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Mullholland Books (and Plates!)

The Mulholland Books announcement broke today, and – completely by coincidence! – I have a post up at their site on my research process. Follow the link if you’d like to read my thoughts on Sinking the Titanic.

I’m very excited, very energized by the Mulholland deal, I have to admit. The folks at Mulholland have been nothing less than amazing – seriously and sincerely – and the work on ALPHA, the first book of the new deal, is going well, albeit slowly. More, though, the characters are turning more vibrant in my mind, becoming clearer and clearer with each day, especially Master Sergeant Jonathan “Jad” Bell. This is an especially good thing, as he and I are liable to be spending a lot of time together over the next few years.

For those who’ve read the press release and are wondering why it’s “a former Delta Force operator” instead of, say, “operative” or “agent,” I direct you to Eric L. Haney‘s terrific book, Inside Delta Force.

But ALPHA is still a ways off at this point. Before it drops, I offer you The Last Run, to be released on October 26th. This is a Queen & Country novel, and like all the novels in the series prior, it is a richer experience if you’ve read the comics, but by no means is that required. Like all the novels prior, it stands alone.

And, like all the novels in the series prior, there is a bookplate offer available. The offer works like this:

Buy the book. Make a copy of your receipt of purchase. Mail the copy and a SASE to:

The Last Run
c/o Nervous Habit Productions
Box #703
1631 Broadway

Portland, OR 97232

Please use a Number 10 envelope for the SASE!

In return, you will receive a signed and numbered limited edition bookplate, designed specifically for The Last Run. Bookplates are printed on archival, adhesive papers, and signed and numbered in archival ink, for those of you who concern yourself with such things. There will be 1000 bookplates printed. First come, first served.

(For those of you about to ask: yes, I will have bookplates with me for the tour, so no, you don’t have to mail me the receipt. You can just walk over to where I’m sitting, give me the book, watch me sign the book, and then take your bookplate away with you along with the book. You can leave the book if you want to, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of the exercise.)

All well and good, I hear you muttering to your monitors, but maybe this bookplate isn’t all that. Maybe this bookplate is just something Rucka – who is notorious for his inability to draw – has cooked up himself, and if I cast my gaze upon it, I shall lose my vision, perhaps even my sanity. Maybe, you are asking yourself, it’s just not worth it.

Oh, ye of little faith. I give you Steve Rolston for A Gentleman’s Game. I give you Brian Hurrt for Private Wars.

And now, I give you this:

The Bookplate for The Last Run

By JH Williams III


J.H. Williams III.

Beautiful, isn’t it? But then again, it’s JH3, so what else did you expect?

You may now resume your regularly scheduled Columbus Day.

46 Responses to Mullholland Books (and Plates!)

  1. Jake Smith

    Hi Greg,

    The bookplate is unbelievably striking. And I can’t wait for THE LAST RUN. Will you be anywhere in the vicinity of Madison, WI on your tour? (And, yes, the vicinity includes Chicago.)

    Also, here’s an appreciation of PRIVATE WARS I’ve been encouraged to share with you:

    Keep up all the great work, sir.


    Jake Smith
    Twitter @D-Ops

  2. Hal

    Ooooh. That is really nice. !!!

  3. JH Williams III - News, Gallery, and Original Comic Art for Sale

    [...] Greg Rucka’s newest novel based on his creation, Queen and Country, arrives soon and I’ve done a bookplate piece for it to be made available in limited numbers through Greg’s website. Below is the image for this and a link to his site to find out more information on how to get the bookplate and a copy of The Last Run signed by mister Rucka. info at Rucka [...]

  4. Lore

    I’d like to ask a question about the bookplate offer: is it possible to receive it outside the USA?
    If there would be a way to avoid the search for stamps abroad or try to print a label with the USPS system, I’d be happy to pay for every for material handling and shipping.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Dan

    Are International Reply Coupons good too?

