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Nature v. Nurture Vol. 1 (3)

NATURE V. NURTURE: A Greg Rucka Newsletter
Volume 1. Issue 3.

The Not-Very-Long-Really-Only-Two-Things-To-Note Edition.


October 25th sees the official release of the new novel, PRIVATE WARS, the second in the Queen & Country series starring Our Lady of the Infinite Cigarettes and Bullets, Tara Chace. Picking up right on the heels of A Gentleman’s Game, the book covers a lot of ground, and a lot of changes not only in Chace’s life, but in the lives of the people around her.

And then there’s this job in Uzbekistan ( and, to name just a few), which, frankly, is not a very nice place.

Touring for PRIVATE WARS is limited this year, mostly confined to Portland, Salem, and, in December, Seattle. For those of you who can make any of the events, please comeā€”it’s always a treat to meet fans of the work! Additionally, there’ll be a variety of online and audio interviews available?check the website often, we’ll be keeping the APPEARANCES and INTERVIEWS sections up to date, as well as posting to the BOOKS forum.


Though we’re doing things a little differently, this time. No contest, no arbitrary competition, just a simple, straightforward offer. Buy PRIVATE WARS between now and December 31st, and send us proof of purchase (the receipt or appropriate receipt-like object) along with a SASE, and we’ll send you one of the lovely bookplates you can see here, art by the frighteningly talented Brian Hurtt, who drew both Q&C Volume II: Operation: Morningstar, and the first Declassified series. Brian is also the artist on DC Comic’s Hard Time, written by Steve Gerber. Each bookplate will be signed by me (Greg) and numbered out of a run of 750 plates.

Remember, you’ve got until the end of the year! No later!

So go and get a copy, enjoy it, post to the forum about it, tell your friends, sing its praises to the heavens, or just generally, you know, read it.

And finally, no announcements about PRIVATE WARS can be complete without yet another thank you to Charles Riess, the winner of the PRIVATE WARS CBLDF Auction. Thank you, Charles, for both supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and for being so generous with both your dollars and the use of your name.

Stay angry,