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My Comics Fest Schedule for Saturday, January 26th

1:00 – Creative Perspectives on Exploring Graphic Novels
Learn about the diversity of genres and stories to be found in graphic novels from the people who create them. (Greg Rucka, Jimmy Gownley, Steven Grant, Josh Elder, Chris Staros)

2:00 – Artist Showcase: Greg Rucka (I actually have no idea what this is, but I suspect it will be something like a Q&A panel.)

4:00 – Where Do We Go From Here? What does the future hold for graphic novels, readers, and libraries? Our guests offer their ideas. (Greg Rucka, Steven Grant, Michele Gorman, Yen, Dark Horse, Viz)

2 Responses to My Comics Fest Schedule for Saturday, January 26th

  1. resin_ga_miteru

    Sorry for the off-topicness, but will you be at Wondercon in San Francisco?

  2. admin

    Not at this time, though that may change.

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