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MSN Movies talks to Greg and Steve Lieber about Whiteout

Cover by Frank Miller

Cover by Frank Miller

…And they send a quality interviewer in Greg’s sometime collaborator Eric Trautmann. Check it out at the Parallel Universe site.

Trautmann skips over the usual questions and gets to some interesting tidbits, like the secret origin of Carrie Stetko:

You’re noted for strong female protagonists: RenĂ©e Montoya in “Gotham Central” and now “The Question”; Tara Chace from your “Queen & Country” novels and comics. But you struck early with Carrie Stetko, the tough, driven federal marshal protagonist of “Whiteout.” Where did that come from?

The irony with Carrie is that … she was actually a character that first came to life in a one-act play I wrote in grad school, and she was one of three characters in that play, and she was a federal Marshal in that, as well.

And then, when Jen [Van Meter, accomplished writer and Greg's wife] started at the University of Oregon in Eugene, in the English department, there was a guy there named Mike Arnzen, a horror writer. He’s teaching on the East Coast now, but he was there getting his degree.

Mike had just published his first novel, and it had won the Bram Stoker Award. It was called “Grave Marking,” I think. And he and I would meet at this coffee shop near the campus, and we started doing a jam novel. He would write a chapter, then I would write a chapter, and so on. His chapters were, you know, “mad serial killer” and mine were “put upon cop” and I dusted off Carrie for that. So, she actually had two iterations before I dropped her in Antarctica.

If that weren’t enough, Trautmann took parts of his Skype interview with Greg and has made them available in podcast/MP3 format on his website.

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