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Modern War (with apologies to Bowie)

This article, by John Markoff, just popped up on my feed from the New York Times. It’s already been documented that the Russians cyberlocked the Georgians, that’s not newsworthy. That the attacks began as early as July 20th is interesting, I think.

It certainly adds another wrinkle to the who-started-it question (with apologies to both kali921 and parakkum for the gross over-simplification).

7 Responses to Modern War (with apologies to Bowie)

  1. kali921

    Argh, it looks like the NYT has established their policy again of having to register on the site to read anything.

    BP has shut down their pipelines in Georgia. Talk about a lack of testicular fortitude. This is a whole other economic dimension to the conflict that is now going to come into play.

    The Guardian nails the UK media for not being prepared. Interesting – and I was expecting this kind of meta journalsim to start any minute now. It reminds me of 1990, when the Bush Sr. administration discovered that they had no one who spoke the Central Asian or Caucasian languages in the State Department when glasnost triggered the flood of information to the West.

  2. jeditigger

    I was just thinking that, oddly, much of what happens in the eastern bloc is sectarian violence, same as in the Middle East; people forget the ethnic groups that fight each other. In this instance, though, I wonder. Putin’s administration been doing the same thing the Bush Administration has been doing: flexing its muscles in a Who Has the Biggest Dick competition, I swear.

    Hard to figure out who started it, since I’m not sure, over the course of years, the conflict has ever really died out.

    I did read that Bush is sending Condi Rice to Georgia. I hope the President knows that it’s not located between South Carolina and Alabama… :/

  3. kali921

    Putin’s administration been doing the same thing the Bush Administration has been doing: flexing its muscles in a Who Has the Biggest Dick competition, I swear.

    Except that the Bush administration bases its foreign policy on ideological compatibility and in trying to ensure access to resources such as oil, and that absolutely is not the primary focus of Russian foreign policy and simply does not apply in much of Russian foreign policy, although it can’t be totally discounted as a factor. That ideological focus didn’t even apply at times in Soviet foreign policy, despite their lip service to same. The Russians have said quite openly in their official communication that they consider themselves the guarantors of security in the Caucasus, regardless of type of regime in power in any of the Caucasian republics, and that they consider this an organic and holistic part of their foreign policy and have for hundreds of years, going back waaaaay before the annexation of Georgia.

  4. parakkum

    Ahead of that July 20 start date for DoS attacks, we had:

    Alleged Georgian shelling of South Ossetia on July 4
    Severing of “all ties” between Abkhazia and Georgia following alleged Georgian shelling of Abkhazia before July 7
    Russian admission of overflights in South Ossetian territory following the above alleged attacks, on July 10

    Naturally, this does keep chaining back, but I could see the Russians deciding to ramp up the effort in the wake of these attacks, their overflights, and the shooting down of a Georgian drone, an act that was almost certainly carried out by a Russian aircraft.

    They may well have been expecting to provoke a sufficiently large outburst from Georgia anytime from July 20th onward.

  5. parakkum

    On the “cyber” note (I do dislike that term) — much as we saw with the recent Israel-Hezbollah summer war, the Georgian separatist conflicts are being played out on YouTube as much as they are anywhere else. I’ve had a search running on Abkhazian-related YouTube videos for a while now. The result is a mixed feed of Georgian- and Abkhazian-produced videos claiming genocide, massacres, and (by the Georgian side) enslavement of ethnic Georgians on farm camps within the Abkhazian region.

  6. jeditigger

    I didn’t mean that’s the ONLY reason they’re doing it, but you have to admit Putin and Bush and their cronies seem to enjoy flexing their might. :P

  7. dewline

    Odd, re: the NYT article. I accessed it without problem when Greg first pointed it out…?

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