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More Gotham Knights Goodness

Been running silent for the last couple weeks. Hoping to be back in the land of Not-Under-Perpetual-Deadline sometime near the end of the month.

This from Wired’s Underwire blog. Some nice images from the film, and I’m quoted in the piece.

Which, y’know, is neat.

10 Responses to More Gotham Knights Goodness

  1. shanejayell

    The art on a few segments looks kinda “ehh” but I’ll still probably buy it *lol*

  2. kali921

    Come back to us, Greg! We miss you!

    Besides, you have a sitcom to star in.

    Edit: I was pleased with the last issue of Daredevil. Surprise, surprise, I know.

  3. supergodginrai

    question : what/when should I be looking for Rucka published by Oni next ?

  4. admin

    Having seen it, I can assure you that there are least two segments where, personally, I feel the animation is stunning.

  5. admin

    The pesky neighbor is NEVER the star of the sitcom, you know that!

    Glad you liked DD. Having wrapped up the writing end, I can say that, at least, I’m really happy with what Ed and I did. Michael’s pages are still coming in, and they look terrific — no surprise there.

  6. admin

    Stumpown #1 will be out in, I believe, October, with #2, #3, and #4 to follow monthly. Then we take four months off and begin the next four issue arc.

    Whiteout: Night is scheduled for…November, I think. We’re still shuffling it about a bit to try and catch the movie. Oh, and I have to finish writing it. There is that.

  7. supergodginrai

    Cool, thank you Greg.
    I’ve been a little behind comic news related and was afraid I had/would miss some Rucka readings.

    It’s the majority of the very little stuff I enjoy in the comic world nowadays.

  8. kali921


    The Pesky Neighbor™ is the all important POV-cum-catalyst character! C’mon, man! Didn’t American Beauty and The People Under the Stairs teach us anything?

    Also, I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t know that there was going to be more Whiteout. Wow. That’s great news! (I fail as a Rucka fangirl, clearly.)

  9. hdefined


    Sorry, random question here, but I was wondering if you could devote a post in the future to your feelings about writing strong female protagonists. Not your approach or your mentality, just why you choose to do it so often, why you feel you should do it, and how you feel you’ve succeeded in doing so.

    Personally, I’m amazed at how many great characters you’ve given us (or developed significantly).

    If you don’t really feel like writing about it, was there ever an interview with you that discussed this topic at good length?

  10. edkaye

    It looks nice! They seem to have gone for bit of an an anime style.

    Ohhhh, I just read that Oni news above. Sounds good, though the attack on my wallet continues :)

    Hell, you must be one very, very busy man right now :)

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