And the proofing.

And the actual final issue coming out.

And the unforeseen crises that will undoubtedly arise.

On May 2nd, actually. On 5-2.

Go figure.

I honestly believe that this is the first true Graphic Novel ever written. When finished, it’ll come in at over one thousand pages. A comprehensive narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. A start and finish.

Yes, I’m proud.


John Siuntres of is preparing to do another interview with me (what he calls a “Rucka Debrief” in a nod to Q&C) to be recorded and released as a podcast. He’s soliciting questions over at the ComicBloc. A few people have posted there. But there’s still time, and frankly, I thoroughly enjoy doing these kind of question & answer interviews, so please, if you’ve ever had any questions about my work in any of the mediums I publish in, by all means, ask!


Next public gig will be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, to be followed by a signing at Olympic Cards and Comics on Free Comic Book Day, May 5th. Looking at the possibility of attending Heroes Con in Charlotte in June, and will definitely be attending San Diego Comic Con International… where there will be multiple announcements of new projects. May well be attending Thrillerfest in Manhattan in July, as well.

Look for a new newsletter in April.

Stay angry,