  6. mark coale

    Look at that …. lizard ~!

  7. Aaron Hilton

    Bookplate looks awesome. Hopefully you’ll have some left at your MBTB event in Portland.

  8. Ken Liner

    Sweet!! I can’t wait for my order to come in, so I can send off a copy of the receipt.

  9. Alex Lyons

    In reference to Lore and Dan – international Reply Coupons were not issued this year, so the only way for us to do this outside the US is to somehow obtain US stamps (which is purposefully difficult), or to send a cheque for the amount of the postage, which is also unlikely to be appropriate.

    Such a shame, but I’ll still be buying the book, and worshipping the bookplate from afar…


  10. Tom Evans

    I sent an International Reply Coupon for the last book plate but as Alex and I have found they were not issued this year.

    If Greg and co are willing perhaps a paypal payment would be acceptable? We can still send out SAEs to be matched up with the payment…


    Really hoping he can get the next plate.
    (first run was 250, second 500. With 1000 available this time they’re clearly popular!)

  11. Ken Liner

    I just read your article. Pretty cool. I’m sure there are adventure enthusiasts who would shy away from half the things you’ve done in the name of research. I’m just glad we can benefit, to a small degree, from your experiences by the wonderfully real characters you put on the printed page.

    Just like everyone else, I eagerly await your projects, and Alpha sounds like another winner. Congrats, again, on the new project!!

  12. Tom Evans

    Quick update on International Reply Coupons:-

    @tomwe Hi tom, just picked up on your Tweets about IRCs (via something that @AlexanderLyons tweeted). IRCs *are* still available, but only..

    @tomwe ..from larger @postoffice branches. Hope this info helps, and that you manage to get hold of an IRC. (/cc @AlexanderLyons)

    @tomwe Also, FYI, new design International Reply Coupons (IRCs) with an expiry date of 31st December 2011 cost £1.40 each.

  13. Greg

    All right, I’ve been considering how to handle the matter of international sales, etc, and this is what I’ve decided.

    If you’re overseas, send me your email address with your copy of the receipt and your snail mail address. DO NOT include an SASE. I’ll calculate the postage and email you, and you can send payment via PayPal.

    Does this seems fair to all?

  14. Alex Lyons

    Greg, that is more than fair, thank you warmly!

  15. Tom Evans

    A very welcome solution, thank you for taking the time to work out what’s best. Cheers again! -T

  16. Lore

    That’s perfect. Thanks a lot!

  17. J.H. Williams III provides bookplate for new Greg Rucka novel | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

    [...] book and mail in your receipt, you can get a really beautiful bookplate drawn by J.H. Williams III. Check out Rucka’s blog for details on how to get [...]

  18. Michael Wigg

    “If you’re overseas, send me your email address with your copy of the receipt and your snail mail address.”

    To clarify – do you require overseas readers to contact you by post? Would it be possible to forward (say) an Amazon dispatch email to you? I’d love to get my hands on one of these.

  19. Cameron Gillies

    Have you gotten around to billing the overseas readers? I sent my receipt more than 2 weeks ago and hadn’t received a the postage cost.

    Thanks, have a good day.

  20. Greg

    International bookplates haven’t been collated yet; we’re waiting to see what else comes in. I suspect we’ll begin sending out the bookplates after Thanksgiving.

  21. Clayton

    Am I too late?

    I’m in Canada and just got this book through my local comic shop today. I will mail out this week. I’m a “support the lcs” guy. I hope I’m not too late for this one (I have the last two bookplates).


  22. Kel Varnsen

    I hope there are some book plates left too. I sent out my envelope the day I got the book, but I made a typo on the address and it got returned back to me. I am going to resend it tomorrow but I hope I am not too late.

  23. Greg

    It’s certainly not too late – we’ve got about a hundred-plus of the plates left; it was a much larger run on the bookplates for this novel than in the past.

