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Nature v. Nurture vol 1 (2)

NATURE V. NURTURE: A Greg Rucka Newsletter
Volume 1. Issue 2.

The second for-Pete’s-sake-I-thought-these-were-going-to-come-out-regularly edition.

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Well, not exactly. I mean, it’s still, but other than that, it’s pretty much been rebuilt from the ground up by the sweat, blood, tears and toil of Webmaven Maggie Griffin and Web Designer Heidi Mack of And when I say blood, sweat, tears and toil, I mean blood, sweat, tears and toil.

Looks spectacular, if I may say so myself. So check it out, and for you authoritative comics types out there, check out the Almost-Absolutely-Complete-Greg Rucka Bibliography.and email us to let us know what we missed.


And it’s not the one you think. That one’s later (scroll down if you’re impatient).

Perfect Dark: Initial Vector will be released October 4th, published by Tor Books via agreement with Microsoft. Available at better bookstores everywhere, this is a tie-in to the upcoming Xbox 360 launch title Perfect Dark Zero, created by Rare.

For those of you who recognize the game, yes, this is the same Joanna Dark of Perfect Dark fame, the N64 game, except that Perfect Dark Zero is a prequel game to the N64 title. With me so far? Hold on, gets better. Perfect Dark: Initial Vector chronologically falls after the events of PDZ, but before the events of the original PD.

And no, you don’t have to have played either of the games to read it or enjoy it or to get it. For those of you who are afraid of spoilers for PDZ, I assure you, we went to great lengths to avoid giving away only the absolute minimum of information about the game. Any game spoilers in the novel are spoilers that have a very limited impact on the game’s plot.

There’s an excerpt and synopsis of the book here, if you want to wet your whistle. I had about as much fun as humanly possible writing this novel, and—much like Batman: No Man’s Land—it really is far better than you’d think a work-for-hire, based-on-someone-else’s-idea novel could or should be. I’m damn proud of it, and I think people are going to like it, whether they’re fans of the original game or not.


The second Queen & Country novel, Private Wars, will be released October 25th. This is the direct sequel to A Gentleman’s Game, so for those of you who were dying to know what happens next, well, here’s where you find out. Tara’s back, as bitter, broken, and (dammit, alliteration again… need another ‘b’ word… ‘beautiful?’ ‘bitchy?’ ‘bodacious?’… ah! got it!) battered as before, if not more so. Excerpt and cover copy here. If you thought A Gentleman’s Game was a rough ride, this one definitely has a height requirement.

Remember what I said way back when about how proud I was of AGG?

Cut and paste, kids; I’m pleased with this one beyond reason. It moves Tara forward in a very interesting, very dynamic way.a way that I don’t think most people will have seen coming. And what it promises for the future—in both novels and comics—is truly exciting.

Touring for Private Wars is going to be limited, and most likely confined to the Pacific Northwest. Check the website for appearance details, and we’ll be keeping you posted about a new bookplate offer, this time with art by Q&C artist Brian Hurrt.


I’m now beginning work on the next novel, Patriot Acts. Three years have passed for Atticus since Critical Space, and the past is coming back to haunt him..


Comic work continues apace.

Over at DC, the whole of the DCU is stampeding towards Infinite Crisis, which will begin in October, written by the far-too-talented Geoff Johns, and drawn by the just-as-annoyingly-talented Phil Jimenez.

Wonder Woman #222 features continued fall-out from the “Sacrifice” storyline, with the bonus of Cheetah. I’m very excited about this issue for two reasons—first, we finally get inside Barbara Minerva aka Cheetah’s head, and it’s not a pretty place.but we finally get a glimpse at just why she hates Diana the way she does; and second, it’s drawn by Cliff Richards, who draws some of the most beautiful women you will ever see on a comic page. Seriously. Blow your mind pretty. So good, I may post a page on the site in the next couple of weeks.

Adventures of Superman #644 – #645 – #646 Due to a ridiculous workload from DC, I enlisted help on Adventures, in the form of Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir. Nunzio and Christie scripted both of these issues off my plots, and I’m very happy with how things turned out. I’m even happier that this allowed me to get an extra eight hours of sleep or so. AoS 644 teams the Man of Steel with Zatanna, and AoS 645 begins the long-anticipated (or should we say, it’s about damn time) resolution of the Ruin storyline.which at this point has honestly become something of an epic.

And Lois finally finds out who shot her.

AoS 646 I handled by myself, for purely selfish’s the return of Mxyzptlk, and I didn’t want to share. This one’s going to have people talking. Not necessarily about the issue itself, mind you, but they’ll be talking.

Gotham Central #37, #38-#40 With Infinite Crisis underway come October, Central 37 is a tie-in, but not of the sort you’d expect. Art handled by Steve Lieber, who once again has outdone himself, we get to follow Allen as the world is coming to an end, or, at least, as it looks like it’s coming to the end.

Clearly it doesn’t, because #38 through #40 is a storyline entitled “Corrigan II,” and yes, it’s the follow-up to the “Corrigan” story that ran in issues #23 and #24. Wondering about the Spectre?

Yeah, like I’m gonna tell you guys anything.

Look for multiple announcements coming at the end of November, beginning of December from DC about future projects. And there are some very cool future projects that will be announced. I’m even writing one or two of them.

Meanwhile, at ONI PRESS, editor James Lucas Jones continues his valiant struggle to keep from strangling me with his bare hands in the hopes that I will resume a regular script delivery.

What does this mean? It means that Declassified II, Issue 3 is in Rick Burchett’s hands, and he’s drawing as you read this, and that Q&C #29 is almost completed.

The goal is to get Q&C back on track for 2006. People have been very patient, for which I am grateful. It was never my intention to fall this far behind, and I’m trying to find ways to make it up to you folks. I figure the best way to make it up to you folks is by 1) getting issues out regularly again, and 2) making them the best I can make them.

The two, unfortunately, are not necessarily complimentary. But we’re trying.

And no, no word on Everest: Facing the Goddess yet. Patience, grasshopper, patience.


The kind folks at Comicbloc have portioned off a section of their message board to devote to the works of yours truly. While the forum attached to will remain active, it will focus on my creator-owned novels—Atticus, Chace, and any stand-alones (such as Fistful of Rain). Comics and comic-related discussion, as well as novels relating to comics, or to other WFH projects—like PD:IV, will move over to Comicbloc. Makes sense…”comics”…”comicbloc”…

More to come.

Stay angry,