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More more more!!!

Up at the DC Universe: The Source blog:

More Batwoman goodness!

And I got more Cully pages today! Suhweeeeeeeet.

10 Responses to More more more!!!

  1. resolute

    June! We have to wait until June! This looks awesome, thank you.

  2. nealbailey

    That 16-17 spread is fucking amazing.

  3. kali921

    That art looks gorgeous. I was sorry to see Renee’s long, curly hair go, but (as you mentioned in your previous entry), it’s equally refreshing to see a heroine adopting a practical hairstyle that decreases any potential vulnerability.

    Also, there aren’t any dogs getting hurt in this, are there?

  4. lithera

    Nice. I really like the lines on that tiny tease.

  5. robotman

    Ridiculously exciting.

  6. darkknightjrk

    Awesome–can’t wait to see your run on Det. :D

  7. hamnerartist

    Rucka, you are one devious bastard.

  8. tellitslant

    Oooh! I was never anti-hair, but seeing it “in action,” as it were, is even more impressive.

  9. mrralph

    I’m intrigued. I like the new short due and glad you bought back the classic “Question” look. Mr. Rucka, I was curious if you had plans to write Huntress into any of your stories. I liked her interaction with Renee in Revelation and I wonder if Helena and Renee would be addressing Vic Sage at all? Or if Renee would become a sounding board for Helena like Vic once was?

  10. dewline

    “The Friends of Charlie” as a regular gathering?

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