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Which means this bitch of a ride is half over. It has not been a good week.

But the end of it will certainly be better than its start, for two immediate reasons.

First — The last issue of The Crime Bible: The Five Books of Blood, “The Parable of the Faceless,” comes out tomorrow. I’m very happy with the issue for a number of reasons, but in particular, Manuel Garcia did a fantastic job on the art, and where he was allowed to ink himself, the work is, in my opinion, outstanding. Timing on this is good, as I’m just about finished with the first issue of “the next thing” that the Question is appearing in, and the progression from CB into this new project is a good one.

And because I like the cover so much, I’m sharing it again:

So that’s the first thing.

The second thing is that on Saturday myself, JVM, and Matthew Clark will be heading up to Lacey, WA, to join Eric Trautmann (mercuryeric and Brandon Jerwa (sd6) celebrate the grand opening of Olympic Cards and Comics’ new home, which, conveniently, is just across the street from its old home. The new address is 4230 Pacific Avenue, in Lacey, just north of Olympia. Honestly, OCC is one of the best comic stores I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend inordinate amounts of money in, and if you’re even remotely close to the area, I urge you to come by. We’ll be signing, and I have it on reliable authority that there may be a grand-opening freebie for the first 100 or so who make it in. Ribbon cutting is scheduled for noon.

Edited to complete the list of those in attendance.

18 Responses to Mid-Week

  1. davidwynne

    Oh thank fuck for that. You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to finding out how this series ends. I swear it feels like a damn sight more than a month since the last one… I actually checked my comic shop yesterday for #5 (‘cos I was on holiday last week) and the week before too.

    I said something like this after #1, but it bares repeating: the way each issue is it’s own story, while still building so much suspense for how it’s all going to turn out is just masterful. Bravo.

  2. uzumerid

    I just finished reading #5.

    I just wanted to say that was pretty much the polar opposite of what I was expecting. Good show, dude, in an extremely high-class and busy week Crime Bible was probably the most memorable book I read. Everything was kind of leading to this, but the suddenness and directness of it really took me by surprise.

    Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what the hell happens next.

  3. sd6

    And here I was beginning to think you just didn’t like me. ;)

    Hope you don’t mind me appropriating your description for my own postings…

  4. admin

    Not at all.

    I’m just brain-dead. As you know, it’s been an awful week.

  5. sd6

    I do, sir. I do, indeed…

    Will the entirety of Clan Van Rucka be making an appearance? Orion has been asking, but I wasn’t sure.

  6. admin

    Oh yes, we’ll all be there. It’ll be good for Elliot to see him, I think — he’s taken the news about his teacher awfully rough.

  7. sd6

    I can imagine. Hopefully, there will be enough joy afoot on Saturday to provide a distraction from that, even temporarily.

    I swear, O looks back on Free Comic Book Day like it was a summer with long-lost cousins. He’s asked about the kids several times, so I know he’s looking forward to it.

  8. hdefined

    So by “”the next thing” that the Question is appearing in” that you’re writing, you mean that you hate DC and you’ll never work for them again, right? RIGHT?!?!?!?

    Argh, sorry, been reading the Newsarama boards too much.

  9. manuelgarcia

    hi Greg, well what can I say? Thank a lot for your kind words, I really proud that you like my work on the book, but it was really easy with your script… Thank, again.

  10. admin

    You really did great work on it. I’m thoroughly delighted with your art on the issue!

  11. electricvinyl

    Hey Greg, did you see the review of Crime Bible 5 on IGN? They seem to be under the notion that you had a falling out with DC and that this is the last we will see of you penning Renee. I guess they don’t read your journal to get their facts straight.

  12. dewline

    Apparently not.

    I’ll be very interested in what happens next.

  13. admin

    Forget not reading the blog — apparently they haven’t read any of the interviews at Newsarama or elsewhere, or any of the posts at the Bloc on the subject.


    What you gonna do, y’know?

  14. gamescribe

    It was good to meet you today, man. (Rodney Thompson here) Eric & co. have a hell of a store!

  15. helmhammerhand

    I was finally able to read the issue and wow. That was a tremendous ending. I did not see it coming at all, but it works so perfectly for the character. Knowing what’s been said about Final Crisis, I’m curious to know if we’re going to see her in your project first or in Final Crisis.

    One complaint I did have about the issue was the way the pages were broken up. The DC editorial page and the Dream War preview, in my opinion, took away from the reading experience. In my opinion, it made the ending feel awkwardly placed and while it didn’t detract from my overall reading experience, it did take me out of the story at quite an inopportune time.

  16. alexg119

    E Gary Gygax RIP

    A moment for the one who started it all…Gary Gygax…wish him an eternity of natural 20′s…

  17. devilman145

    So I’m a bit late, but I wanted to say that I really dug Crime Bible #5.I didn’t read this post until after the book so I’m glad to see that you’re working on whatever is next with Renee.

    As a side note: I post on IGN quite a bit and will say from personal experience that I’m not surprised the reviewer didn’t exactly get everything right. Most of the IGN team are pretty good, but of course not all of them.

    Thanks again and can’t wait for whatever is next.

  18. steelmagnolia88

    I just got done reading 52 and the Crime Bible issues in one fell swoop thanks to my cousin and am really glad to hear you are working on “the next thing.” You’ve now made Montoya one of my favorite characters in the DCU and actually cause me to buy some DC comics, congrats lol.

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