    International bookplates will be going out this week, as well, for those wondering. I’ll put something up on the blog about that by Friday.

  24. Clayton

    Aw Yeah Rucka! Thank you. Mailed last week.

  25. Lim

    Sent mine in a week+ back(from Japan), hope that I’m still in time!

  26. Yves

    Hmm, wonder if I still have a chance. I’ve been plagued with bad luck the last month and unable to buy the book until next week.
    *cross fingers* here’s to hoping lol.

  27. Lore

    I just got the bookplate and I’d like to thank Greg and the guys at Nervous Habit Productions!

    Have good Halidays!

  28. Lim

    Received my bookplate earlier in the week, thanks so much! Having not read the first book and not wanting to jump ahead I picked up Gentleman’s Game about a month ago, and, close to the end:

    “I have to go now.”

    “I have to go.”

    …left me totally floored.

    Thanks for the stories!

  29. andrew

    while rereading my entire q&c collection (never read it all back-to-back – fantastic), i saw my bookplate for the first novel and thought, “i wonder if rucka did a bookplate for the last run?” and so came here. which brings me to my latest question, “are there any bookplates left?”
    thank you, andrew

  30. Greg

    Ack! Damn, thought I’d responded to this. Yes, Andrew, you can still get a bookplate! Just follow the instructions as above!

    My apologies for the delay in responding – been struggling with Alpha.

  31. andrew

    thanks greg! i sent it off. loved the book (and whole series).

  32. Luke

    just out of curiosity, how long should it take for people who sent away for a bookplate to get them? I got the book for christmas, and sent my receipt out soon after the new year. I notice that as of Feb. 4th there were still bookplates available, so I’m hoping I can still get one.

  33. rucka

    Luke – hrm, you should’ve received it by now, which means it was either lost in the mail or was lost on this end. Hang tight another couple days while I do a search and see if I can find out what happened; otherwise, we’ll work out a way to send you a new one.

  34. Yves

    Hi Greg,
    I was wondering the same thing as Luke, I sent mine mid-February, I believe.

  35. Luke

    Thanks so much. I appreciate it tremendously.

  36. Luke


    Just got the plate today, which made it a pleasant surprise upon returning from my honeymoon. Thanks so much, and I can’t wait for everything else you have coming down the line.


  37. Yves

    Hi Greg,
    I also received my plate, thank you so much.

  38. Pete

    I know this is plenty late but are there any book plates left?


  39. Paul

    Is the plate offer still good? Does it work for the paperback edition?

  40. Willie Kane

    any bookplates left?

  41. greg

    How can I refuse a handle like that? Yes, the bookplate offer is still open. I’ve been slow to respond to the last batch, for which I apologize, but will be sending out more this week. So by all means, submit and I’ll happily send you one.

  42. greg

    It is, it does, and please do!

  43. Willie Kane (Paul Hodges)

    Thanks Greg! Gotta LOVE the Sandbaggers. Willie in Cyprus with the Soviet Double Agent counterbalanced with Neil and Laura was classic…

    I just sent out the SASE today for the LAst Run bookplate. Do you, by any weird chance, have any remaining bookplates for Genteman’s Game and Private Wars? I do not have receipts for those anymore but can send you scans of the covers if you want to see proof.

    As is clear, I am a Sandbaggers nut and have bought every Q&C item you’ve done..

    Keep em’ coming…

  44. Willie Kane (Paul Hodges)

    Hi Greg. Any update when you’ll be sending out the next batch of bookplates. I hope you received my SASE on it. Also per my note above, do you have any bookplates from Genteman’s Game and Private Wars left? If so, can you include them in the SASE as well (I can email you scans of the covers if you want to see proof of ownership)? Thanks and I look forward to them!

  45. Greg

    Hey, Paul – yep! I’ll be sending them out to you (and everyone else who’s responded) this coming week!

  46. Willie Kane (Paul Hodges)

    Greg – Got the bookplates today. Thanks!

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